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Grew up in Fremont playing and watching basketball. I tend to follow players drafted by the Warriors, even after they leave to other teams. Currently, my favorite player on our team is Steph Curry.

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  • NBA Golden State Warriors
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Artest Suspended


I'm sure most people would guess it's due to the clothesline at the end of game 2. You guessed right! Obviously, he deserved it. I would rather he get suspended more than 1, but what are you going to do?

The Magic Need "Big Changes?" Time to speculate on trades, I say!


The Magic Need "Big Changes?" Time to speculate on trades, I say!

Baron's Number 85 For His Grandmother


Baron's grandmother just passed away. The number he wears is in her honor, as it turns out.

We Beat Clippers who Beat Lakers


They beat the Heat, lost to us and then beat the Lakers. We're awesome! Anyway, this is also an interesting recap due to the ejections. Odom apparently was not happy with Griffin and Baron, being Baron, decided to shove Odom. Fun stuff.

Belinelli is ok..... Belinelli’s defense is superb but I wish he’d take his time or let the game...

Belinelli is ok..... Belinelli’s defense is superb but I wish he’d take his time or let the game come to him when he has the ball and driving to the basket. He looks really uncomfortable driving to the basket... [Belinelli]'s been pretty instrumental Love how much he attacks the hoop. He only really takes the jumper when he’s wide open or if it’s a big momentum shot. And defensively, he’s been impressive too. Random fan comments from AttheHive

Monta, Scoring Champ?

Al Harrington has gone on record, predicting that Monta will be the scoring champ this year, according to a recent sports article. While Al Harrington is an idiot, I think this is an interesting...


Thoughts on Jeremy Lin

Gotta love hustle plays. via www.peoplesworld.org A lot of people are excited about Jeremy Lin, partly for the right reasons, partly for the wrong. Like most Warriors fans, I am intrigued....

Wright Has the Tools To Be an All-Star... If Healthy


Article from the Bleacher Report on Brandan Wright and the Warriors. Let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope the organization can figure out how to keep him, should he measure up to high expectations.

Kelly Dwyer Not Complimentary Toward Nelson


Draw your own conclusions; maybe this guy read too much Kawakami or maybe he's spot on? Don't know. But he makes it sound like Nellie was a horrendous coach.

Top Fantasy 100 Yahoo Sports List


We see Dubs high on this list like Steph Curry and David Lee. A little lower, we see Monta Elllis and lower on the list we find people like former Warriors, Randolph and Morrow. Biedrins is down in the 80's. Personally, I would consider putting Brandan Wright higher than Andris Biedrins but only by a little. (Personally, I hope they both bounce back and especially hope Wright gets a lot of minutes).

Kevin Durant's Patriotic Play


I thought this was a great story of a man who clearly has put serious thought into 9/11 and how important it is to love your country. Good man, I say.

Charlie Rosen: Disgruntled Players Bad For Team


Rosen has some things to say about Stephen Jackson and Carlos Boozer.

The Big Void


Charlie Rosen of Fox Sports says that with Shaq and Duncan in decline, there aren't really great behemoths to take their places. He suggests Howard probably will while Oden and Lopez may get there. Biedrins is discussed a bit, too.

Agent Zero Says, "Wizards' Fault."


Former Warrior Gilbert Arenas blames, at least in part, the Wizards for botching his comeback from knee surgery.

France Undefeated Still; Turiaf has Foul Problems... Still.


Looks like France is one of the favorites to be the Eurochamps. Can Tony Parker and our guy Ronnie Turiaf pull it off? Hope so.


When is Ideal Time to Trade?

Some are jumping the gun around here, suggesting that the Warriors off-season has been meaningless. That, to me, is preposterous at this point. Am I a fan of the Warriors F.O.? Hardly. But if I...

Fox Sports' Top 10 Toughest Coaching Jobs


Yup, we're on here. Other teams include the Magic, the Grizzlies and a surprise (to me at least) #1.

Turiaf Owns Euroleague: France 4-0 (New Link).


If you don't love this, you're not a true Warriors fan: Turiaf gets 18/14, while Parker gets 17. Well, I guess you can hate France and love the Warriors at the same time. Maybe you can hate this and still be a fan. Still, Turiaf rocks.

Jackson Good Fit in Houston


Short article detailing why Jackson makes sense in a Rocket uniform.

Rockets Fans Discuss Jackson


The Rockets look like they're not entirely against taking Jackson off our hands. One of them was foolish enough to be willing to give up Battier. Let's hope the F.O. in Houston will be somewhat agreeable!


Next Season No Uncertainty

We don't need Jackson to have an exciting season. via img34.imageshack.us The Dubs were pretty bad last year for a number of reasons. A few years ago, they were horrible and boring. This year,...

Randolph Gets Love from Fox Sports


Just a pretty mundane list of guys on the rise. No surprise, Randolph is on this guy's radar, like everyone else's.


Maggette and Ultimate Suffering

Most Warrior's fans are pained by Corey Maggette's bad contract and the front-office-induced log jam. After losing Baron and Ellis last season, clearly the sadistic front office overpaid this...

Basketball Metaphors Fanpost on BrightSideoftheSun


I'm a language buff, so I appreciated this post. I've also got a fanpost below it with a trade proposal that Warriors fans might like.

Trade Restrictions Expire


Now we can use the ESPN Trade Machine to try all kinds of crazy, nonsensical trades that will never happen. Good times... good times.

Stats Do Lie


Harrington, Iverson, Camby and a handful of others, including one more former Warrior and a current Dub (guess who!), make this list of black holes and showboaters.


Conservative Versus Liberal Basketball Trades

In the wake of the most heated political debate in GSoM's history, let's talk basketball in terms of liberal versus conservative.

Warriors Team Report


Interesting tidbits in here, including suggestion that Jamal Sampson could get a spot on the Dubs' roster.

Best of the Best? Warriors get the nod in one category.


Meanwhile, Morrow gets snubbed. Why? Because this guy doesn't know Morrow.

Marcus Williams Joins Grizz


Remember Marcus Williams? No? Well, he never played, but he kept our bench nice and warm for us. He got himself a contract, after three straight years of being a complete non-factor. As Napoleon Dynamite would say, "Lucky!"

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