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Grew up in Fremont playing and watching basketball. I tend to follow players drafted by the Warriors, even after they leave to other teams. Currently, my favorite player on our team is Steph Curry.

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"The Manhattan Project," Anthony Randolph, goes thermonuclear.


"The Manhattan Project," Anthony Randolph, goes thermonuclear.

Fun with Bargnani


We at GSoM are smart enough to know that Bargnani's contract represents the End of Days, the beginning of the Apocalypse, or the Devil himself. This makes me grateful for the Warriors F.O., and that's just sad. However, I would rather be sad and grateful than bored, so I started playing with the trade machine. This is what I came up with. I would do this trade as a favor to the Raptors, for when they figure out Satan himself is in their midst. Why would I do this? Well, obviously, Maggette's contract isn't very good, and he's redundant anyway. Bringing the Devil to the Bay would be easier to endure with one of our demons exercised. Furthermore, Bosh would help quell the fires of hell, and we could play Randolph at backup PF, backup C and backup SF, giving him the minutes he ought to have. He might need to play backup PG and SG as well, if Monta gets injured again, which wouldn't be unlikely, because God would be angry with us for bringing the Devil to such a beautiful creation as the Bay Area. Beelzabub really does belong in Canada. If Toronto had a different GM, who recognized the Devil was in their midst and felt they couldn't keep Bosh there to help quell the fires of hell, and we threw in expiring(s), instead of the demon that is Maggette's contract, they might consider this more. In that case, I would still be happy to oblige. Anyway, I just wanted to throw the Devil and Bosh trade out there.


Wright Away?

  ESPN's John Hollinger on Brandan Wright's 2007-2008 season: "I'm trying to stop myself from getting too excited since it was only 377 minutes, but man ... [Brandon Wright] looked fantastic, and...

Why Lee Doesn't Get Good Offers


Charlie Rosen paints an unflattering picture of David Lee. He is not the "beef" you're looking for. Move along.

Harrington is loser. Warriors not one of the worst teams.


Charlie Rosen projects which teams are the worst. We're not one of them. Good eye, Rosen. You're paying attention.

Beat This Trade


Best. Trade. Ever. I contend that it is impossible for anyone to increase our wins more than I have with this trade.

Steph Curry "Notable Performer"


Yahoo! Sports lists top ten rookies in SL, guys for whom we should watch out in the regular season. Johnny Flynn shows why the T-Wolves didn't pick our guy instead, but Curry is at least noted for his steals. We could use some defense, so I can't complain.

Don't Hold Your Breath, Implies Fox Sports Analyst


Which weaker teams are finally coming around? The Warriors make the list... as a long shot.

ESPN Spotlights Summer League Players


We know our boys Randolph and Morrow were amazing. How did some other players fair? ESPN names a few who looked impressive here. Johnny Flynn and Austin Daye look interesting. James Johnson, a PF, got seven assists in one game. That's better passing than Monta Ellis has had in his life! We'll see how these guys pan out in the regular season.

Yao gets "Zydrunas Ilgauskus Surgery"


Ilgauskas had this exact surgery for a similar injury and has played 8 years since then. Yao may well be back in a year, which is good for the NBA. Hope we have another big man, when that time comes, to match up with him.


Parody of Curry Nickname Poll

With all the debate about what Curry should be called, I thought I would mock this movement and come up with another poll of the dumbest or funniest nicknames.The Contenders: The Wizard of...

Funny Curry Nicknames


Clicking on the link will get you to a list of actual NBA player nicknames that stuck, many of which are humorous. Thought it might give people ideas putting new funny nicknames together. Go ahead and post ideas for Curry's humorous nickname and later, I'll post a poll to decide which is the funniest. Examples include: "The Wizard of Aaaahs," "Golden Curry," "Chicken," "Stephenie," "Unpacked Bags," and, "Small Fry." Post funny nicknames and I'll make a poll out of it that we can vote on later.

Teams with Worse Contracts Than Ours


Remember how we offered to pay Arenas max salary? Mag's and Jax's contracts seem awesome compared to that one!! Pity some of these teams. Mock others incessantly.

Keith Smart calls Curry, "Scurry."


"Masala" must die. That is the worst nickname EVER. People like shortening for nicknames. Please call Curry, Scurry, from now on. His first game in SL was mediocre, largely due to him being undersized. He's quick, though. He scurries. It's good enough for Keith Smart, it's good enough for me. Please kill "Masala."

Richard Hendrix Likely to Make the Team


The Orlando Magic are getting great numbers out of Richard Hendrix, last year's Warriors 2nd round draft pick, it appears: "17 points on 9 shots and 12 rebounds in about 23 and a half minutes" (from ridiculousupside.com)

Summer League Surprise


No surprise that Harden, drafted 4 ahead of Curry, is doing well, but Hansbrough is another story. Thirteenth in a weak draft, he might turn out to be a steal. Soon we'll see how Curry stacks up against these draft picks. I expect very well!! From associated press at ESPN: "James Harden and Tyler Hansbrough are giving a glimpse of what to expect from them this NBA season, and it's exactly what the team that drafted them hoped to see."

Piston's Hamilton "expendable". Do we need a great 2?


We certainly need a 2 who can solve our perimeter defense issues. We'd like to trade Maggette, as we want Jack at the 3. The Pistons are looking for a low post presence, it seems. I came up with one scenario that might pan out for the Pistons and Warriors. The Clippers? Not so much. Still, here it is. http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=l52m4o

Gortat being woo'd


Some are talking about the Rockets being competition for Amar'e. Here we see they may not be. As a side note, what a GM the Rockets have and how much does he appear to value Gortat as a player? Gortat could really save the Rockets this season.He's probably the best available at a reasonable price.


Poll for Curry Nicknames

On Golden State of Mind and elsewhere, some new nicknames for Curry have been proposed. How about a poll? Here are a few possibilities: Masala - I'm guessing this is an Indian word, probably some...

Awesome Curry Video


Awesome Curry Video from NBATV

Awesome Curry Video from NBATV

Embedded video from NBA Video

Awesome Curry Video from NBATV

Yahoo! sports article on Suns


This mentions the Warriors. This analyst says the deal is "one sided" in Golden State's favor, while at the same time, suggesting Amar'e is becoming a jump shooter, despite his youth. The rest is interesting analysis on how the Suns are essentially finished and must be "blown up."


What we really need.

For the long run, at least, I think we're already pretty strong at C and PF, with Randolph and Biedrins, neither of whom are remotely overpaid. If Amar'e needs 20 million a year, that would be a...

Ike Diogu (and POB) "silence everybody."


What in the...!!?? Well, Ike, Mullie's draft selection from a few years ago, has played two strong games in a row, one of them against the Nuggets. It looks like he'll be getting playing time for the Kings. Congrats to them for picking up someone everyone thought was worthless and finding something for him to do. Interestingly, POB had another pretty good game as well, helping Bosh and Marion upset the Bulls. He was +18, as high as anyone on the team but with fewer minutes. Three blocked shots in only 27 minutes! I'm interested in seeing if these guys truly develop and vindicate Mullin of some of the criticism he's received.

POB versus Bargnani: Box Score


Wow, Bargnani really does suck at rebounding. Check out POB for the last two games! Boards and offensive efficiency. If he can quit fouling and maintain these kinds of numbers, he should start over Bargnani. He was on pace for a 20/10 games.

Ike Diogu Gets Play Time


I expected Ike to get more playing time on the worst team in the league, and he finally did. In his twenty minutes, he has the best +/- of his teammates. Sadly, that's not saying much, with Martin out for the night and the Kings getting stomped by the CLIPPERS.

POB gets his first NBA start!!


He did pretty well other than fouling out. Check out the box score, too. He was in the +, while the rest of the team got destroyed. He may well become a good backup center. While a lot slower to progress than the W's had hoped, he appears to be coming around finally. Good luck to him, I say!


Can we realistically get Amar'e? Do we actually WANT to?

I've TOYED with the idea of getting Amar'e for fun, but in the end we aren't and shouldn't even try to get him. The only PF we could offer them that could viably start at PF for the Suns would be...


Learning from Adversity

I was so mad after that Spurs game. What I learned from that is that our opponents will have no mercy on us, so we ought to show none to them. I think the Warriors learned the same. I think those...

Hate on me


This trade would make the 6ers and the Suns better. This would make us a little better. I wouldn't do this. Would you?

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