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Ejuan Price to Consider Iowa?


We just missed out on this guy when he chose Ohio State over Iowa. Now he is requesting a release from his letter of intent. Would be nice to add a 6 foot 230 pounder to the LB corps. Hawkeye Insider has him listed as a four star prospect who needs to improve his size? His strengths reportedly are aggresiveness, tackling techinique and instincts. A perfect combo if you ask me and throwing him to Doyle would result in a monster.

BHGP now linked to TWWL - No longer to be trusted


I kid, I kid. I like Rittenburg and think he does a good job of blogging on the Big Ten. This is the first time I have seen him link to BHGP and in my mind I think it just shows how awesome this oasis in a sea of crap is. Props to the editors and authors for the hard work, I think I can speak for everyone when I say you are appreciated.

The vultures are circling (Rhabdogate 2011)


"Several of the players' families have been contacted by attorneys interested in filing negligence suits, the source said." Per Rittenberg @ ESPN This article provides a smidge more info on the situation. I have heard rumors that some of the players had restricted access to water for missing a team dinner. I hope that isn't true becuase it would not be very representative of the kind of program Doyle runs. A lot of players and parents have come out to defend Ferentz and I side with that group. The program is built to get the most out of kids and toeing that line produces cases like this. I think both sides (players/ trainers) should accept the fact that when you are training in a D1 football program you must take care of the body. Neglecting things like proper hydration is like playing russian roulette and this time a bullet slid into the chamber. The way the situation was handled in the media wasn't acceptable and Barta and Ferentz need to figure that one out, but when it comes to the safety and well-being of student-athletes; Kirk Ferentz is a man I would send my son to play for.

All Press is Good Press?


Good thing recruits don't know how to use the interweb yet.


How Iowa's fail became the Big Ten's Fail.

Now that the Big Ten bowl season is (thankfully) over, I started thinking about what could have, should have been.  I imagined what the season could have been like for Iowa if the chips would have...


Wisconsin is awesome or maybe not?

I know Iowa is favored by almost all of the pundits, but I still feel like a lot of people (not including Badger fans) secretly believe Wisconsin is going to win.  I'm tired of reading about how...

And now we know who our starting center is


Josh Koeppel took on an F-150 in a grudge match over who has right of way on Burlington Street. Needless to say he lost, but not by much. It sounds as if no major injuries were sustained but I'm sure he will be pretty sore considering he was on a motorcycle and the truck pulled out in front of him. It would be unfortunate if he never gets a chance to claim the starting center position and this is the reason why.

Bumble Bee Reference Day Green Lighted


EIU = Gold Out Michigan State = "Ghoulish" Black Out Penn State = Orange Hat and Camo Jacket Out The bumble bee out won't happen and the Gold Out won't either. Why can't we just do a black out against PSU?

Tom Izzo kicks Chris Allen off of the team, transfers to ISU


So Tom Izzo kicks this kid off of the team for being a bad teammate and he transfers to Iowa State. That should work out great for a young team with a brand new coach. I wonder if Hoiberg told him he's not actually the "Mayor" of Ames?


The answer to the Wegher question

I know that the authors and editors of this site do not want to propagate rumors about the Wegher situation, but for everyone else who wants to know more, I giveth.  I have pretty good contacts and...

Jack "The Assassin" Tatum dies, Tressel to join him in hell at a time yet to be determine


Jim Tressel lauds the man who damn near killed Daryll Stingley, left him paralyzed, never apologized, and profitted from that mans loss. Before we go and erect golden pillars in his name give this article a read. God I hate Ohio State. http://www.thirdside.org/stories_26.cfm

Scout.com thinks Stanzi is slow


I generally don't visit scout.com because for whatever reason I always get the feeling they hate Iowa and America (Fox owned entity hating America; whaa?). These guys seem to churn out articles after watching an hour of TWWL only to piss me off enough to complain about it on an internet blog. Anyways, the article claims Stanzi is immobile and I wonder if they watch the games or just catch the highlights. I mean if they watched the Orange Bowl (on FOX) they would have seen the "American One" outrunning future NFL bust Derrick Morgan. I just wish I could convince myself to stop reading every Hawkeye related article on the interwebs.

The new Big 12


Keeler makes a good point, but I'll take it one step further. If Missouri, ISU, KU, KSU, and Baylor are left behind, and they could convince one other school to remain in the conference they would retain their automatic BCS bid. I don't think it would be hard to convince Texas Tech to stay if you told them they would be the new Texas of the South. Filling the blanks would be easy with what they have to offer unlike the MWC.

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