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B1G Tuesday / Snow Day


Button up! Might get a little chilly out there.

-Random Weather Channel



LOL @ Wisconsin

Hungover Pirate

B1G Wednesday / What do we have to look foward to?

  1. Winter Olympics / 30 days
  2. World Cup / 6 months
  3. NHL / Now
  4. Men's Hoops / Now
  5. Baseball and Nascar / Right around the corner



Umm....So I guess I'm the only person working.


Thursday B1G: Lounge, Liquor & Ladies


It's the weekend! Well, for anyone who's off tomorrow it is. Please raise your glasses, post some asses...and enjoy the fellowship. Penn State and Wisconsin ladies both playing in the finals tonight! As usual, the rules are.....there are no rules. This is Pirate's lounge. NO GAY PORN.


  1. ur all assholes
  2. bunch of hipsters and your fancy phones
  3. post 1000 gifs in an hour...WHO CARES!!!
  4. stupid Apple products that don't freeze up
  5. ya'll suck

Sunday Hangover in the B1G


I found this pic of Ann Arbor taken late last night....someone should probably grab a water hose or two and put that little guy out before it spreads to UM Hoops. Hope everyone had a nice weekend and can enjoy some relaxing non-stessful NFL today. Happy 238th Birthday Marine Corps!! Semper Fi and GBR :)

11/7 BIG LOUNGE. It's football night gentlemen. 7PM-Until.


You know what night it is, and you know what that means. Tonight we watch as two more unbeaten teams ruin OSU's post season dreams. Rules per OTE rulebook: 1) Be sober 2) Be respectful 3) No politics 4) No porn .........Pirate's Lounge Rules........ 1) You better be fucking drinking by 8pm (no excuses tonight Breezy) 2) Boobs, Vaginas, Penis's and Gay gifs toward any U of Mayo fans are 100% welcome. 3) No judging of strangers. We're all adults. Let's do this.... OTE MODs. Take the night off....



"The point of this day all across America is to talk like me. I talk pretty sweet so you guys should have a fun time with this. No fighting, no Obama sucking, no taking up or putting down Mayo. Michigan is still gonna lose to UConn but that's inevitable. Today...we rejoice the fine history of Pirates, honoring them with some rad language. So Arrrrgh it up bitches. It's fucking Pirate day!! ACT LIKE IT...." - The Pirate

Pirate's Mouth East Carolina University Class of 2008

2013 B1G Bloggers Emergency Contact List / Aug 13th B1G Lounge


This is our Emergency / AWOL contact list for the 2013 upcoming season. This is not necessarily based off of friendship or hatred for one another. Many of you I presume already have each other’s contact and that’s why you may or may not have more than one name. Your name will appear on the left-whoever is to the right of your name is your responsibility to get their minimal contact info before weeks end. Either by Gmail, ESPN PMs, cell #s, FB or Tweeter…make it happen. We all care about each other to some degree and it’s the least we can do to make sure everyone is doing well from time to time.

B1G Drinking Lounge Aug 12th


Bottoms up ladies. It's time to get in the spirit of football.

B1G DCI TALK Aug 8th-Aug10th (All Hours)


Be sure to keep up with the DCI World Championships Semi's starting today in Indianapolis, finishing up Saturday night at 8pm with the finals. Final Scores should be posted by 11pm every night. SPLOOIE and Go Crown!

Thursday, Aug 8th 0900-1700 B1G Talk


If you aren't visiting on a daily basis to find your loved one, you're doing it wrong.

B1G Lounge Monday July 29th, 1800-0600


What is everyone drinking? Pinot Grigio is what you all SHOULD be drinking on this beautiful Monday. This will be my only night available this week to Lounge it up or drink at all. Hopefully some of you cats will stop by. Pretty quiet at the moment... Also, for anyone who missed the B1G Chain of command. It is below for your viewing pleasure.

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