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A look into the Packers' Defense

After the draft, I did a post about who is likely to stay and who is likely to go for the offense. This time it's the defensive turn. I broke it down into five categories. Group 1,...


An initial look at our Roster

So the draft is over. Thank God. Now to look forward to the real season. With most of our roster set, it's time to start to look at who we have and their liklihood of making the team. O...


A look at the Walking Dead, your 2013 Green Bay Packers.

Injuries for the Packers this season can be described in three words Cumulative, Comprehensive, Catastrophic This 2013 Green Bay Packer campaing has been more "next man down" as...

A Statistical Look at the Packers' defense

A member of the APC community takes a look at the Packers' defense and their performance in 2013 and tries to put their numbers in context.


Poll: Let's play guess Clay Matthews Penalty

Let's not act like it wasn't deserved gents. In the middle of a drive by the 49ers in the Second Quarter, Clay Matthews made good on his promise to hit Kaepernick. Only this time, it was late. A...


Poll time: the last man to make the 53 man roster is???

I've been breaking things down for my own prediction, and I've come up with a conundrum. There are simply too few positions available for us to keep everyone. A few really promising or solid...


Fantasy Football time!!!!!

I stumbled on a nice Fantasy Football Simulator. It does a...


Poll: What is our greatest need?

Hey everyone. The big game is coming and we're not in it. . . again. . . For the second year in a row, our hopes were crushed in the second round of the NFL playoffs known as the divisional...


Poll: The chances of a trade out of #1

Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a fantastic New Year. Packer fan here, and I have a serious thought this weekend about the ramifications of the Andy Reid signing. One of the selling...


poll: If you could pick playoff opponents, who would you chose?

Since we won the Division this week, I started to look at opponents. We have an offhand shot at playing litterally everyone that we lost to in the playoffs possibly to avenge each and every one of...


Where is the "Ask a Bear fan" post this week?

This is one of the weekly posts that I enjoy reading the most, and yet it's not here... I wonder why. Are we such great rivals that coordial conversation is too much for us to take? Are they so...


Let's face it, the only way we're going to improve our running game is drafting a RB next year. . .

Simply put, our running game isn't very good. Partially it's becuase of our line, partially, it's becuase of injuries, partially it is the play calling. There are many various reasons why but I...


Can someone please explain to me how Perry's hit is a penalty?

Perhaps my eye is untrained. Perhaps I'm as blind as a zebra. Perhaps I'm just not thinking of it as a fan of football and I am seeing it as a Packer fan, but how in the hell is this a penalty? ...


We're prime for a golden age of power running backs...

While I'm writing this post, I'm watching the ticker on of the Cardinals / Rams thursday night game. As I type these words, Kevin Kolb is 15/31 136 yards, 0 TDs, 0 INTs. I this era of...


I'm sure this is a little lost in the shuffle, but Brandon Browner should get suspended.

I know, this is the least of our concerns. We all know we got shafted by the rent-a-refs and the NFL Monday. I never expected the NFL to change their decision after it happened. But there is...


I've got to get something off my chest

So here we go again gentlemen, another season of hope and promise. Today for us, was a disappointment, but we should expect as much from our team. The Chiefs gave the world a blueprint on how to...


A look at Quarterbacks over the last three years

An interesting way to attempt to rank quarterbacks


I gots a pockett full of cash and I'm not afraid to spend it....

So, we're coming up towards the Pre-Season, and look to be fantastic again. I can't wait. I've been greedily looking at every article on when I'm not busy at work, and came across one...


My look at the 2012 Green Bay Packers roster

Now that the draft is over and done with, the Packers have their 90 man roster, and no further signings are expected, unless Ryan Grant comes back home, it’s time to play armchair GM. Jesus, 3...


Argument why Aaron Rodgers may never get to throw for 5,000 yards

This is the most simple argument ever. He is too good to throw for that many yards. Last year, for example, we witnessed, what most everyone who has watched the NFL closely will admit, was one of...


Trying to sort through the muck, your thoughts on the o-line

What I'm trying to do is find out more about our backup offensive linemen. I'm trying to sort out who is set to go as our backups, and who are the likely candidates for the practice squad. Feel...


Complete UDFA List after the Frenzy

I'm not going to take credit here. Go here for the list. We got: Dale Moss, WR, South Dakota St Darius Reynolds, WR, Iowa State M...


"BJ Coleman could be the best pick we've ever taken"

This bold statement was made by Ted Thompson to some of our execs. First off. WOW. Second off, how is he going to play? Are we going to develope him for two years, then trade off 3-time MVP,...


Best UDFA Prospects.

Pretty explanatory guys. Discuss who you like. PPF, we know, Burifict. BTW, the numbers are NFL.COM's player rankings. Thomas, Darron QB 6'3" 220 Oregon 55 Corp,...


What I see happening on Saturday

Wow. After an amazing first two days where everything seemed to go just about perfectly for us, we are still sitting pretty in the fourth round. So many different guys are available, in many...


Should we trade a 5th or 6th for McCoy?

His price tag is to the tune of around 1.2 million / year until 2014, essentially as long as a rookie QB contrat if we draft one - only this one has NFL starting QB experience, and didn't do...


2010 Draft

I started this last week, sort of as a simple refresher for many people. I like digging through some things - perhaps it appeals to my former MI life in the Army. Looking at data is what we do. ...


2009 Packer Draft

Now we find ourselves at the 2009 Packer draft. I apologize for the little snafu for the 08 draft. My source is straight from, so if my draft list is not accurate, blame those turds. If...


Packers 2008 Draft

With the 05-07 Drafts examined recently, we now get to look at the 2008 Draft. Everything I am looking at, again is the same. 1.Impact of the pick on our team 2.Availability of superior players...


2007 NFL Draft revisit

Earlier, we looked over the 05 and 06 drafts for the Packers, and as I promised, I’m back so that we can look at the 2007 NFL Draft. Again, the same rules apply for what I want you to consider. ...

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