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2006 Draft Revisit

Earlier, we looked over the 2005 draft for the Packers, which most people agree that we did pretty good at. 80% gave it higher than a B+. I’m back so that we can look at the 2006 NFL Draft. ...


Poll: A Look at 2005 Draft

So, as we all know, the draft is coming up soon. I'm gonna put out a few of these; a look at the drafts since 2005 to present. What I want you to do is look at our drafts and give a rating. I...


Poll: 4th Greatest need

So, let's recap. 1st need, OLB, 2nd need, DE, 3rd need, FS. This is a list of most needed positions for our team if my fears that Nick Collins won't be able to line up for us next year. I hope,...


Poll: Our third greatest need

1st need being OLB 2nd highest need DE Now it gets interesting. I could really have predicted what the top two were going to be. Keep in mind of the idea of this poll. I'm expecting that Nick...


Poll: Packers #2 need

#1 Need - OLB 63% of the total votes It seems like the general consenus was that we need a consistent amount of pressure coming from the back end on the Quarterback. Most felt that the lack of...


Poll: Packers order of drafting proiority

So a recent post of mine sparked quite a debate between people, which gave me some thoughts about a related topic. What is the order of positions acme packer nation thinks we should draft. I'll...


Simple argument why we're trading up.

This is for either situations. #1, we trade 1-3rd round picks to get up into the #14-16 range. Based on some infamous draft trade guru, there are points established for trades. @the 28th pick,...


As a Packer fan, I've got to ask....

What sort of penalty do you guys think should have happened? I didn't come here to gloat, talk trash, rub salt in your wounds, or anything else. In fact, I'm here to say keep your head up. It's...


POLL: Saints penalties were......

Historic penalties have been laid down. In some ways, more severe than I thought they would be, and in other ways, less severe than I thought they would be. For a breakdown of the penalties that...


Manning with Broncos, what round pick would you trade for a decent backup QB?

So I wasn't a big fan of tebow at first; I actually thought that it was sort of a side show joke, but for many people, the 2011 season will be remembered as the year of Tebow. Now that all...


Am I the only Packer fan bored and sick of Manning and his undecision?

I had origionally been promised by the "experts" at ESPN and NFL.COM that Peyton Manning wanted to get a resolution of this entire selection process before the start of real free-agency. Cool,...


Poll: What is the most damning penalty for the Saints?

For starters, let me preface this by saying I've got no preference in their punishment. They will get punished for the whole bounty issue, but as far as I am conscerned, whatever they get, I'll...


Did the Redsinks pay too much for RG3?

To get the #2 pick, they gave up this year's 1st and 2nd round picks, next year's 1st, and 2014's 1st round pick. The Redskins are in a difficult division, and winning next year even with RG3...


Let's as Packer fans, not be too harsh on the Saints organization.

I'm all for debating who had the better season as a QB, or who is a better team, but this issue should not make us Packerfans rise up and demand someone's head. Why may you ask? 2 words Charles...


Arguments for trading down and out of the first round

Before everyone jumps down my throat with such blastphemy, let's look at the obvious here... We only have a #28 pick this year. It's not exactly like we're in the middle of the pack and getting...


Who should be the top 25 of the Packers draft board?

I've never seen a post like this. It's all, who would you draft if you TnT Flynn, ect. My thought is slightly different. If I get enough rec's, I'll do a semi-daily poll to see who the fans...


So can someone in the loop fill me in

Sadly, I had to leave Milwaukee for a job. Now I'm in Texas, in the middle of Ranger and Cowboy country. . . (serious yuck mouth) full of piss and vinegar for anyone who calls themselves a...


Simple Qestion: Would you or wouldn't you accept Miss America's invitation?

It doesn't take a lot of words to ask this question. Miss America, from Wisconsin has told reporters that she'd like to date Aaron Rodgers. I think it's cool as all heck that a girl from...


I know it's 5 weeks early, but I can't wait - My FA Analysis and Draft priority

So as an ex army military intelligence specialist, I like to put my training to good use sometimes. Each year, I take a deep look at our team, where our strengths are, and our weaknesses. Then, I...


Don't Jump on Me, but I hope Brees wins the MVP

I've thought about it long and hard and I've come to the conclusion: Drew Brees should be MVP this year. Not because of anything he's done on the field. nonono. I strictly believe that his...


Several reasons why Brees' Record should have an asterix on it.

For starters, this accomplishment is a great one. To break a record that lasted for 27 years is a fantastic feat, however, in this case, it is somewhat tarnished to me. 1. Over half of his...


I said it when they released him. Sun Tzu is rolling in his grave.

So about a month ago, the Denver Broncos decided to do something incredibly stupid. They got rid of one of their Generals, allowing anyone to pick him up for free. Now, desperately needing a win,...


A Congratulations Letter from a Packer Fan.

Dear fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, First off, congratulations on an amazing game. Everyone in my house watching the game cited the drops, the turf, penalties, and the crappy throws, however, I...


My Analysis of what went wrong today.

We played like crap. Dur. We were uninspired, flat, undisciplined, and could'nt hold onto the ball. These are things we took advantage of in the past, and were victims of today. But there...


Update on Perfection. '11 Rodgers vs '07 Brady

A few weeks ago, I started comparing the perfect QB seasons of 2007 Brady and 2011 Packers. My computer got a virus, so I haven't been able to update it every week like I'd intended. So now that...


Opinion of a Packer Fan

I would probably get banned from Acme Packers for speaking such blasphemy out loud, so I will say it here. John Fox deserves to be coack of the year this year. It does not matter if he finishes...


A Few Thoughts from a Packer Fan

I know, you guys are gonna treat me like a troll, and probably ban me and call me all sorts of names, but that's cool. It's your right. The Bears bloggers kicked me off their site for giving...


Update of 07Brady/11Rodgers thru week 11

So someone suggested to me to continue this post and update it each week, so I will. In case you missed the previous one, I was doing a comparison of Rodgers and Brady during their perfect season...


Somewhere in China, Sun Tzu is trying to get out of his grave to kill Elway.

To preface this, I'm not a diehard Bronco Fan. I wasn't a Tebow guy in College, and I rooted against the Broncos when I went to Lambeau for the first time and saw my Packers beat you guys. ...


Comparisons of 07 Brady and 11 Rodgers

These two, for obvious reasons, especially if the Packers are able to get through this difficult second half undefeated, are going to be compared for all histroy. Who was better, who did this, who...

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