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another torturous win

although I never had a fingernail biting moment during the game, we gave up too many points. My observations... #1. Our offensive line must give Rodgers better protection. They're doing an...


Midway through the season, MVP candidates.

All right not quite, but it's close enough. Coming into week 8, we've got a few front runners. Breaking it down by position. QB Aaron Rodgers - 2372 Yards 20 TD 3 INT 8 40yard passes 125.7 rating...


Available Free Agents.

Here are a list of all of the players that may be eligible for free agency. The ones with asterixes have been juicing... oops, I mean have team options that could be exercised. C. - Jonathan...


Depleted Secondary

New in Minnesota. Starting CB Cris Cook was arrested Saturday morning and has been ruled out by the Vikings. Added to this, Antoine Winfield is Doubtful with a neck injury, and Jamarca Stanford...


The offseason

Our failures as a team.... 1. DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE!!!! I'm not saying that if we don't commit all those errors, we win the series... However, there needs to be a serious commitment to the...


I've had Achille's Tendon surgery, feel free to ask questions.

Hello gentlemen, let me offer my condolences on your loss in the Playoffs. I'm a Brewers fan, and no matter what the result of the series between my Brewers and those arrogant pieces of baseball...


As a Packer Fan...

I've got to admit to myself that the worst offseason move we made,by far, was not trying to get Nick Barnett to resign. People argue that he's getting up in age and he's a little injury prone. I...


Poll about the Season

I'm curious about something. We're coming into game 5, possibly the last game of Prince Fielder in a Brewers uniform, hopefully he'll have several more seasons in the blue and white, going into...


Packer fan here

Hello guys, I'm torn. I'm always a Packer fan first; an underdog fan second. My everlasting disgust with everything the Bears are and have represented ever since Singletary left the team will...


A Packer fan here

Take pride in your fanbase. I'm impressed with your blog, as well as the mostly positive notes about your team despite these trying times. Don't take this as a Favrism. I'm sincerely impressed. ...


Something to Read while laughing at our neighbors down south

So one of my favorite things to do after a Bears loss to anyone, but especially to the Packers, is look through threads and listening to 670am chicago sports radio, looking and listening through...


Have we replaced Nick Collins on the Roster?

In light of the severe neck injury suffered by Nick Collins last week, he's been declared to be out for the rest of the season. I haven't seen anything that tells me that the Packers have placed...


Why is everyone so afraid to pitch to Pujols

Yesterday, Sept 16th, the person in question went 4/4 with 2 walks. Since the last series the Brewers won from the Cardinals, he's been on quite a tear, and has been seemingly unstoppable. My...


Sad day for Wisconsin Alumn

The Steelers cut undrafted F/A RB John Clay. It makes me wonder. Why does many of Wisconsin's RB's have strong college careers, but fail to transform this into a professional career? Ron Dayne -...


My predictions for the 2011 Season

Looking at the schedule for the season, I have think I've got a few suprises. I'm curious what you guys think. Keep in mind I'm not one of those so-called-experts, just an average guy. AFC New...


Looking ahead to the draft, free agency, and ultimately, next year's Green Bay Packers

In looking at our roster, I'm not seeing any glaring holes in it, but overall, there are some moves we can make.  Looking at the roster, this is what I think we should do to give our beloved P...


Props from a Packer Fan and Questions about the Bear's future.

Although I am a die hard Packer fan, I'm not one to rub salt in the wound's of others, just a different take on your team, who when they weren't going so well from around 95-05, I was always...


Is it me, or does it seem like referees are biased?

Now I'm not one to complain.  I accept the meltdown of penalties against the Bears Monday night becuase most of them were legitimate calls.  I accept the flag on Woodson becuase is was a penalty. ...

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