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Josh was right - we ARE spoiled

I have been a fan of the Avs since they were the Nordiques. Although I didn't know a damn thing about the team at first, I was impressed by their very cool name. Membership for life followed soon...


The Emperor's New Clothes

I guess that you all know about the Ryan O' Reilly situation (no? Okay, welcome to planet Earth, please leave your lasers outside) and it got me thinking. The original Young Guns of the Colorado...


Same old, same old

Great! Those jackasses who run the game decided to sort things out. That's fabulous. The 2013 season is underway and hockey is flooding back into our lives like faulty incontinence pants. That...


Why I want the lockout to continue

Gary Bettman was appointed commissioner on February 1st 1993. One of his primary tasks was to end labour disputes, along with growing the NHL in "non-traditional" markets and completing the...


Falling out of love with the NHL?

So, here we are, deep into the second lockout in eight years. We are all hockey fans, we are all NHL fans and lots of us are angry at being ignored by both parties involved in this...


Why the CBA argument is a red herring

The Avs' front office have intimated that they are cautious about spending due to the impending CBA. I would suggest that they are being far too cautious to the point of (maybe) being disingenuous. ...


The Sunny Side of McNab and Haynes

This year, I have GCL. It has allowed me to choose my commentary and often I choose the away team's, so that I can gain a perspective on how my favourite team is perceived. This has given me a...


Crosby traded?

Sorry, I'm not trying to lure you here under false pretences. Well, okay, I am, but please read on! Here's the (fictional) scenario: Crosby has returned to NHL action after his latest concussion...


John Tortorella complains about 24/7 cameras

http://www.sbnation.com/nhl/2011/5/12/2168648/philadelphia-flyers-new-york-rangers-2012-winter-classic Dear John, Perhaps it might've escaped your attention, but HBO's award winning show isn't...

Andy "Douchebag" Sutton is at it again.

Just one month after serving a five game ban for headshotting Gabriel Landeskog, Sutton is in trouble again with this monster hit on Alexei Ponikarovsky. He also had a kneeing penalty, a boarding penalty and a fight. Busy boy.


Reasons to be cheerful

I think it's fair to say that there is a little disappointment around our team this year. With some big additions on the blue line and in goal, I think it's fair to say that we were expecting a bit...


Happy Thanksgiving MHH

I hope I got the day right, or I'm going to look very silly :-) Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends in the United States. I hope you are all enjoying some well-earned rest and lots of...

Tomas Fleischmann has a sick goal

Tomas Fleischmann shows that he's lost none of his scoring touch. I think he would be amazing if he was still on this Avs team

DGB remarks on Ottawa's season so far

I am not gloating at all, but I thought this was darn funny.


Forgive me, MHH, for I have sinned.

It has been many weeks since I last came to this blog I have not leapt upon every morsel and crumb of news and opinion during the offseason. Alas, I have had to work on some personal issues. I...


Is it time for Dater to go?

Adrian Dater is the Avalanche beat writer for the Denver Post. He has been covering them since, well, forever. He is also the author of "Blood Feud," a book that details the war on the ice between...

Ex-Av Ruslan Salei to the KHL

According to Spector, Salei has signed a one year deal with the KHL, ending his brief tenure with the Detoilet Dead Things


Burgundy / White Tickets

On sale from tomorrow from the website here:  www.GoAirForceFalcons.com As per Dater http://blogs.denverpost.com/avs/2011/07/06/burgundywhite-game-returns-to-afa/7610/


The Avs are a laughing stock

So, I had the misfortune to read this little article from Puck Daddy. Ryan Lambert is the writer who thinks that George McPhee is the world's best GM. The full article is here: h...


I'm glad Sakic retired

That's right. I am glad that Joe Sakic is not playing for the Avs anymore. He has a job in the front office. Fine, that is the best place for him. Just keep him off the ice. Why? Because I love...


Ryan Smyth wants to go back to Edmonton (Allegedly)

Ryan Smyth to leave LA?   So, if this were true and Smyth did go back to Edmonton, that would clog a team that is thick with wingers. It would help LA shift his $6.25 mil per year contract, to a...


Avalanche Soup

Okay, so I had a ton of things to bounce off the wise folks here on MHH and I didn't really want to do 4 or 5 different posts, so I have thrown them all in here as I would love to have people's...


Winnipeg Thrashers and relocation

Okay, so I know that it won't actually be called the Winnipeg Thrashers, but does anyone else find it bizarre how the Phoenix saga has gone on for years and years, with probably millions of words...


Should suspensions be handed out for diving?

When I was but Nemesis22 1/2, one of the many things I admired about hockey was that it's players were incredibly tough. Real men (and women) who would shrug off a shoulder crunching hit, or a...

Please describe why you are currently available to play in this tournament instead of competing in...

Please describe why you are currently available to play in this tournament instead of competing in the second round of the NHL playoffs. ( ) Team employed Brian Elliott at some point during the season.

Guess we know why Kroenke's been a cheapskate

Kroenke takes a controlling interest in Arsenal FC


An open letter to KSE

Dear Kroenke Family, I hope that you are all well and enjoying your Rams purchase.  With the dulcet tones of Terry Frei ringing gently in my ears, can I respectfully put forward a few points for...

EA Sports' Avs Dilemma

A letter to Gary Bettman from EA Sports regarding the Colorado Avalanche


Update on St Louis Trades

From NHL.com: The gold standard of deadline acquisitions this season has to be Chris Stewart, however, whose remarkable start with St. Louis is helping Blues fans forget about Boyes. Stewart has...


Conspiracy Theory?

Tin foil hats ahoy! With so many Canadians clamouring for another NHL team Gary Bettman stated on January 29th 2011 that the NHL is not going to expand. That leaves no room for manoeuvre - if an...

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