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Which current Hornets player will have the longest tenure here?

Cutting to the chase, I was thinking about getting a jersey when I started to wonder which guy(s) would still be around four or five years from now. I think I have everyone in the poll; let me...


The Carolina Panthers' current win streak is a mirage, or something...

I just finished reading this, attempting to explain why the Panthers are not as good as their 9-3 record would indicate. For those without an account to the site that posted the article, I'll post...

Gatorade makes digital comic for Cam's "Origin Story"


This was really cool. I had to share this with the CSR community. (they also did one for JJ Watt, for anyone interested)


Philadelphia 76ers vs. Charlotte Bobcats; 11:00AM Start time(!); Preseason Game #5 OPEN LIVE GAME THREAD need in me looking for a feed of this game, since I'll be sitting at my work desk, swimming in emails and tickets when the action starts. I will be keeping somewhat of a close watch at...


Charlotte Bobcats at Cleveland Cavaliers; Preseason Game #4; OPEN LIVE GAME THREAD

Tanduay! I'm on your site, and have already given you at least 5 clicks, but....ummm yeah, still can't find a good link. If you're out there, and you can point me out to the winning URL, much...


Charlotte Bobcats at Milwaukee Bucks; Preseason Game #3 Live Game Thread - OPEN

Because I'm a glutton for punishment, here's another game thread for tonight's action. Big Al will probably not be suiting up tonight, and I'm still fishing around the net for the glitziest...


Charlotte Bobcats vs. Miami Heat; Preseason Game #2; LIVE GAME THREAD

Join me in (hopefully, if I can find a feed) watching tonight's preseason game! Or don't. I need more words. They're in Missouri tonight. Kansas City, to be specific....which, if you have...


Is Newton the Worst Young QB in the League?

Some publications would lead you to believe so.

Review of the Charlotte Bobcats "Big Four" in the Summer League


Very good read. It made me even more excited for the rest of this Vegas tournament, and the upcoming season! PAY HENDO HIZ MAHNEY

"Steve walks wearily down the street with his brim pulled waydownlow..."


Holy shitsnacks...didn't see that coming. Not extremely surprised,

Ramon Sessions out for up to a Month


I didn't notice anything from his playing time last night that hinted at such an injury. It will be interesting to see who gets additional playing time in his absence.

Mike Dunlap Interview (with MKG practicing his jumper)


Check out MKG in the background! I've never seen his shot look so...normal. Looks like MKG & Dunlap have already put in a lot of work towards eliminating that hitch.

Oh, Captain...


According to his tweet apology, he overslept. Am I the only one not missing this drama at all?


Bobcats vs. Hawks Preseason Game Thread (12/22/11)

Low and behold, Time Warner has blessed my DVR with an actual broadcast of tonight's preseason. Tonight, I get to watch the debut of Bis Mack Bi Yom Bo (yes, I'm whoring out his name to meet the...

We gotta get past, you know, "it is what it is", 'cause it's not...and that's been something that...


We gotta get past, you know, "it is what it is", 'cause it's not...and that's been something that we have to understand: we are better than that. We have to start playing like that. We have to grow up.

BAMF being a BAMF (starts at 11:40 mark)

Some kudos for the "other guy" in Denver


In the midst of all the Tebowmania, I think it's easy to overlook what Fox has done to revitalize the Broncos team (which was really a hot mess not too long ago). I really enjoyed reading this article.

Can Vikings handle Newton?


I love how the big question about our franchise quarterback is quickly becoming, "How in the name of Vincent Thomas Lombardi do you STOP this guy?!" lol @ other NFC South teams installing their "Contain Cam" defensive package starting next offseason.

Meriweather fined for helmet-to-helmet hit on Smitty


Still no word on refs being fined for blown call on Shockey's TD catch.

Cam Newton: Inexplicable


Baldy, Theismann (!), and Millen take turns paying homage to our franchise quarterback. Jaguars passing defense is prone to 400 yards or so of exposure, per the panelists. Good times ahead.

Bill Simmons not sold on Cam, Smith, or Kolb


If you're like me, and just skim through the entire article until the part about the Panthers, I'll spare you the trouble: I watched that Cards-Panthers game pretty closely last week and came away convinced that those are two of the five worst teams in the league: Arizona's secondary would have been the single worst thing I witnessed on Sunday if not for the final episode of Entourage, and Carolina was such a mess defensively that it made Kevin Kolb look somewhat competent (making matters worse, the Panthers lost Jon Beason for the season). But because they played each other, it seems like bettors mistakenly came away thinking, "Arizona might be back with Kolb!" and "Carolina's offense is gonna be exciting this year with Cam Newton and Steve Smith!" which is why both of their Week 2 lines landed three points too low. You'll see.

More bulletin board material for Cam


Take a deep breath, Mr. Newton...and then exhale on Sunday, say around 4:15-ish.

DeAngelo Williams is the best running back in the NFL. PERIOD.


Granted, it's a very small margin separating him from the competition, but no other running back in the NFL has more YPC than D-Will since he has been in the league. Let's see the critics try to spin this into a negative...

Clayton places CJ & D. Williams in his top 10 free agent list


More importantly, he pegs us as the main suitors for both players. Only two other teams (Minnesota, J-E-T-S) made his list twice. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?! (I've been saying that all weekend, out loud, to no one in particular)

This just in: Ryan Kalil is really good; will get better.


In case you don't want to read the entire article (The NFC South is the last division listed): He’s only 26 and he’s been to the Pro Bowl the past two seasons, despite playing on bad teams. Scouts, coaches and players around the league will tell you he’s one of the two or three best centers in the league and his reputation will grow rapidly if Carolina can make some improvements after last year’s 2-14 season. The Panthers already placed the franchise tag on Kalil for this year in an effort to make sure he doesn’t get away. They view him as the emerging anchor of their offensive line as Jordan Gross gets older. At some point, the Panthers will lock Kalil up to a big long-term deal. There’s a reason for that. They just drafted Cam Newton, whom they view as their franchise quarterback. They want to make sure he’s receiving snaps from and being protected by a franchise center.

Beason is the 9th best linebacker in the NFL?!


Forgive me if I don't know who Tamba Hali or Jerod Mayo is (I tend to wear blinders when following my teams), but I couldn't believe Beason was tied for 9th. He almost didn't make the list! Thoughts?

Tyrus wakes up in pain...again, this time in Houston


I hope this isn't some kind of major setback. The last time he woke up in pain, it turned out that he needed surgery.



The Sports Guy continues his love fest of the Charlotte Bobcats, with such endearing quotes as the following: Contract these guys. Move them to Vancouver. Move them to Seattle. Do something. The only way this situation could get worse is if Stephen Jackson decides to run into the stands and start inexplicably punching people. I'm sure he'd love any kind remarks you may have after reading him dump endless praise on our beloved franchise yet again. Stay classy, Mr. Simmons.

If you give up something, you have to get something. That's a major problem - people want to take...


If you give up something, you have to get something. That's a major problem - people want to take what you have and give nothing back - that's not going to happen. We'll keep what we have and go with it.

No rosterbation without compensation, says Coach Silas
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