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Can Gerald Henderson become the greatest 12th overall pick of all time?

So yeah, I'm bored (says the man currently at work).  I generally loathe the All-Star Break, not so much for the lack of intensity (read: DEFENSE) in any of the games, but because of the week...


The Ice Age Revealed

I finally found a site that does a great job of breaking down scoring per quarter.  As it turns out, the Charlotte Bobcats don't score particularly well in any quarter, which makes since...

Jackson out tonight vs. Minnesota...wait...that's DERRICK BROWN'S MUSIC!


Augustin Henderson D. Brown Diaw K. Brown Fast break, anyone?


Here's my deal about Diaw

Only two starters finished in double digits tonight against Miami: DJ and Jax (the only two players who have done so in every game under the Silas regime).  Two of our regular starters were out:...

Silas loves Charlotte; pledges to pick up the pace on offense


Remember when Chris Paul said earlier this season that D.J. "has a lot of talent," and that "they just need to cut him loose"? Well... My favorite quote from Silas so far as the new coach: "I've found that if you have a confident player, it's unbelievable what he can do."


In Memoriam of Dominic McGuire

It's been a great run, kid.  Your contributions to this team will forever be etched into my memory, much like the indentations of your jump shots are etched into backboards across the nation.  I...

A very interesting section of the current NFL QB ratings


Just look at rank #s 63 through 66. Finished laughing hysterically/sobbing inconsolably/banging your head against the nearest hard surface? Sooooo... are the 2010 Carolina Panthers the worst team in NFL history at evaluating quarterback talent, or has our anemic passing offense just annihilated the promising seasons of four innocent quarterbacks? You be the judge. (For an extra chuckle, take a peak at #67) Special shout out to the thread on another site that brought this to my attention.

Bill Simmons takes (yet ANOTHER) shot at the Charlotte Bobcats


What he said: ... dropping to 28 teams wouldn't hurt anyone. If you wanted to knock out the Pacers and Bobcats tomorrow and have a dispersal draft for their players, I'd sign off. As I always, I strongly encourage everyone to drop Bill a quick line on behalf of Rufus.


Darryl Gerard Augustin, Jr.: The Chosen One

2008. Sam Vincent’s "Reign of Error" was mercifully limited to one season, and he was promptly shown the door by future owner, Michael Jordan. In comes the guy His Airness wanted to begin with,...

James Johnson, anyone?


I don't think I've ever noticed him, but when adjusted for 36 mpg, he could potentially be averaging a double-double and nearly 3 blocks a game. Again, this is just a projection based off of only 3 games so far this season. Anyone have an informed opinion on him?

Williams doubtful for this Sunday


No time like the present for Stewart to step up and have his first big game of the season.

The Boss is IN


Here's an article about His Airness and his dedication to this organization. As bad as Robert Johnson was, I never really grasped just how much of an absentee owner he was until someone with a genuine passion for running a NBA team stepped in.

Adam Morrison waived by Wizards


How the mighty have fallen. I didn't even know the Wizards picked him up to begin with! I don't know what did him in worse - the injury that ruined his sophomore year, or the fact that he spent that year "learning" on the sidelines from Sam Vincent. Poor bastard. On the bright side, he'll always have his two championship rings to prove that he actually played in the NBA at one time.

The Sports Guy cops a squat over the Cable Box


What he said: As for the Hornets (sic), they're in no man's land: 35-40 wins, not quite bad enough to bottom out, not quite good enough to be interesting. You never want to be in no-man's land. More importantly, I wouldn't pay to see anyone on this team. Not even you, Captain Jack. (Follow-up note: If you're looking at rosters simply from a "What roster would you NOT want going forward these next five years?", Charlotte would be first, then teams 26, 27, 29 and 30 on this list would round out the bottom four. The common thread? They're all Eastern Conference teams. Weird.) Please feel free to drop Mr. Simmons a line and say hello!


An open letter to the Panthers Front Office

  Dear Panthers Front Office,  I am a die hard Panthers fan. I watched EVERY SINGLE game of the 1-15 season. I watched Delhomme put on a classic interception clinic last season, and witnessed...

Rick Bonnell starring as the voice of reason


Mr. Bonnell plainly tells it like it is, and the reality is...we've never had a better roster at the start of a training camp. Naysayers, check your pessimism at the door.

Matt Moore: 32nd best quarterback in the league?!


Behind such perennial pro-bowlers as Tony Romo, Kyle Orton, Jason Campbell, Alex Smith, Kevin Kolb, Chad Henne, Byron Leftwich, and Trent Edwards...I mean, they should open a new wing in Canton, OH just for these guys alone.

(In response to whether Miami Thrice will be good or bad for the NBA) Everyone loves to hate...


(In response to whether Miami Thrice will be good or bad for the NBA) Everyone loves to hate somebody, and the Heat give NBA fans that fix. However, if this leads to a new era of two or three or four super teams battling it out in the Finals, the regular season becomes meaningless along with the other 26 teams in the league. If there were any Bobcats fans, they would know what I am talking about.

World renown sports writer Jeremy Wagner takes needless (and obviously uniformed) shot at the Bobcats

Derek Landri, anyone?


I don't believe I saw much mention of him in training camp updates from Little King, Gantt, or anyone else. Yet, here's this article on the CO site building him up to potentially be our next force at DT. Can anyone shed any light on how he's looked at camp so far?


Carolina Panthers 2009 Yearbook: A Tail of Two Seasons

Panthers 2009 Yearbook 30 minutes TV special


Who is that high flyer in the RoF avatar, and why isn't it Crash?

Wallace is all over the city of Charlotte.  He is the last original Charlotte Bobcat, and our only current all-star.  He's "That Guy."  Sooo....

Dampier will stay for less, but...are we interested?


This was my comment on the article: Dream on, Mr. Dampier. The ONLY reason you're such a hot commodity in the league right now is because of your $13 million non-guaranteed contract that any franchise can make disappear with the "waive" of a finger. We have enough average centers already (in fact we traded two to get your contract), but thanks for offering. Even if he was willing to stay on board for the minimum, does anyone want him to stick around? Just curious...


Who is Untouchable?

With this exciting trade talk consuming my normal business hours, I just have one question: who do you think is the most untouchable member of the Bobcats roster?  The reason of your choice can...


How about a different perspective, eh?

I've been scouring all over Rufus the past few days, as this is (IMHO) the best place to get Bobcats news on the net, period.  I thought I'd check out what Raptors fans think of the recent trade...

Edwards is on board (per ESPN mobile alert)!


Panthers sign rookie QB-WR Armanti Edwards (3rd round draft pick) to 4-year contract worth $2.5 million.

Henderson = Jordan???


If Hendo gets a reliable jumper to stick to his game after this summer, and Derrick Brown continues to do what he did, we'll be in very good shape.

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