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2013-2014 Clippers Player Previews: DeAndre Jordan


For three weeks this preseason, we'll be publishing Player Previews for each of the 13 players with guaranteed contracts with the Clippers. Next up, hopeful defensive anchor, DeAndre Jordan.

Billups Says He's a Point Guard and Starter, Reflects on His Role During the Previous Two Years


"The way that I kind of played the two the last two years, I just kind of sit there in the corner and just kind of wait and just chill. There’s no way I can affect a game like that." For the record, I don't remember him having to do that at all...

Traded! Bledsoe and Caron for Reddic and Dudley!


Traded! Bledsoe and Caron for Reddic and Dudley!

Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA 40s Clippers, Bucks and Phoenix have reached agreement on a three-team deal, sources tell Y!

Opposing Player to Watch Tonight: DeAndre Jordan


Since some of the stars are sitting out tonight, I thought you guys might find this of interest. It's something I wrote about the development of DeAndre (and project big men in general) I also used Bynum in my calculation for comps.

DeAndre Jorda'n vs McGee's Development


Thought this might be of some interest to you guys since I use McGee as a direct comp for understanding DeAndre's development.


Is DeAndre overpaid? Let's pull out the list...

I put together a good amount of data for my DJ player preview, but couldn't fit all of it in. I still find it somewhat interesting so I thought I'd at least put up the salary data. According to...

2012-2013 Clipper Player Previews: DeAndre Jordan


DeAndre Jordan has put in some work, could this be the year he breaks out?

2012-2013 Clipper Player Previews: Trey Thompkins

Like his Georgia Bulldog counterpart, Trey Thompkins has yet to see any significant minutes. Injured in summer league this year, we still don't know much about what Thompkins can do.

Clippers Hat & Gear - Another Reason Why Life is Good


I used to have to search high and low for any sort of Clippers it is so easy to find good stuff. Even a Clippers old school nylon zip back.


Out of Excuses for Odom.

Let's face it, the guy is out of shape. Many of us pointed this out during media day, but the talk was rejected with excuses like "oh, that's just a bad camera angle" ..."oh he looks fine to...

2012 Clippers Exit Interviews: DeAndre Jordan

This is the twelfth of our Clips Nation "exit interviews" of the 2012 Los Angeles Clippers, an overview and analysis, player by player, of all 15 Clippers who finished the 2011-2012 season on the...

2012 Clipper Exit Interviews -- Kenyon Martin

Reviewing Kenyon Martin's performance during the 2011-2012 season.


Clipper Fans - Let's Keep it Classy

I know it has been an exciting run and we can barely contain ourselves, however I've noticed on many occasions lately that this excitement has manifested itself in a not-so-positive way. There's...

Lakers 113 - Clippers 108 - Close, But Not Enough


The "Battle of LA" did not disappoint. From "posters" to a down to the wire finish, both teams delivered on entertainment. Unfortunately for us, the Lakers came out the victors. Every game...

Clippers 101 - Grizzlies 85 - That's Some Good Home Cooking


Clippers 101 - Grizzlies 85 - That's Some Good Home Cooking. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin find some chemistry and take down the Grizzlies.

Pacers 102 - Clippers 89 - It's Still About the Rotations


Early on in the season, I expressed my confusion regarding Vinny Del Negros rotations (link). Two-thirds of the way through, I still don’t get it. After starting out of the gates strong with 31...

Clippers 103 - Raptors 91 - Smooth Sailing


DeAndre Jordan and Mo Williams led the Clippers to an easy win over Toronto.

Bulls 114 - Clippers 101 - It's All About the Rotations


Derrick Rose and the Bulls take down Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the Clippers. There's still a lot of work to do on the defensive end, it's all about the rotations.


Where to Find the Blake Griffin Hope Poster (Shepard Fairey Style) Originally Done by Snackbar

I'm looking for the hope poster that Snackbar originally made.  It was pretty awesome and I want to make it my desktop wallpaper...but now I can't find it.  I tried searching for it and came across...


Former Draft Picks and What Happened to Them - 2004

In true Clipper spirit, the 2004 draft represented what could have been.  Another high draft pick, another year of promise, of potential and of hope.  The dreaded word potential…there’s potential...


What Happens if the Clips Haven't Done Anything and DJ Gets an Offer On July 8th??

The FO has stated something needs to get done to fill the SF spot with a true starter.  Olshey has set a soft deadline to do something by July 1st, but that doesn't seem likely.  The Draft, a day...


Dwight, Arenas/Turk for Bynum/Pau, Odom, Artest

This is a Dwight trade scenario that works and could possibly be agreed on for both teams. A lot of the trades I've seen on here make me think...ummm that doesn't work under the cap space...


Anyone else getting these calls regarding the Kings move to Anaheim?

A "professional basketball teams" marketing survey group just called me about the potential of my company getting box /luxury seats or season tickets for games at the "fabulous" Honda Center in...


Just received a call from the Kings about moving to Anaheim

I'm a Clipper fan based in Orange County, but thought I'd share this with everyone. A "professional basketball teams" marketing group just called me about the potential of my company getting box...

Gerald Wallace is Available


I think he would be the perfect fit for this team (hustle, crash and shoot threes). Much better than a Melo fit. It also seems like he isn't going to cost that much. Get'er done!


My Support for the Clippers Will End Once BG's Contract Ends if Nothing Changes.

I'm putting the stake in the sand and typing it out as a reminder to myself so that I cannot go back on it. I've supported this team without wavering for 12+ years (I'm not even sure I had gone...

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