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User Blog

4 Free Tickets & Parking against the Bulls!

Whatsup Bobcat nation? There's a brand new Charlotte Newspaper called Queen City Sports that talks a lot about the Bobcats and they're giving away tix and parking to the last game of the season in...


RE: Good Luck Carson. You gotta be kidding me

You say how Carson Palmer was "cursed", and had to put up with soooo much. Yeah, his life was so stressful. Give me a break, Carson is an NFL qb, gets paid millions of dollars, his day job is...


Prepare for take-off!

Holy cow, I cant believe this has happened. I hope Palmer really makes an ass of himself and plays like crap, all he has done is decline since 2005. This date has changed the Bengals Organization...


Marvin Lewis and Benson

First I want to see if I'm the only one who gets annoyed everytime Marvin Lewis's face appears on camera. He has the SAME facial expression EVERYTIME, either its before the game or 2 minutes left,...



My one true love I've lived in NC, NJ, NY, FL, and soon Chicago for a little bit, grant it I'm only 20 years of age at the moment. I remember the summer of 98', my father took me on a roadtrip to...


What do you think?

I keep hearing everybody say how bad we are going to be this year. I was somewhat excited about this year and thought/still think we have a chance at the playoffs. We have a fairly easy schedule...


Whooo Deyyy buddy!!

What a depressing, long, boring, terrible lockout that was. Feels amazing to be back, cant wait to see our Bengals run out on that field again. I know many of you guys out there are just like me...


I God to hope Palmer leaves

It's been a while since I've been on Cincyjungle and its great to be back! But anyhow, here's my take on the Palmer situation. Palmer claims he wants more change and a better team to work with in...


Why did you choose Black and Orange?

My name is Clinton, I am 19, and live in Dade City, FL. I would argue that I am the biggest Bengal fan out there, every minute of everyday concerns Cincinnati in my mind, and here's why. My...


Anyone but John Fox!

I lived in Charlotte, NC for 17 years before I moved down here to FL, and John Fox is twice as annoying as Marvin. He is so stubborn, there were countless games where Jake Delhomme would throw...


This is it, tomorrow is everything

I'm not going to go on about how big of a Bengal fan I am because I could go on for days, but I have not missed a single game in over 5 years. This year has been the most disappointing,...


What about this coaching technique?

All this season and last season we have all been pissed off at our coaching staff. I think Marvin Lewis should be moved to GM, Zimmer stay on the D, and put Mike Singletary from the 9ers as head...


Can't wait till Sunday, can you? POLL

Right now I am sitting in my pointless COM140 class here in Saint Leo, FL. This class is such a god given waste of time. Anyway.. There aren't really any teams out there that are making a mark in...


Skyline chili

Hey i don't live in cincinnati, but my girl and i are driving up there soon. We wanted to know how much a chili dog would be at skyline. Is it really pricey? She wants to know which hotels have the...


This organization really knows how to embarress its fans

Man, going into week one I know I wasn't the only one thinking that we were going to go at least 12-4.   We have all the weapons we could possibly need- Ocho, TO. Shipley, Benson, Gresham is...


Going to the Game?

Who Dey! I'm the diehard bengal fan from Charlotte, NC and can't freaking wait to scream my ass off for Cincinnati in Carolina this weekend. Anybody going to the game besides me? I don't think...


Terrel Owen

4 days away till the day we've been waiting for since January 17th, Bengals will obviously beat the Pat's in Gillett Stadium. I got a bit angry with the signing of T.O, i dont like his personality...



Hey cincy fans, i live in charlotte nc and my friends and i are driving up next weekend to wach the broncos and reds game, does anyone kno how much a scalper would normally charge for a preseason...



Whats your take on Owens, do we need his drama in Cincinnati? Will he really make our recieving team more dominant? Palmer and Ochocinco have made this team much better than ever before, Owens...

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