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How Do We Do It?


Here's a nice read for Bama fans about how we do what we do. Roll Tide.

SEC Reviews Bye Week Inequity


At Mal Moore's request, the SEC will seek to terminate the recent tendency for Alabama to play a disproportionate number of SEC foes coming off a bye week prior to their matchup with the Crimson Tide. "The consensus feeling of the group was that there was inequity in the number of open dates for opponents prior to playing Alabama as opposed to other schools."



A few of you may remember how significant the number 13 was the last time we won a national championship:  it had been 13 years since our last title (1979), we allowed Miami only 13 points, George...



I must have missed the memo about the reason(s) that there would be no Random 10 this week, or that it would be late, or that it's moving to Saturdays, or whatever.  Or maybe it's already up and...



Mark Ingram for Heisman video. I touchdown...I touchdown...


Alabama vs. LSU

Clearly, Coach Saban's 24-hour rule doesn't apply to the fans here at RBR, but as I've grown weary of the whinings of the pale orange last-week's losers from up the road, I thought I would share a...

News From The Underground


For those of you who love to hate Lame Kitten, UT, and all things inside-of-a-pumpkin orange, here's a little more fuel for the fire. Enjoy.

Marquis Johnson Is Perfect Example


If you're not excited enough about the job Marquis Johnson did Saturday night, Alabama being 7-0, or the job Coach Saban is doing at the Capstone, please try this story from Bleacher Report.

"I wouldn't like to compare it to last year's team because we're in the present. We're just trying...


"I wouldn't like to compare it to last year's team because we're in the present. We're just trying to get better each and every game and move forward, work on things we didn't do right the previous week. We're not trying to think about last year because it would be a distraction. We can get much better."

--Javier Arenas after yesterday's win in Oxford.

For Todd


I'm guessing you have your tickets already, but just in case....

The Bama Way


"We're a team offense," McElroy said. "Alabama has 12 national championships and no Heisman Trophy winners. That's the mindset coming in here. This is a team game, and we're going to win as a team." From There's no question: our QB gets it.

Arkansas O vs. Bama D


Like many statistics, some of these are a little misleading. Still, this is an interesting look at an area where Bama has struggled vs. one where Arkansas has so far excelled.



The script for this, um, 'movie', is taken from this year's SEC Media days transcripts, except I tried to add a few 'aights' (which don't sound aight enough, but whatevah). Apologies in advance to all viewers who are not sufficiently stoned.

Three More Tide Players on Watch Lists


Julio Jones is on the Bilentnikoff Award watch list, while Mike Johnson and Mount Cody both make the list for the Outland. Apparently Alabama fans weren't the only ones watching us play last year.

Best SEC Coach Since Bryant


I won't get annoyed with anyone who agrees with F-bomb's ranking of the top three...but Pat Dye before Vince Dooley? And Phil Fulmer before both of them and Gene Stallings? That's just crazy talk. FWIW, here's my personal top ten: 1. CNS 2. Steve Spurrier 3. Urban Meyer 4. Gene Stallings 5. Dooley 6. Majors 7. Dye 8. Richt 9. Nutt 10. Bobby Johnson

For Glen Coffee's Sake


I hope Michael Crabtree does sit out this season. Key quote: "The ridiculousness of a guy who’s never caught a professional pass deeming $20-something million "unacceptable" is a testament to the troublesome way the NFL pays its rookies."

Playboy All-Americans


Alabama had three players, Javier Arenas, Julio Jones and Rolando McClain, selected to the 2009 Playboy Magazine annual preseason College Football All-America Team. If you can only take one item to next year's fan day, make it this one (so you can just read the articles, of course).


All-Time, All-Tide

My guess is that many of you have followed this, and perhaps even voted, but for several weeks the Tuscaloos News has held a contest to see whom fans deem the greatest players Alabama has fielded...

UA Media Guide


Find the jersey numbers for your favorite incoming freshmen here. Some notables include: Michael Bowman (88), D.J. Fluker (76), Nico Johnson (35), Dre Kirkpatrick (21), A.J. McCarron (10), Tana Patrick (2), and Trent Richardson (3). RTR.

Big Bama Season Openers

30 has a pretty cool look back at some classic Bama games from the last few decades. I do wish they had bothered to mention that the comeback Flutie directed in the 1984 game only came after Bama QB Mike Shula suffered a game-ending injury...but whatevah.

MSU RB Anthony Dixon Arrested


Mississippi State star running back Anthony Dixon was apparently found driving under the influence with a couple of empty champagne bottles in his car. I'm not throwing any stones here, but it's pretty relevant news, just the same.


Football's Five Most Legendary Coaches

This article has been floating around for almost two weeks now, but since I haven't read anything about it here at RBR, I thought I might bring you this completely pointless yet vastly significant...


Tide Letter-men

Consider this a follow-up to the fanshot created a couple of days ago by Alabama ManDance...and the final piece of evidence for the case that I have way too much time on my hands and need serious...

Should The SEC Get A Break?


Here's a fairly interesting roundtable discussion about the hype surrounding SEC football and how deserved (or not?) it is. Here's hoping that Todd and the gang see fit to bump it to the top of the page and move that...curious...picture of the Spandau Ballet guy down the road. Either way, enjoy.

Top Moments of 2008-9


Gentry Estes offers up some food for thought (and a few enjoyable videos) on the biggest moments of the last academic year in Alabama sports. My own top moment: the 12-0 season that was made literally three times better by the 36-0 shutdown (both shutout and beatdown) of Auburn. Enjoy.

John Mitchell to enter ASHoF


The Birmingham News has a great story in today's paper about this, but I couldn't locate it on the interwebs. Still, I thought something should appear here about an underrated legend of Alabama football. Congratulations, Mr. Mitchell.

Oh No They Dih-in't!


Guitar Hero answers negatively to the decades-old query: If I leave here tomorrow, will you still remember me?


Cocky Tot

As you may be aware by now, UT's Lame Kitten likes to talk -- a lot.  He has already insulted Al Davis (easy move), Steve Spurrier (fun move), Urban Meyer (dumb move), and our own Coach Nick Saban...

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