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Huge Seahawks and Mariners fan. Twitter-er. Blogged about the Hawks in a former life, thinking about doing it again. Northwest sports are my thing. Twitter and stuff: @nandron

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Here's how I imagine Jim Harbaugh reacts to hugs.


Here's how I imagine Jim Harbaugh reacts to hugs.

LT Saffold to undergo MRI after weight room injury


Yikes. And the Rams' injury situation gets worse. Sorry guys. As a Seahawks fan, I know all about LT injury situations.


15 Things I Saw in Seattle's First Preseason Game

I didn't think this was allowed. (Photo credit: AP - Mark J. Terrill.) Here's what I saw in yesterday's game: The Seahawks take the field and played football. Halleh-fuckin’-lujah. My dreams of R...


Curious Seahawks fan is curious.

This free agency has been a wild ride, hasn't it? I'm pretty thrilled with what the Seahawks have done. Finally, our team has some talent after years and years of aging, post-prime players gasping...

The Onion pokes fun at Mariners - hilarious!


Guti was a good man. He went out very bravely.


A Down to Earth Look at the Seahawks Offensive Line

It’s been a while since I’ve written about football. Aside from a few comments and tweets here and there, the last six months of my life have been mostly void of football. I expected the void to be...

Okung full participant in Wed's practice


HALLELUJAH! Matt, too. Also: DT Cole, WR Tate & G Gibson (ankle), TE McCoy & LB Tatupu (knee), FB Robinson (hamstring), WR Stokley (calf) all DNP. Tatupu probably just resting. The rest aren't surprising.

Okung re-injures ankle in 2nd quarter


Sigh. At least we've got a bye week coming. EDIT: Pete Carroll says Okung did not re-injure his ankle, was merely sore

Seattle shopping Housh


SB telling me a link to a single tweet is invalid, here it is: Surprised it took this long, honestly.

Okung has High Ankle Sprain


Gotta love preseason games. *sigh* On the bright side he's young and likely (I guess?) heal quickly. But it doesn't change the fact that high ankle sprains are reoccurring injuries. Let's not rush Russell back. This year is pretty much meaningless.


Community Scout: Aug 7, 4pm practice

To say I'm soaked is an understatement. That was a soggy practice. Here are some of my notes: Bummer for Isaiah Stanback: he was carted off the field early in practice. He limped heavily and...

Golden Tate agrees to terms


The National Football Post is reporting the contract is for four years and $3.261 million, including $1.471 million guaranteed.

Seahawks Claim recently-cut Chargers safety Kevin Ellison


Apparently he was busted with 100+ vicodin pills in his car. Maybe he'll be able to clean up after being re-united with Coach Carroll. He was good enough to start 9 games for SD last season, plus one playoff game.

Justin Forsett Highlights from the 2009 season. I searched for this on the site first to see if...


Justin Forsett Highlights from the 2009 season. I searched for this on the site first to see if anyone had posted it previously, but I didn't find it. Apologies if this is a re-post, but watching it REALLY brightened my day.

Seahawks remain quite interested in Marshawn Lynch should Bills opt to deal him. Would make sense....


Seahawks remain quite interested in Marshawn Lynch should Bills opt to deal him. Would make sense. More upcoming on and NFLNetwork

via Jason La Canfora Twitter (10am PST, 6/14)

Leroy Hill rejoins Hawks; will participate in remaining off-season activities


The last bit about his contract is quite interesting. Looks like a suspension would in fact NOT make his contract voidable. Very interesting.

GoldenArmJimmy - hilarious twitter account


This guy is a riot. Pretty sure it's the same guy that authors the "LebronsElbow" account, also.


Pick the fate of our top 3 picks.

In the spirit of my love/hate/huh?! post, I thought I'd post another topic similar in thread, mostly just for fun.  If you had the chance to pick the fate of our first three draft picks (Okung,...


What'd you love/hate/huh!? about this year's draft?

Pretty simple. List what you loved about this year's draft, hated about this year's draft, and the one thing that made you go "huh!?". I'll start: Loved - The fact that none of our NFC West rivals...

Leroy Hill Arrested, Charged for Domestic Violence


Only days after being charged 12 months of probation for his marijuana incident. What a stand-up guy. So much for depth at linebacker. EDIT: Edited to reflect the fact that he's not yet been charged; the investigation is underway. EDIT 2: Hill has officially been charged. HT: SeahawkFanInNY

Sims signs tender


If I was a betting man, I'd say he's a Detroit Lion by the end of tomorrow.

Umpire Change - interesting implications


Not usually huge on ESPN articles, but this one very well outlined the implications of the newest NFL change: moving the defensive backfield umpire to the offensive backfield.

Hawks may extend offer sheet to Whitehurst


My thoughts: His logic regarding starts is idiocy. Seneca, through his many starts, proved he's incapable of winning games. I do agree with his compensation point, however. Ugh.


Thoughts on Kerney, Branch and Jones

EDIT: Kerney is not getting a roster bonus, and is due a little over $5 million this year. There's not much reason to cut him before March 5th.  There's only a few days left before the official...

Quite the list of RFAs this year


This year's likely uncapped year will cause many UFAs to become RFAs and the author opines that the 'poison pill' may be a popular tactic this offseason when trying to sign RFAs away from their home teams.


Who are your top 5 current Seahawks players of the future?

God knows why (most likely extreme boredom at work) led me to click on a blog post of this approximate title within a recent Google Alert I received by email. It was from the Bleacher Report. I...


Week 17 results (w/ draft order) spreadsheet

With most work done (at work), I drafted a spreadsheet of the week 17 results and likely draft order.  The wild card seedings aren't correct, so I believe that means if the Jets and Ravens win and...

Holmgren accepts position with Cleveland Browns


Good luck, Holmy. You've got the start of a darn good team.

Holmgren offered FO job at Cleveland


Tick, tock Seattle. If you want him, you'd better grab him. $8-10 mil a year is a ton of money!

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