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The Blue Jays have better reinforcements in 2014


Every team begins the season with a 25 man roster, but it takes more than 25 men to have a successful year.

Should Dustin Pedroia's bat be feared?


There was a time when a Dustin Pedroia at-bat was a scary proposition for opposing teams, but in 2014 that's no longer the case.

One more thing Mike Trout is the best at...


Yes, you know that Mike Trout is the best. Don't you want to know one more reason why?

What Happened to the Cleanup Man?


Players who hit fourth in the lineup are meant to be feared, but in 2014 they have been far from fearsome.

Casey Janssen Has Hitters Hacking


Casey Janssen has always been a crafty one, but in 2014 he's fooling hitters differently than he has in the past.

Gregg Zaun, The Blue Jays, and the "Fundamentals"


To hear Gregg Zaun spin it, it would appear that the Blue Jays are out to lunch when it comes to playing "fundamental baseball". With the team struggling it's an appealing narrative, but it's not a...

Are the Pirates built on a shaky foundation?


The Pirates have been on a tear lately, but there might a fundamental flaw in the way the team is built.

Melky Cabrera Is Who We Thought He Was


When Melky Cabrera was signed it was hard to know exactly what to expect given his PED use, but in 2014 he is proving to come as advertised.

Pedro Alvarez is getting nothing to hit


The reasons behind Pedro Alvarez's struggles in 2014 are somewhat unclear, but perhaps the way he's being pitched has something to do with it.

Anthony Gose Keeps Putting Himself in a Hole


Anthony Gose has hit better than expected in 2014, but he's doing it hitting from behind in the count.

Chris Young is at it again


In many ways Chris Young is an unremarkable pitcher, but in some ways he absolutely is.

Home Runs May Come To Haunt Blue Jays Rotation


The Blue Jays rotation has been far better in 2014 than 2013, but so far it has mainly come down to keeping the ball in the park.

Jays get Tanaka'd


The Blue Jays lost the opener at Yankee Stadium, running into some tough pitching.

The Miami Marlins' young guns look dangerous


Miami is a lot better than expected this season, and it's their young players that are doing the job.

Aaron Loup is Losing Control


Aaron Loup came into the 2014 season as a guy known for throwing strikes, this year it's been a different story.

Bats Continue to Hibernate, Jays Lose Again


Once again the Jays lineup was made to look feeble as the lost their second game in a row.

The biggest black holes in baseball


Every team in baseball has a hole or two in the lineup, but some holes are especially glaring.

The Blue Jays and the "Green Light"


Whether it is by accident or by design the Blue Jays are swinging at a lot more 3-0 pitches in 2014.

Are splitter specialists magical?


Pitchers who throw a lot of splitters look, walk, and talk like normal humans, but that doesn't mean they don't possess magical powers.

The Oakland A's have created a monster


Oakland is famous for its platoons and there is one in particular that is making a lot of noise.

J.A. Happ's New Toy


J.A. Happ is dialling up the heat this year with interesting results.

Blue Jays Pitchers Have Struggled in the Clutch


The Jays have generally gotten fairly good pitching in 2014, but the staff has allowed hits at the least opportune moments.

Shelby Miller is a lucky man


You know, beyond being a professional athlete.

Mark Buehrle and the Called Strikeout


Mark Buehrle is having a special season so far in 2014 and one of the reasons has been his ability to set down hitters looking.

Jays lose another awful game.


Watching this game was a fundamentally terrible experience.

Jon Niese: The Joey Votto of pitchers


There are very few ways in which Jon Niese can be considered elite, but one of them is drawing the walk.

The Suddenly Interesting Juan Francisco


When the Blue Jays signed Juan Francisco, it was thought to be a trivial roster depth move, but when pressed into action Francisco has turned heads.

Colby Rasmus Should Be Fine


Colby Rasmus is off to an ugly start in 2014, but it's almost a mirror image of last year's April.

Denard Span can't take the heat


The Nationals have a center fielder who is facing more hard stuff than anyone in the game so far this year, and the results aren't pretty.

Introducing the new Francisco Rodriguez


K-Rod is back, kind of....

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