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Jays lose another awful game.


Watching this game was a fundamentally terrible experience.

Jon Niese: The Joey Votto of pitchers


There are very few ways in which Jon Niese can be considered elite, but one of them is drawing the walk.

The Suddenly Interesting Juan Francisco


When the Blue Jays signed Juan Francisco, it was thought to be a trivial roster depth move, but when pressed into action Francisco has turned heads.

Colby Rasmus Should Be Fine


Colby Rasmus is off to an ugly start in 2014, but it's almost a mirror image of last year's April.

Denard Span can't take the heat


The Nationals have a center fielder who is facing more hard stuff than anyone in the game so far this year, and the results aren't pretty.

Introducing the new Francisco Rodriguez


K-Rod is back, kind of....

Is Brett Cecil's Curveball Still Improving?


Brett Cecil has yet to give up a run in 2014 and his filthy curveball has played a huge role.

Can the Jays Rotation Handle Left-Handed Batters?


The Jays starters are off to a good start in 2014, but do they have a fatal flaw?

The Zero K Club: Simmons and Navarro


Early into the 2014 season only two qualified batters have gone without a strikeout in a league where the K is more common than ever.

Are Brandon Morrow's Days as a Strikeout King Over


Brandon Morrow used to be a dominant strikeout pitcher, but his K rate hasn't been close to the league leaders in three years.

What does the essence of average look like?


We often reflect on the best seasons in baseball history, but what about the most average?

The Case of Colby Rasmus and the High Heat


It has been alleged that Mr. Rasmus cannot handle the high fastball, but does the evidence support that claim?

Looking back on the Miguel Cabrera experiment


With Prince Fielder making his way to Texas, the Tigers can end the Miguel Cabrera at third base experiment, but in retrospect how did it go?

2014 Team Preview: Baltimore Orioles


The Orioles are a good team, but they probably aren't good enough.

Brett Lawrie's Glove: Fool's Gold?


The idea that Brett Lawrie is an unbelievable fielder is rarely questioned by Jays fans, but perhaps it should be.

Steam Whistle Leaving The Rogers Centre


Last season the Rogers Centre offered a craft beer for the first time. This year, not so much.

How Much Have The Blue Jays Upgraded At Catcher?


The Blue Jays did very little to remodel their roster going into the 2014 season, but they did spring for a completely new catching tandem.

A slow year at the hot corner


There are many quality third baseman in the majors at the moment, but as a group they have lead feet on the bases.

Is the Drew Hutchison Optimism Justified?


Coming off some strong spring training performances Drew Hutchison is everybody's favorite rotation candidate, but is he worthy of that designation?

"MLB's Worst Tools" Awards: Hit Tool


Although making contact with the ball might seem to be a fundamental part of baseball, there are definitely those who struggle mightily to make it happen.

"MLB's Worst Tools" Awards: Power Edition


If chicks do indeed dig the long ball then this award winner might be a lonely guy.

Todd Redmond Shouldn't Be An Option


As a pitcher without options who fared admirably in 2013, Todd Redmond has a real chance to be Toronto's fifth starter. If he does get that chance, things could get ugly.

"MLB's Worst Tools" Awards: Speed Edition


Not being able to run is a surprisingly common trait among baseball players, but only one man truly runs like there is a gargantuan furnace strapped to his back

"MLB's Worst Tools" Awards: Fielding Edition


There are plenty of stone-handed or range-less fielders out there, but there can be only one winner.

Introducing the "MLB's Worst Tools" Awards


Scouts and those who analyze baseball closely spend a lot of time thinking about who has the best tools in the game, but whose tools are the worst?

Does Edwin Encarnacion Have Another Gear?


Edwin Encarnacion has already broken out to become an elite offensive force over the last two seasons. Is it possible he has a little bit more breaking out to do?

Pablo Sandoval and Josh Hamilton: Hackers who walk


Just because a player is a free swinger with almost laughably poor strike zone judgement it doesn't mean they can't take a walk from time to time.

Jose Reyes Will Not Be Cheated


If Jose Reyes is going to strikeout, not something he is in the habit of doing, he's going to go down swinging.

The Fog of Rajai Davis


The presence of Rajai Davis has made it very difficult to see the struggles the Blue Jays have had on the base paths in recent years.

Maicer Izturis and bouncing back from rock bottom


Having an off-year is not an uncommon phenomenon, but how do players respond after seasons where they are the worst player in the league?

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