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Patty Mills wants to stay in the NBA.


"Patrick Mills wants to stay in NBA and the chances the American guard will play in Roma next season are less. Now Lottomatica is interested in another player: Jeremy Pargo."-Sportando

Kevin Prichard may replace Donnie Walsh.


"A source tells Peter Vecsey of the New York Post that Knicks president Donnie Walsh "may possibly retire" within the week because of "health" and "a failure to land LeBron James". According to Vecsey, former Portland general manager Kevin Prichard may be Walsh's replacement, if Walsh does in fact retire." UPDATE: "I am not retiring. I did have an operation on my neck which was successful, and I am continuing to work the offseason to improve our team"- Walsh

Nuggets Exec Mark Warkentien Requests Permission To Speak To Blazers


"His future with the Nuggets uncertain, executive vice president of basketball operations Mark Warkentien has requested permission to speak to teams around the league about front-office positions, multiple NBA sources said. It is still possible the Nuggets will retain Warkentien, but he has requested to speak with the Trail Blazers, Clippers and Suns, the sources said. Warkentien works alongside Rex Chapman, the Nuggets' vice president of player personnel. Both men have contracts that expire at summer's end. The fact Warkentien is shopping for a job could indicate Chapman's position is safe with the Nuggets."- Denver Post -- Bumped To Front Page -- -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter

Turkoglu wants out of Toronto.


"When the circumstances turned against me, I lost my enthusiasm for this city. My lawyers have talked to the front office recently. Honestly, I do not want to go back to Toronto. My lawyers talked to Mr. Colangelo and I hope that they will come up with a solution soon."

"Put simply, this was as badly officiated a game as I’ve ever seen."


"Earlier this week, the NBA had to own up to a missed call at the end of the Utah-Oklahoma City game, but that seems like small potatoes now. The league might have to apologize for all 48 minutes of Dallas’s 83-77 win over Portland."-Hollinger

Andre Miller gets a honorable mention on Hollinger's All-Defensive team for the second year in a row.


"In the oldies but goodies category, Andre Miller (-3.50), Deron Williams (+1.18) and Raymond Felton (+2.07) continue to warrant mention as tough, no-nonsense guards who keep their man in front and follow the game plan. Miller is the most vulnerable of the three to penetration but also the best at playing off the ball and reading opponents' plays, helping explain yet another sterling on-court versus off-court differential."-Hollinger

Camby's first choice is to return to the Blazers.


"My top priority is to come back (to the Trail Blazers) if things work out the right way like we all want them to work out the rest of the season," Camby said. "This is my first choice. They really wanted me here, and they got me here. So hopefully things can work out."-nbafanhouse

Andre Miller makes Hollinger's top underrated players of the decade.


"Never quite good enough to be an All-Star, Miller was nonetheless one of the 10 best point guards of the past decade and probably will go down as the best alley-oop passer ever. Splitting his time among various mediocre teams, he never stayed long enough to generate the kind of appreciation that a Richard Hamilton gets in Detroit or a Derek Fisher gets in L.A., and that's hurt his renown, too."-Hollinger

Monty Williams drawing attention around the league.


"Portland assistant Monty Williams hasn't been hurting his head coaching candidacy lately. He's already on a few GM's short list."-Adrian Wojnarowski

Hollinger says Blake should be benched.


"Brandon Roy loves playing with Blake and McMillan has given Roy a lot of rope, but they need to look really hard at this. Blake is a backup. Period. If Blazers are going anywhere this year, and I'm not necessarily sure they are, it will be with either Miller or Bayless running point"-Hollinger

Andre Miller doesn't want to be traded.


"There is where I want to be. I'm comfortable. Everything's not going to be gravy when you get into a new situation. So I just take it in stride." "It's a business. I don't get caught up in pointing fingers. I'm here to play basketball. I came in here with a professional attitude, and that's how I want to keep it. If people want to point fingers at me, I could care less about that. I'll be all right.''

Beyond Bowie is done?


"...we're putting out a call. We're looking for a strong Blazer blog to join the TrueHoop Network. Could be one that's already out there, one that exists in your imagination, or some combination. Could be one run by one person or a whole team."-truehoop

Bayless clears the air.


"First, I want to clear up the fact that I am an angry guy who is arrogant. I have heard this so many times the last couple years in Portland and it is the farthest thing from me. Yeah I am in a tough situation at the moment, but I love life way too much to just be mad."-Bayless

Pendergraph is running at full speed and could be cleared to play by Christmas.


"It's nice, man," Pendergraph said. "I miss it. I miss it a lot. It feels good to actually finally be on the court and not spectating." Pendergraph began running Tuesday, and has been increasing his activity ever since."-Columbian

Bayless describes his situation on the team as "tough".


"Coach (Nate McMillan) kind of has his rotation, and I'm in and out of it," Bayless said. "I know what I can do. And just getting an opportunity — if I get the opportunity, I know I can help this team."

The Grizzlies have become the Bizzaro Jail-Blazers.


"There are going to be times when Rudy (Gay) is asking for the ball, Zach (Randolph) is asking for the ball and O.J. (Mayo) is asking for the ball. Who are you going to give it to? Are you going to give it to the guy who has been cussing you out the whole game or the guy who has been open and will help you win the game? That's what I mean by having command of this team."-Damon Stoudamire

Stephen Jackson is my favorite.


"I'm not a fan of Kobe. I'm not somebody who looks up to him, I'm a grown man, so when I go out there and play the game, I play the game."-Stephen Jackon

Doctors, not GM's, vetoed Blair draft.


Apparently team doctors have the power to prevent a General Manager from drafting a player. "More than 1 NBA exec. texted me curse tonight for team doctors refusal to draft DeJuan Blair with bad knees. Spur had 19 boards for Rockets"-Wojnarowski

Knicks want Rudy.


"The Knicks have made it pretty clear to Portland that any discussion involving Lee would have to start with Rudy Fernandez ($1.1M with team opt in 2010). So far, the Blazers have been reluctant to include Fernandez and, after signing Miller, are more likely to want to involve Steve Blake ($4.9M) and Travis Outlaw ($4M). This works for Lee because it's around the type of salary range he's looking for ($9M) and it works for the Knicks' 2010 plan because both contracts are expiring deals. Plus, while Outlaw gives scoring punch on the wing, Blake would give some needed depth in the backcourt. But, from what I understand, so far the Knicks are not interested if Fernandez is not in the deal. Lee is a valuable asset and the Knicks aren't interested in just giving him away for a pair of expiring deals."-Newsday

Top five shooting guards according to Hoopsworld.


1.) Kobe Bryant 2.) Dwane Wade 3.) Joe Johnson 4.) Manu Ginobili 5.) Ray Allen Honorable Mention: Vince Carter, Andre Iguodala, Kevin Martin, Ben Gordon, Richard Hamilton Strange. It feels like someone was left out. UPDATE: After receiving an ungodly amount of angry comments, Joel Brigham has issued a retraction. Disaster averted. "(Author's Note: Brandon Roy was originally left off this list because I was, for some reason, viewing him as a point guard. Were I doing this over, he'd absolutely be ranked #3, followed by Johnson and Ginobili, which would push Ray Allen to the top of the Honorable Mention category)."

Millsap never actually spoke with Pritchard or McMillan?


"From what we learned Saturday, though, Millsap never visited Portland, never spoke on the phone with GM Kevin Pritchard or coach Nate McMillan and didn't get a July 1 call, raising the question of just how interested Portland was in actually having him. Paul Millsap never managed to picture himself playing for the Trail Blazers, even acknowledging the obvious Saturday: 'Everything about Utah is a better situation for me and this ball club. I'm right where I want to be, back in Utah,"-Salt Lake Tribune

DeJuan Blair misses his first game.


"The Spurs also wanted to see how Blair's knees responded to his first summer league game, before he played a second." That's totally normal right?

Portland is no longer interested in facilitating a Boozer trade. (says agent)


"Oklahoma City, which also has ample cap space, doesn't want to help the Jazz by becoming part of a multi-team deal either."-Deseret News

Josh Childress meets with the Milwaukee Bucks.


"Childress, who has the versatility to play shooting guard as well, is certain to command a hefty salary. The most money the Bucks probably could give Childress is $5.8 million... In his first NBA season, Childress ranked third to only Emeka Okafor and Dwight Howard among rookies with double-doubles. Childress is also regarded as a top-notch defender."-Gery Woelfel

Andre Miller to Portland in a sign and trade?


"Ric Bucher: Heard both Hedo and Andre Miller in a sign-and-trade that would send Steve Blake, who played for EJordan in D.C., to Phi." "Ric Bucher: Some confusion over a previous tweet: Andre Miller to Por wd be sign+trade. They're hoping to sign Hedo straight up."

Jason Quick thinks the Blazers are looking at Gerald Wallace, Antonio McDyess, Andre Miller.


It's all speculation, but it's Interesting that he talks about them possibly getting McDyess or Wallace. Either of those guys would have made Dejuan Blair entirely redundant.

Kirk Hinrich is Portland's target.


"There's no question Pritchard also is trying to figure out a way to get maximum cap room this summer to use for a free agent or in a trade. The Magic's Hedo Turkoglu gets the most mention, but sources say Portland's real target is Bulls point guard Kirk Hinrich."-

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