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Blazers seek player to taker pressure off Roy.


"The Blazers' mental pursuit of Carter, Gerald Wallace and another small forward in their breed, whose name escapes me, was about taking pressure off Brandon Roy to carry the team offensively in the playoffs. They decided against tampering with chemistry. However, in light of how Roy was converged upon like bouncers in a bar fight, the new plan is recruit a free agent veteran (Hedo Turkoglu, specifically) or acquire one. Portland will be Lee's strongest suitor. Detroit, with cap room, has interest, too. Lee declined to say whether he'll be in the Rose City July 1 for a recruiting trip. "I haven't discussed it," Lee said."-New York Post

The Hawks are shopping Josh Smith. (Portland sort of mentioned)


Apparently the problem is that whoever takes Smith has to pay him a 6 million trade kicker. There aren't many teams willing to pay that in this economy so it limits his possible destinations. "You are going to see very few owners willing to do things like that anymore," one GM said. "I'm not saying he's impossible to trade. There are a few owners like Paul Allen, James Dolan, Mark Cuban and maybe Daniel Gilbert who would pay the money. But there aren't many."-espn

Portland listed as one of the teams "most attractive" to Rubio.


"Behind the scenes, efforts will be made to steer him the direction of the teams that appear to be most attractive, mainly Sacramento, Dallas, Indiana, Portland and New York, although not all those teams may have the assets or the interest level needed to get a deal done with Memphis. At this stage, Rubio appears unlikely to pull out of the draft."-draftexpress

Ricky Rubio's agent doesn't rule out Grizzlies


"Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace said Friday there was cordial talk -- and no threats -- when he met with the agent for Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio. "We had a productive and wide-ranging discussion. It was a good meeting," Wallace said from Los Angeles before he boarded a plane for Spain to watch the 18-year-old Rubio, who according to an Internet report might not want to play in Memphis."

Andre Miller wants to go to Miami.


"Point guard Andre Miller has interest in the Heat if the 76ers don't keep him, an associate said."-Miami Herald Of course he does. I guess Portland isn't exactly known for attracting free agents.


Minute Crunch Breakdown.

It looks like the Blazers are going to face minute issues again this year. (Thanks a lot Batum!) I used the top 20 Blazer units from 82-games to break down the amount of time the players spent at...


Combo Guards.

Tom Ziller came up with this simple formula that helps approximate how "pure" a point guard is. It does NOT have anything to do with quality. Sergio is not a better point guard than Chauncy...

This is what I like to hear.


"Kirk has been a starting point guard since he's been in the league and this year, he moved to the bench. I'm definitely sure he'd probably like to be back in that starting role and playing the way he's been playing in the past. So I don't know if (the lineup) has worked out that well. We still have a lot of guards that commanded a lot of minutes."-Ben Gordon

Encouraging words from


"As you're often told, and is nearly as often the truth, a 3-1 deficit isn't the end of the world, but it's awfully close. And while I love watching the Rockets play, and appreciate the team's work ethic, quite a bit has to go right for this team to win. So a few bad breaks, ducked in a row for three different spins, could allow Portland to pull back into things. If Travis Outlaw becomes Travis Outlaw again ... If Greg Oden can stay on the court (he still gets the shaft, overall, from the refs; but quite a few of those whistles were deserved) ... If Roy goes for over 40 again ... If LaMarcus Aldridge would ever earn a few more trips to the line ... It could happen."-Kelly Dwyer

Ron Artest is insane.


"I had a great first quarter and then I didn't play well the next three quarters. Yao (Ming) didn't play well the entire game."-Ron Artest

The Rockets are getting to work.


"The Rockets had a 90-minute film session followed by a two-hour practice on Thursday, undoubtedly working on better ways to control Roy, the NBA’s 10th leading scorer. At Thursday’s practice, Houston also worked on delivering the ball to leading scorer Yao Ming, who scored 24 in Game 1, then took only six shots and scored 11 in Game 2. Opponents had success late in the season putting a defender in front of Yao and sending a second defender in from behind to keep the ball away from him. The Blazers worked that strategy well with Aldridge, Joel Przybilla and Greg Oden on Tuesday, holding Yao to one shot in the fourth quarter. The Rockets say the necessary adjustment is simple. "When the first pass to Yao is not there, we can’t panic," said reserve guard Von Wafer, who scored 21 points in Game 2. "We’ve just got to move the ball and keep moving it. I don’t feel like they’re that good defensively. We have to exploit them."-Yahoo

Popovich loves us.


"[The Blazers] might be the deepest, most-talented team in the league. You look at some of those young players. I think that the Lakers fit together really well and they've got everything covered, and Phil's done a great job pulling them together. But when you look at six-seven-eight-nine-10 [in the rotation], Portland's got some hellacious depth. And like you said, Webster's not even on the court. Very athletic. Very long. Nate [McMillan] has done a great job with them. Defensively, they've gotten better and better as the year has gone on. They believe in themselves now. I think they're a monster."-Greg Popovich

Teams with home court advantage that have lost Game 1 have gone on to win the series 44.3% of the...


Teams with home court advantage that have lost Game 1 have gone on to win the series 44.3% of the time.


Shaq reportedly turned down the Blazers offer to be a role player.


"McMillan, who has alternately nurtured and prodded his young roster, acknowledges that he and Blazers general manager Kevin Pritchard looked until the trade deadline for a veteran who could help guide his teammates. One Western Conference executive said the Phoenix Suns talked to Portland while exploring trade options for Shaquille O’Neal, but that McMillan and Pritchard personally wanted assurances from O’Neal that he would be willing to play a role for the young Blazers. O’Neal declined, the source said, and the talks never progressed from there."-Johnny Ludden

Portland is Good.


"Portland is very, very good. This is a dangerous team that is improving on defense and completely and utterly underrated on offense. They absolutely took it to the Nuggets on Wednesday, and really made as strong a case as ever for a solid rank as the West's second-best team."-Kelly Dwyer

Marc Stein talks about McMillan for coach of the year.


"Portland's Nate McMillan, meanwhile, is making a more convincing late charge than even Blazermaniacs could have hoped for, with Friday's home victory over the Lakers making it eight straight home wins over L.A. The Blazers are suddenly a rousing 8-1 since an OT loss at home to Philadelphia on March 23, giving folks who actually like suspense in the playoffs some much-needed hope that there just might be one team in the West that can give the Lakers a series. So ... Van Gundy might still wind up as our COY choice when we wake up Thursday morning, but the way Orlando and Portland are finishing the season has forced us to put all the worthy names back on the board. What if the Blazers, in spite of all their inexperience, finish with a No. 3 seed out West? What would it do for George Karl's case if Denver holds off Portland. Or Rick Adelman's case in Houston if the Rockets can combine with the Nuggets and Blazers to keep San Antonio stuck down at No. 5?"-ESPN

Oden gets the short end of the stick from the refs.


"And we also have national TV evidence; finally, on just how badly Greg Oden has been scrumdiddlied by the refs this season. We all know that rookies get a raw deal, but this year it seems like this has been the case more often than in previous seasons, with Oden and Derrick Rose at the top of the heap. Still, Rose's issues come from the calls he doesn't get, so he can stay on the floor. Oden gets what Rose gets, on top of and calls going the other way. It's pretty ridiculous, and Wednesday was another example of such."-Kelly Dwyer

Webster unlikely to return by the end of the regular season.


"An important stage in Martell Webster’s recovery from a stress fracture in his left foot could come next week, when the player has his next meeting with his doctors on April 9. Webster had hoped to play by the end of the regular season, but that is looking increasingly unlikely. Webster has not been cleared to run yet, and has been limited to conditioning work in a therapy pool and on an elliptical machine. Webster is hopeful that he will be allowed to step up his activity after next week’s meeting, but he wasn’t certain on Tuesday whether that would happen." -COLUMBIAN

Luxury tax may force Wizards to trade their draft pick.

"The only downside is the salary of a top-five pick will add to the potential luxury tax bill for next season -- so it's possible they'll need to trade either the pick or Antawn Jamison to get under the tax threshold.- Hollinger" Interesting for the Blazers when you consider this article that was posted yesterday by Sports Illustrated. "Rubio has made it clear that he would like to enter the 2009 draft, according to sources close to the situation. The 18-year-old Rubio is draft-eligible because he will turn 19 before the end of 2009."-SI, March 18, 2009

Is Durant The Anti-Battier?


"...why is his +/- an abysmal -6.4 on one of the worst teams in the entire league? Can a player as obviously good as Durant be secretly bad? (If you’re wondering if any other team’s best player has a negative +/-, the answer is no, unless you count Derrick Rose.) The issue here is Durant’s defense–he makes the Thunder 2.7 points per 100 possessions better offensively, but Durant costs the Thunder a whopping 9.1 points per 100 possessions on defense. This is consistent with last year, when +/- found him to be the worst defender in the League."

Ben Wallace breaks leg.


It looks like every team in the league has an injury prone big man. Significant big man injuries the year. Andrew Bogut- *season ending Andrew Bynum- *season ending Al Jefferson- *season ending Elton Brand- *season ending Amare Stoudemire Marcus Camby Tyson Chandler Zydrunas Ilgauskas Chris Kaman Carlos Boozer Zack Randolph Eddy Curry Al Horford, Brad Miller Chris Anderson Andris Biedrins Drew Gooden Darko Milicic Jermain O’Neil Andray Blatche Kevin Garnett Ben Wallace Chris Bosh Greg Oden

Bayless is annoyingly cocky.


"Despite a strong game, Jerryd Bayless got annoyingly cocky tonight. When Paul was in, he spent his time flying through the lane attempting to draw blocking fouls, though he usually ended up with a charge since he wasn't even looking to shoot on half of his drives. He eventually finished with 19 points, but as he was taunting the Hornets, I just kept thinking, how can a guy like Bayless get so cocky for outrunning Antonio Daniels down the court? How impressed can you be with yourself when you are performing a guy 13 years your elder who's dog-tired from playing way more minutes than usual? Bayless' final point total on the hapless Daniels? 13. Way to go kid, you're a star."-At The Hive Sort of true.

Stop the presses! Luke Walton is available!


I guess the Lakers want another guard who can defend the quick small guards in the West. Imagine that. Good thing we already have Blake and Sergio locking fools down on the perimeter.

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