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More BrBa: When Mike met Gus


We know from Hank and Steve's interrogation that Mike was a cop in Philadelphia. As you may know, Gus did a little time in Philly back in the early 80s.


Chance Warmack: An Appreciation

Offensive linemen, for the most part, labor in obscurity. They're noticed mostly when they jump offisides or give up a sack. Barrett Jones is the most popular player on Alabama's offensive line. ...

Josh Chapman tore his ACL and meniscus against Florida


He played every game after UF other than Georgia Southern. He's had surgery and will be at the combine to bench and interview. Your move Lane Bearden.

LSU fullback on UA and AU linebackers


Here's an article that shouldn't be any surprise, but is still very satisfying to read.


SEC Coach of the year

Let me say I'm sorry in advance because this is Cam related and a large part of me wants to just be done with all that.  But... does anybody else wonder how Chizik didn't win coach of the year as...


Books on UA football and/or Coach Bryant

The post about the Texas Special (awesome story, BTW) got me thinking about the best books on Coach Bryant and Alabama football.  I'd put The Junction Boys right up there.  It's a great read.  So...


How did I miss this? (More Kiffin stuff)

Improving from the dismal 5-7 performance of last season is an obvious goal, but his statement on Wednesday, “Understand this class is far below the standards we have here and what will be here in...


I admit, I'm kind of a jerk for this

but I can't help but laugh at the post on Track 'Em Tigers entitled "The Beautiful Plains", an open letter to potential recruits.  I stumbled across this gem while checking out all the...


Two questions - on/off topic

No. 1 -- All year I heard Alabama's success attributed to one, having a senior/experienced quarterback and two, having an offensive line that was not only talented, but had logged several games...


2000 Alabama = 2008 Tennessee (long, pointless)

I thought of this in the shower this morning.  That probably means I'm thinking about football too much, but what can you do?  It's that time of year.  And the similarities are almost scary. BOTH...


My favorite win this year.

Better than Clemsom.  Better than UGa.  Better than UT.  There was no way that was going to be easy.  But we had the guts to pull it out.  Rashad and Julio, God bless you both.  I've been...


I know how the UT fans feel

All week, I heard and read about how UT was going to upset Alabama.  These predictions, it seems, came entirely from UT fans (e.g. Clay Travis, 3rd Sat. in Blogtober, etc., my UT friends, random...


New member

I've read this blog for a few months now and really enjoy it.  Like me, you all have way too much of your self worth and outlook on the world tied to how Alabama does on Saturdays.  But, you also...

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