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Winslow Traded for Undisclosed Draft Picks


This is a breaking story and there isn't much information. Adam Schefter is saying Winslow has been traded to the Buccaneers for draft picks. Early speculation is a 2 and 5 or 3 and 6. Obviously, this post will be updated as news breaks. If any of you have updates, please provide them in the comments. UPDATED: Quote from NFL.com story from George Kokinis: "The Cleveland Browns thank Kellen for his contributions to this organization over the past five years," Browns general manager George Kokinis said in a statement. "We appreciate his passion for the game and wish him success in Tampa Bay. The draft picks we have obtained through this deal will give us greater flexibility as we look to infuse more talent and create competition and depth on this football team."


Alex Rodriguez Steroids Press Conference

Alex Rodriguez was young and stupid.  He was young, naive, unintelligent.  Ultimately, he's to blame.  He didn't have anything to do with the team, the trainers or other players.  He came up with...

THT: The Injury Zone


Josh Kalk has a fascinating article about pitcher injuries that involves a neural network. I've read it twice and still have the inkling I haven't understood the whole thing. He also mentions CC's injury risk, according to this system, is low for the coming season.

MLB.TV and ESPN Insider


ESPN has announced a bundle with MLB.tv for both the MLB.tv premium package and their Insider service. As someone who currently pays for Insider, this is appealing. It appears that the full package will be $130/yearly and MLB.tv premium stand-alone is $110/yearly. Not sure if the $20 dollar difference is worth it if you don't already pay for Insider, but YOU be the JUDGE.

More on Rodiguez and Steroids


An interesting Slate article on the many ways in which this positive test is indicative of long-term use and evasion as opposed to a one-time mistake, which is inevitably how he'll try and portray this whenever he acknowledges reality.

Caribbean Series Starts Today


It's the annual Caribbean Series, available for the first time on MLB Network starting today at 5PM EDT. The only Indian is Buzachero, the pitcher. He's playing for the Puerto Rican squad which is managed by Eduardo Perez and also has the Ferd on it. So they are my choice to win, even though the Dominican team looks stacked and known major leaguer Adrian Gonzalez is playing for Mexico. Should be a fun one to watch, since it's Groundhog Day and all.

2002 All-Star Team Available in Free Agency


I was going to write a comment in response to APV in that other thread. Then, I went looking for a list of remaining free agents and found this article. So my question is this: Is the usual resolution to a sluggish free agent market that a lot of players sign one-year, incentive-laden deals (like Garland just did) and then hope for better times? If so, isn't there a good argument to be made for the Indians capitalizing on this rare occurrence and try to get another outfielder and a starting pitcher for cheap? Does anyone think this has a chance of happening?

Adam Dunn wants 4 years, 54 million......and YOUR SOUL


Nice little article about where Dunn might land. Some are saying the TOP of his market is 5 mil per year while he thinks he deserves 14 mil and he might be demanding to play the outfield. This guy is sort of a big, dopey looking drama queen, hm?

Sunday Night Baseball Will Suck


Remember that church function you've always avoided. Might want to give that a second, third or tenth chance.

Indians in the WBC


Here's the full list, via Castro, who really should have just posted this on LGT.

Bill James Murders the BCS in its Sleep


This is fun to read. I wish Bill James would boycott more things that I hate.

Best Browns Coverage


Tis the season for a little cross-promotion. Please stop by Dawgs by Nature for all the latest on the Browns search for a new president, general manager, head coach and soul.

Our old friend Coco Crisp traded to the Royals


Coco Crisp has been traded to the Royals for Ramon Ramirez.

BREAKING NEWS: Brady Quinn to Start against Broncos this Thursday (UPDATED AND CONFIRMED)


UPDATE: That was quick. The Plain Dealer has it from a "Browns spokesman." The link now points there. My thoughts are inside, as I'm sure Chris' will be soon. Yours are welcome as well.

BREAKING NEWS: Winslow Suspended for Jaguars Game


Winslow's been suspended for a game for conduct detrimental after his Sunday night comments. Honestly, my first reaction is shock. The Browns finally stood up to some foolishness by one of their best players. Knowing Kellen's temperament, I wouldn't be surprised by anything for the rest of the year, including him holding himself out in protest. Who knows.


Game Thread: NLCS Game Three

Anybody around for a NL Game Three thread? I'm working and don't want to.focus on it. As a bonus, we can also discuss the Patriots/Chargers game, if that's more your speed. Or Extreme Makeover:...

Indians "Likely Would Have Won Central Divsion if they had Resisted Urge to Dump Sabathia"


This links to a new ESPN feature of one-minute blurbs of opinion. In the 10/7 edition, Dan Davis rips the Indians front office for not re-signing CC to a long-term contract and for giving up on him mid-season. It's almost as if our best two hitters and second best pitcher never missed time this year.

Ryan Fitzpatrick to Start for Bengals


Apparently, Palmer's elbow injury will hold him out of today's game. Certainly, you have to like the Browns chances a lot better now.

Jim Brown Seems to think Quinn's the Starter (UPDATE: What Jim Brown Thinks Doesn't Matter, Anderson named Starter.)


From a football radio show I've never heard of. Basically, he says that the front office was meeting about the issue all day on Tuesday and came to the same conclusion, which he seems to imply is to start Quinn. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. UPDATE: Crennel announced before practice today that Anderson will start in Cincinnati. Interesting that this seems directly contrary to the wishes of, to hear Jim Brown characterize it, everybody.

Friction between Savage and Coaches?


Interesting rumor from PFT today regarding the Browns. I expect these are the sort of grumblings that anyone would expect to hear after a 0-2 start at home. What's most interesting to me is that the source characterizes the unrest as mostly on the defensive side of the ball. Tucker's been the D-Coordinator for two games, is it him grumbling or is there a grumpy assistant coach? Regardless, the stakes keep rising for this game in Baltimore on Sunday.

BREAKING NEWS: Sean Jones out for several weeks


Jones will be having arthroscopic knee surgery and miss several weeks. This is a huge blow to the secondary and really concerns me. I doubt we'll be able to effectively cover a slot receiver or tight end until Jones and Pool are both healthy. At this point, that may be next year.


The Browns are Offensive

In the wake of the Browns opening day loss to the Cowboys, most of the reaction has centered on the abysmal performance of the defense.  Indeed, the defense deserves as much criticism as they've...

Closing the Book: Hubbard joins Practice Squad, Allen Patrick Too


Chris was right, the Browns snuck Paul Hubbard onto their practice squad. Nice work Phil Savage. They also swapped Omar Cuff (never heard of him!) for Allen Patrick (hey, didn't he go to Oklahoma, just like Adrian Peterson?) So obviously, Allen Patrick will be our leading rusher in 2010.

Browns Claim Eagles Guard Scott Young


The National Football Post is reporting that the Browns have claimed G Scott Young. He's a fourth year player out of BYU, 6'4", 315. SBN Sister Site, Bleeding Green Nation, had this to say about his release: "Surprised to see Scott Young lose his job since he did have a strong preseason."

Joe Horn Volunteers to be Cleveland's Third Receiver


Joe Horn is volunteering his services. He wants to be our third receiver. I think it's a great idea with little downside, other than cutting Steve Sanders. Think if Jurevicius returns in October our lineup would be: Edwards Stallworth Horn Jurevicius Pretty impressive.

Nate Silver discusses Politics and Baseball


Nate Silver, most recently of 538.com, and always of baseballprospectus.com, appears on a radio show in NYC and answers a bunch of questions. I found it interesting.

Eric Parker to be released or traded


I could see us sending over a sixth or seventh round pick in 09 or 2010 in exchange for Parker. As I recall, we'd discussed this previously here.

Tropical Storm Fausto


This should probably be a FanPost, right? I just thought this was funny. Anyone on the board ever been through a hurricane? Any fun weather stories?

This better not be any of you!!!


Sometimes it's embarrassing to be a Clevelander.

Quick Update: We're in Last Place


Just wanted to keep everyone up-to-date with the standings. We're in last place. In the AL Central. I guess what I'm wondering is; what do we think caused this? Was it one thing, something that could have been avoided? Was it a tasty melange of failure? I go back and look at the offseason. Obviously, it's hindsight and it's easy to say now we should have added Quentin or something. But read this excerpt from Jay's chillingly prescient "Why We'll Lose" piece: "Lack of quality depth. I'm serious. On our 40-man roster, we've got nine warm bodies for four corner spots -- Garko, Gutierrez, Dellucci, Michaels, Blake, Marte, Choo, Francisco, Aubrey and Snyder -- but only one of them (Garko of course) is a really solid bet to post above-average production in 2008. In the bullpen, we started 2007 with at least four rookies waiting in Buffalo -- Perez, Mujica, Lara and Slocum -- young, talented, live-armed dudes who'd already gotten their feet wet in 2006. We don't have the same caliber of reinforcements to start 2008. It's basically Elarton, Mastny and a diminished Mujica." Weigh in everyone. What principal factor has led to our last place at the end of June-itude? Or a mixture maybe.

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