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Before I decided to become a full-time teacher and counselor, my career was in play-by-play broadcasting, which included serving as a radio voice for A's Spring Training games (1987-91) and A's minor leagues games in Medford (1991-94).

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Game #129: A's Lay Another Egg On National TV, 9-4


To Whom It May Concern, I am authorized to represent the A's fan "Nico" in this matter. It was represented to my client that the period of time "on or about 5:00pm" to "on or about 8:00pm" would...

Game Thread #129: A's vs. Angels (2)


A complete and utter suckfest so far. Nothing more to say. 5-0 Angels after 3 innings.

Game Thread #129: A's vs. Angels


...For the sweep! The bad news is the A's managed to put themselves in a position where they need a sweep this weekend in order to travel come out of the first OAK-LAA showdown in first place. The...

No More "Long View": 34 Game Season Begins Tonight


Usually fans are too impatient, wanting managers to treat every game like the 7th game of the World Series. Yet managers understand that some random middle game of a series in May isn't actually...

Billy Beane Stays/Strays From The GM We Know


The A's operate within certain basic philosophies of wheeling and dealing and this time around I think Beane continued to follow some of them while breaking from others. My take on where he stayed...

The emerging reality about Lester and Cespedes


Acquiring a starting pitcher and trading away a cleanup hitter is a weird thing. They each have value, but their value comes in SUCH different contexts that it is not like comparing apples to...

Game #120: Vargas Spins 3-hit Shutout On 97 Pitches


This recap is already more interesting than the game it describes. Keep reading and it's not even close ...Will he use a comma or go with the signature "double dash"???? Many short paragraphs or...

Game Thread #120: A's at Kansas City (2)


A rally thread is needed. A rally thread is here. 3-0 Royals after 5 innings...

Game Thread #120: A's at Kansas City


Two exciting teams fighting for best -- or at least a -- position in the post-season. The next best thing to October baseball is September baseball, and the next best thing to September baseball is...

Game #117: Lovable Former A's Rise Up In 8th To Beat Oakland


There are some former A's it's hard not to like, even when they are occasionally beating you. One of them is Kurt Suzuki, a true "heart and soul member" of the team for years over two stints, and...

Game Thread #117: A's vs. Minnesota (2)


1-1 after 4 innings with both pitchers in more and more command as the game wears on...

Game Thread #117: A's vs. Minnesota


The A's came within an eyelash of opening up a 5-game lead in the AL West, with the Angels needing runs in the 14th and 19th, and 3 innings from starting pitcher Matt Shoemaker, to stay 4 games...

Huge, But Potentially Pyrrhic, Win For The Angels


Congratulations to the Angels, who are now 1-1 in recent 19 inning games. On April 29th, 2013, Brandon Moss' 2-run HR in the bottom of the 19th finally ended a marathon affair. Last night, after...

The Quandary Of Hitting Into, Away From, The Shift


Three infielders to the right of 2B, one playing the familiar "short RF rover" known to softball beer leagues from coast to coast. The fourth infielder is closer to 2B than he is to 3B, with 70...

Why The Wild Card Game Should Be A Two-Game Series


Wha'? A two-game series? Erm...don't know how to tell you this, Nico, is an even number. I know. And the wild card game should, for many reasons at once, be a two-game series. Here's...

Game #111: Finally, Leaving The Bases Loaded Pays Off! A's Walk Off 3-2 in 10


It turns out there's one time it's good to leave the bases loaded: When you walk off with a win. Frustrated all night long after leaving the bases loaded and coming up empty in the 1st inning,...

Game Thread #111: A's vs. Rays (4)


Extra heart-attacko baseball. 2-2 going to the 10th with 1st place at stake. The A's have set a season high with 15 LOB.

Game Thread #111: A's vs. Rays (3)


Once again, the A's claw back to tie it. This time 2-2 with Shark going out to start the 7th...

Game Thread #111: A's vs. Rays (2)


If it weren't for Josh Reddick the A's might never score, but he's on the A's...and he just scored, on Jed Lowrie's 2-out double to tie the game 1-1 after 3 innings.

Game Thread #111: A's vs. Rays


Here's a crazy thought ... How about the A's win the first game of a series? LOCO, I KNOW!!! But mayhap they would give it a whirl? Because my blood pressure is exactly "quite a bit over not much"...

Decompression: What Beane Maybe Should Have Done


What would the A's look like if Billy Beane had made a different set of deals in July?

Lester-Cespedes Trade: The Long And Short Of It


To me -- and I know fans' views on this differ a ton -- the mark of the best General Managing is the ability to keep the organization potentially strong now and strong later, to be able to take the...

Oakland's 2 Avenues To Winning The AL West


With a two-game lead in the AL West and 58 games left, I believe the A's sit right now with two clear avenues to winning the division. That's better than one avenue and much better than zero...

Game #104: Bat-Aroundy Offense Supports Kazmir


In the top of the 2nd inning, the A's batted around. For the 22nd time this season. That means on average, Oakland bats around about once every 5 games. That'll do, pig. That'll do.

Game Thread #104: A's at Texas (2)


Kazmir gets a big strikeout to end the 3rd and strand runners at 2B and 3B, keeping the A's uncomfortably ahead 5-2...

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