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Before I decided to become a full-time teacher and counselor, my career was in play-by-play broadcasting, which included serving as a radio voice for A's Spring Training games (1987-91) and A's minor leagues games in Medford (1991-94).

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Game Thread #71: A's vs. Rangers (2)


It's like Deja Yu! 4-1 A's after 4 innings...

Game Thread #71: A's vs. Rangers


In the season series so far, the home team is 0-7, but tonight the A's have their secret weapon: Yu Darvish. One the very best pitchers in the American League, Darvish has been owned by the A's in...

Eyeball Scout To Milone: Throw Fastballs Tonight


Tommy Milone's recent starts against the Rangers have varied in quality, but overall the A's lefty has not had great success. I believe the success the Rangers have had is from a very specific...

"Dynomite!" JJ Might Have Gone Boom For Last Time


It has been more painful to watch than Jimmie Walker's fall from stardom. I'm talking, of course, about the slow, steady, and excruciating journey that Jim Johnson has taken from closer to failed...

Meet Josh "NMG" Donaldson


The thing you have to know about Josh Donaldson is that there is no middle ground. Donaldson made the rather Herculean leap from "gawdawful big leaguer" to "stellar big leaguer" in less than three...

The Trade Deadline SHOULD Be Fast Approaching


One of my (many) pet peeves revolves around the trading deadline being July 31st. I write this today because if the trade deadline were, as I believe it should be, June 30th then talks would really...

Game #67: Well That Was A Dreadful Experience


Oh you want specifics? OK: David Phelps impersonated Cy Young, Sonny Gray took 2 innings to remember how to pitch, and Jeff Francis pitched like, well, Jeff Francis, as the Yankees won 7-0 in a...

Game Thread #67: A's vs. Yankees (3)


RALLY THREAD!!!! First the A's got a base runner ... Then the A's got a hit ... Now can the A's get ... RUNZ?????? 3-0 Yankees going to the bottom of the 6th.

Game Thread #67: A's vs. Yankees (2)


So far this game has just been irritating. The Yankees have all the hits and runs and it is making me extremely sad. 3-0 Not Us going to the 4th.

Game Thread #67: A's vs. Yankees


And a happy Friday the 13th to you! With a day-and-a-half at home to rest, relax, and rejuvenate, the A's hope to shed some hitting slumps as they open a 3-game series, and 10-game homestand,...

Only The Calendar Can Save The A's Right Now


It must be frustrating to be Bob Melvin right now, because his team looks both physically and mentally tired and there is nothing he can do to help. At a time when the A's desperately needed a day...

A Process That Is Not Appealing


So today suspension(s) will be handed down in the case of Manny Machado vs. The Reality The Rest Of Us Are Experiencing. And then will come a circus known as the appeals process.

Some Quick Clarification Around Language/Images


We have a lot of relatively new readers and commenters finding AN these days, which means it behooves us to clarify policies now and again. I want to address an issue, and explain the reasoning,...

Game #62: Unusual & Usual Suspects Let A's Down


For some of the guys who have gotten the A's to 38 wins -- for example Sonny Gray and Josh Donaldson -- it just wasn't really their night. And for some of the guys who have gotten the A's to, now,...

Game Thread #62: A's at O's (3)


'Tis not going so well these days, with the Orioles leading 6-1 after 6 innings. But ... it ain't over yet!

Game Thread #62: A's at O's (2)


1-1 after 3 innings as the teams have traded solo HRs from Adam Jones and Covelli Crisp.

Game Thread #62: A's at O's


You know how when you get a new toy you just want to play with it all the time? This morning I finally learned how to use what AN is calling "the sarcasm font" and now I just want to use it...

Game #55: A's slam, rain their way to 9-5 win


It never hurts when, four batters into the 1st inning, you have a 4-0 lead. It was that kind of a night for Garrett Richards, who came in with a 4-1 record and 3.00 ERA but couldn't get out of the...

Game Thread #55: A's vs. Angels (3)


The moral of the story today is: Never stop adding on! It's 9-5 A's but there's still a lot of baseball left...Going to the bottom of the 6th...

Game Thread #55: A's vs. Angels (2)


I think it's fair to say that things are going well. Moss has a grand slam, Richards is out after 2/3 of an inning, and the A's lead 6-0 after 2 innings. Let the good times roll.

Game Thread #55: A's vs. Angels


With the A's jumping out of the gate fast, winning 11 of 12 at one point, and the Texas Rangers piling up injuries faster than a speeding train wreck, this was supposed to be the year Oakland...

Diary Of A Wimpy Adult: My You're-A-Peein' Trip


So as most of you know, I am winding down a 2-week trip with my mom through Amsterdam, Geneva, and Italy, in celebration of my mom's 80th birthday. This being a baseball site, there will be few...

Is it time to shift our worry to another rival?


Injuries are a huge part of the game these days, to where division races almost seem to be wars of attrition alone. The Texas Rangers, highly competitive on paper, now have a better rotation on the...

Many interesting options for 5/7 doubleheader


Here's the forecast for Wednesday, Clay, and I think you can count on this one: Lots of baseball. Due to the April 4th game that was canceled on account of "too perfect game time weather," the A's...

How replay SHOULD work, and why


If you read Athletics Nation, you probably know that I'm not a fan of instant replay in baseball. However, replay is here and likely here to stay and so today I will make the case for how it should...

Game #30: Milone Serves Up Grand Slam Breakfast


If we had known how utterly dominant Jon Lester was going to be -- 8 shutout innings, 1 hit, and a career high 15 Ks -- we would have figured the Red Sox could make do with any one of the 3 booming...

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