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Before I decided to become a full-time teacher and counselor, my career was in play-by-play broadcasting, which included serving as a radio voice for A's Spring Training games (1987-91) and A's minor leagues games in Medford (1991-94).

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Game Thread: A's vs. Brett Anderson & The Rockies


Brett Anderson makes his first ever start against the Oakland A's today. Billy Burns could probably sustain a lifetime batting average of 1.000 (all bunts) against the former A's lefty, who has yet...

March 31st Prediction: Vogt Odd Man Out


If you're going to make a major league roster out of spring training, you shouldn't do something careless like have options left. As spring training unfolds it appears more and more likely that Stephen Vogt will become a victim of his versatility.

The Face Of Corruption


So it appears we have two possibilities to choose from. Either Eric Sogard is truly hated in Southeast Asia or MLB manipulated the vote to make sure Wright was anointed "The Face of Baseball" by getting a sudden last-hour surge of votes overseas...

Open Thread: A's-Rangers!


For your game-threading pleasure. It's 0-0 in the bottom of the 1st. Kooooouzmanoff has already K'd to leave runners at 2nd and 3rd, and Billy Buuuuuurs has already beaten out a chopper to 2nd!

Get Ready To Usher In A New Season


In case you missed it, Baseball America released its Top 100 list and Addison Russell checks in at #14. What's interesting is that if you just read the blurbs for Russell and for the prospects above Russell, you might think he was more like #5 or #6.

The Changing Landscape Of Professional Sports


Is the NFL ready for Michael Sam? That's an irrelevant question because they're going to have to be. The notion that change happens when society is ready overlooks the important truth that it is protest and pioneers that change timelines.

A's Bullpen Gets Potentially More Savery


The Oakland A's have added left-hander Joe Savery to the bullpen mix, claiming Savery off of waivers from the Philadelphia Phillies. The article announcing the waiver claim suggests Savery has a good chance to make the team out of spring training.

Tooth, The Whole Tooth, And Nothing But The Tooth


This week's cartoon is chosen to celebrate my semi-annual teeth-cleaning coming up on Wednesday: The appointment is at 10:10am, though, and frankly I'm a firm believer that dental appointments...

Sports Business Lessons From A's FanFest


At FanFest a week ago I had the pleasure of meeting Rich Campbell, a professor in Marketing at Sonoma State University who has a passion for the A's and for the business side of baseball.

Jim Johnson To Nico: "That's A Bad Question!"


Granted he laughed as he said it, but it's still kind of cool to have a professional athlete start his answer to your question with, "That's a bad question!"

Nico's Take: A's, Not Cespy, Will Foil Extension


So Yoenis Cespedes volunteered that he "didn't know if he was next in line for an extension" but "he would like to play his entire career in Oakland, the team that gave him an opportunity"...

Forst Impressions From FanFest


What's "BlogFest" you ask? It's sort of "FanFest within a FanFest". This year bloggers chatted, in a suite overlooking the field, with David Forst, Bob Melvin, Jim Johnson and Sonny Gray. Today we hear from Forst, and if at Forst we don't succeed...

Nostalgia, 1992: The Day I Went 1-1 On The Mound


Southern Oregon A's, 1992: One day, pitching coach Rick Rodriguez got the idea that the pitchers should get a chance to hit and decided he would put together a 4 inning game of pitchers vs. relief pitchers. I offered to pitch against both teams...

The Post Before The Post - Happy Super Bowl Sunday


UPDATE, 12:06pm PST: The Associated Press is reporting that actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has been found dead at the age of 46. The Oscar award-winning actor is known, by A's fans, for playing...

All The World's A Stage I'm Going Through


Now a paragraph that comes completely out of left field...Assuming he stays healthy throughout spring training, Yoenis Cespedes figures to finally break an A's streak of having a different LFer start on Opening Day every year since 2000...

The "Every Game In April Matters Too" Dilemma


It's hard, as a fan, to watch your team's manager do anything but give his team the very best chance to win. Yet managers know that the 162 game season is a marathon and not a sprint.

Arbitrator Suspends Alex Rodriguez For 162 Games


The arbitrator's ruling means A-Rod got to finish out the 2013 season, MLB gets rid of him for the entirety of 2014, and the Yankees get out of paying the $25M Rodriguez would have been owed this season.

Everything I Know, I Learned From The DMV


all around them, the A's division rivals are banking on the wisdom of long contracts to help them pass each other, and the 2012-13 reigning AL West champion A's, in the standings.

Who Are You Gonna Believe: Me Or Your Lion Eyes?


Can I just take this opportunity to recommend that every A's fan make it down to spring training? The atmosphere is jovial, relaxed, hopeful, industrious, and natural, all at the same time.

Blogfather Bullish On Billy Burns


Why am I high on Billy Burns? Perhaps it's because I don't live in Colorado so I can't legally be high on something else. Or maybe I see Burns as having the right combination of skills to be a great pickup by my other favorite "Billy B" character.

Myrrh-y Christmas, Everyone!


Don't worry, non-Christians -- I am also here to wish readers a happy Chanukah (your spelling may vary), Kwanzaa (easily my favorite airline), atheist celebration of the Big Bang (which might...

Brighter Shades Of Gray?


You know you may have a bright future when you are suddenly being compared to a really talented adverb like Cliff Lee...

Rangers Hop Aboard The Choo-Choo Train For 7 Years


If you like a .423 OBP, you probably enjoyed Shin-Soo Choo's 2013 season with the Cincinnati Reds. The Texas Rangers hope they are headed on the right track in signing Choo to a 7 year, $130M deal.

AN Exclusive: Interview With Ken Korach, Part III


In Part III, Ken Korach recalls a day that truly rocked the entire Bay Area and beyond: On October 18th, 2005, Bill died unexpectedly from complications during a hip operation.

Is It The Year Of The "10-out Save"?


Trying to get slam-the-door results from 3-4 different relievers is risky business. It's why teams generally try to get their starting pitchers through 7 IP if they can, hopefully leaving a lead for their two most dominant relievers to secure.



Today I make the case for signing Jeff Baker to complete the projected 25-man roster. Not the easiest sell anymore, considering that the roster is pretty full and that signing Baker means committing more money to the roster...

AN Exclusive: Interview With Ken Korach, Part II


Part I of my interview with Ken Korach appeared on AN last week. In Part II, Ken dives into his experience joining Bill in the broadcast booth and his inside perspective on their relationship, including Bill's quirks, and even his insecurities...

A Staunch Refusal To Pay For Past Performance


Here's where Billy Beane has been, and continues to be, so disciplined: The A's simply will not pay for past performance. They will pay only for predicted future performance. Never has this been more evident than this off-season.

AN Exclusive: Interview With Ken Korach, Part I


Ken is promoting his recently released book, "Holy Toledo..." and in this interview Ken talks about the process of writing the book, his relationship with Bill, and the impact Bill had on his life as well as on the lives of so many in the Bay Area.



In a bold move typical of the unpredictability of Billy Beane, the A's stayed exactly the same in a 3-team non-trade involving the Kansas City Royals and Pittsburgh Pirates. According to an...

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