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Before I decided to become a full-time teacher and counselor, my career was in play-by-play broadcasting, which included serving as a radio voice for A's Spring Training games (1987-91) and A's minor leagues games in Medford (1991-94).

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Game #6: Early Bumbles, Late Rumbles; A's Take Set


Final Score: A's 6, Mariners 3 Before the game on this Little League Day, one local little league team was allowed to have a player stand next to each of the A's starters for the National Anthem....

Game Thread #6: A's vs. Mariners (3)


The tables they have turned. Suddenly 5-3 A's. Have you noticed how many bizarre plays Abraham Almonte finds himself in the middle of which? Notice how I did NOT end that sentence with a...

Game Thread #6: A's vs. Mariners (2)


On the down side, Seattle leads 3-0 after 2.5 innings. On the plus side...I got nothin'. RALLY THREAD!!!!!

Game Thread #6: A's vs. Mariners


Everyone in the AL West is 2 games behind Seattle. Well except for Seattle, of course. They're not 2 games behind themselves so let's not get ahead of ourselves. Oakland will try to cut that...

Memo To A's: You Need To Bend Your Rainout Policy


I get it. You have 81 home dates and you can't just throw away gate revenues left and right in the name of good P.R. That's why when games are postponed or canceled, the policies aren't the most...

Game Thread #4: A's vs. Mariners (2)


Through 4 innings, the A's have 2 errors and no hits. Surprisingly, they are not winning. 1-0 Seattle going to the 5th...

Whine & Boos With Jim Johnson


The main point of this post is my "eyeball report" on Johnson. I don't think the big issue for him is going to be infield defense -- what concerns me about Johnson is that I see a pitcher with a...

Nico's Advice To Surviving A Season


When you love your team beyond belief and all reason, it can be challenging to maintain a sense of perspective and sanity. Here are 5 key principles that may help you get through the next 6, and...

A's 25-Man Roster Takes Shape


As Joe Stiglich and others tweet, the A's have made a flurry of moves to solidify the 25-man roster for Monday's season opener (weather permitting). Michael Taylor's DFA comes as no surprise, as...

Nico Throws Curve Balls At Jesse Chavez


Only in the sense that I try to avoid asking players the same questions they always get asked. However, as hard as it is for opposing batters to handle Jesse Chavez curve balls, the A's RHP handled...

Titles: Meet Our New Managing Editor


I'm here today to talk to you about titles. Eventually we will talk about titles as pertains to AN but first let me talk about book titles. A favorite question in the Verbal Reading sections of...

Nico's Spring Training Eyeball Report, Part II


Watching Burns bat RH, the difference is noticeable. Where from the left side he fouls off pitches he could hit and has a "reach and slap approach, from the right side, his swing is more fluid and...

AN Exclusive: Nico Catches Up To Billy Burns


"Oh it was brutal. See what happened was I hit in short season right-handed and after short-season the Nationals approached me and said, "Would you be willing to try switch-hitting?" I said, "Of...

Nico's Spring Training Eyeball Report


I had a chance to see the A's commit more errors than they got hits against the Giants last night at Scottsdale, and just got back from Oakland's see-saw 6-5 win over the Mariners, with two games...

Till Depth Do Us Part


It's no secret that the A's are built for depth. That doesn't mean it's "no biggie" when 40% of the starting rotation goes on the DL or that the loss for the season, of your projected Opening Day...

The Wisdom And Folly Of Playing Hurt


Some athletes will laugh and tell you, "If I didn't play hurt, I wouldn't play at all." Not only are injuries part of the game, but grinding it out when you're at less than 100% -- maybe quite a...

Spring Training Game Thread: A's-Reds


Top of the order to ya! I know, St. Patty's Day isn't until tomorrow but seriously, check out the top of the order! It's the "should-be-famous" matchup of Billy Burns and Billy Hamilton as the A's...

Look Out Phoenix: Here Comes Trouble


Thursday night I fly down to Phoenix for my annual sojourn to the Cactus League. As you may know, I am not the biggest fan of the flying experience, which I would characterize roughly as follows...

Parker, Griffin Injuries: Writing, Meet Wall


News came down today that Jarrod Parker and A.J. Griffin will miss the start of the regular season with arm injuries -- read further and you learn that Parker is visiting Dr. James Andrews, who...

Game Thread: A's vs. Whitesox


Other than Scott Kazmir's recent Cactus League debut, the norm for the A's starting pitchers so far has been to struggle. Dan Straily will try to reverse that trend, followed by "presumed #6 SP" T...

Minor League Baseball In Sue City!


Even if it's spring training, when your team loses because a lazy fly ball is lost in the sun and wind, you pretty much need a cartoon, pronto. So we'll begin with our weekly funny. Well that...

Game Thread: A's vs. Brett Anderson & The Rockies


Brett Anderson makes his first ever start against the Oakland A's today. Billy Burns could probably sustain a lifetime batting average of 1.000 (all bunts) against the former A's lefty, who has yet...

March 31st Prediction: Vogt Odd Man Out


If you're going to make a major league roster out of spring training, you shouldn't do something careless like have options left. As spring training unfolds it appears more and more likely that...

The Face Of Corruption


So it appears we have two possibilities to choose from. Either Eric Sogard is truly hated in Southeast Asia or MLB manipulated the vote to make sure Wright was anointed "The Face of Baseball" by...

Open Thread: A's-Rangers!


For your game-threading pleasure. It's 0-0 in the bottom of the 1st. Kooooouzmanoff has already K'd to leave runners at 2nd and 3rd, and Billy Buuuuuurs has already beaten out a chopper to 2nd!

Get Ready To Usher In A New Season


In case you missed it, Baseball America released its Top 100 list and Addison Russell checks in at #14. What's interesting is that if you just read the blurbs for Russell and for the prospects...

The Changing Landscape Of Professional Sports


Is the NFL ready for Michael Sam? That's an irrelevant question because they're going to have to be. The notion that change happens when society is ready overlooks the important truth that it is...

A's Bullpen Gets Potentially More Savery


The Oakland A's have added left-hander Joe Savery to the bullpen mix, claiming Savery off of waivers from the Philadelphia Phillies. The article announcing the waiver claim suggests Savery has a...

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