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Spanish teacher. Former newspaper reporter (crime and city hall, basically the same beat). Chiefs fan since the late 1980's when Schottenheimer became coach (followed him from Cleveland). I just love the Chiefs uniforms and the Arrowhead atmosphere, although I've never been there in person. Loved Schottenheimer as a regular season coach but one of the worst ever as a playoff coach- way too predictable and conservative, almost always enabling the other team to win in the end.
Chiefs fan highlights - 1) following that Chiefs team with DeBerg and Okoye that died from Martyball against Miami in the playoffs.
2) The Montana/Marcus Allen team his first year that ended in Buffalo in the playoffs. Those victories over Pittsburgh and Houston were classics and Montana did it with Willie Davis and JJ Birden at wide receiver and Keith Cash at TE. How in the hell did he do that? Next year, he wasn't so great but it was an awesome two-year run. If only he'd stuck around for one more year, that year our defense was sick and Steve Bono was throwing ducks and Lin Elliott was being Lin Elliott.
3) The Dick Vermeil-Al Saunders offensive show. If only they could've played just a little defense. It's embarrassing to regularly score 30-38 points and still lose most of the big games. Hard to figure and so depressing to watch the big games...

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User Blog

The Never Again Mock Draft

I'm sick of mock drafts, but this is the first year I've seriously tried to do one. I might as well submit my last one and see if I can win genius status by getting more right than any of the other...


The "I'm Sick Of This Free Agency Period" Mock Draft

I thought the season ended badly with our playoff disaster but damn, this free agency period is just piling on the misery. No impact resignings or signings. Talk about going from one major hole...


Why the Chiefs have been mostly noncompetitive for the last decade

I really enjoyed the Chiefs starting out 9-0 this past season, but I had no illusions. My heart kept pumping hope with the wins, but my brain kept telling me wait, wait, you've seen this act...


Pre-Combine First Round Mock Draft

The bitter end of this season quickly put me in mock draft mood. Here's what I came up with. All of this will change with the combine and free agency obviously, but it's still fun to do and it...

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