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16 years old, Chiefs fan, smashmouth enthusiast. The depth of my existence in a nutshell.

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  • MLB Kansas City Royals
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User Blog

Richards Sherman rips Skip Bayless, saves the world


Thank God someone has the balls to bash this punk to his face.


Who Can It Be Now?

men at work - who can it be now (via havelockellis) With Alex Smith traded to KC (still not used to that) and Bowe, Albert, and Colquitt locked up for at least a year, the Chiefs have some very...


The 46 Defense and You

Hello, good bloggers at Arrowhead Pride. As you may already know we have former New York Jets defensive coordinator Bob Sutton hired as our new defensive mind, and his scheme is a confusing one and...

The Minnesota Screwjob: A Chiefs Fan's take on the Broncos Playoff Loss


Warriors, come out to play-ay... In all seriousness however, read the article before you troll. You may find it sort of funny.


Ask a Chiefs Fan

Let me begin by saying I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Let me follow that up by saying I desperately hope we ground your team into dirt. ahem. Chiefs are bad this year, so bad in fact that...

ReFo: Colts @Chiefs, Week 16 |


If you can't open it... Winston and Maneri manhandled Mathis. Stephenson got beat like a drum in pass protection. Jamaal had an insane number of YbC, or yards before contact. Hillis had an insane number of YaC, or yards after contact. 4.0 yards after contact on average, and forced 5 missed tackles. Ropati and Berry had another great game.

PFF ReFo: Chiefs @Raiders


Berry and Ropati both had great games. DJ, Tamba and Tyson had mediocre games.

Ask a Chiefs Fan on Stampede Blue


Head on down and join in the conversation. IF YOU'RE MAN ENOUGH.


Ask a Chiefs Fan

Chiefs are bad this year. They are coming off one of the worst games I've ever seen two teams play in the worst, ugliest loss of the season. To get it out of the way, I think. Would rather lose and...


Jeff Allen vs. Carolina Panthers

Hey guys. You all know of my liking of Jeff Allen. I began by disliking him at the draft. I them did a film breakdown of him in college and came away impressed, but cautious. He then proceeded to...

Ask A Chiefs Fan on Dawgs By Nature


Come on down, discuss some football. Have a little fun with the guys in Cleveland.


Ask a Chiefs Fan

Guys, this game against the Panthers today was one if the greatest in recent memory. Probably the best I went to personally. Everything was against them, one of the worst tragedies in sports...

Patrick DiMarco's first play


Folks, I may love me some Eachus and Hillis, but DiMarco's first two NFL plays(a kick return and run) were dominating blocks. Not many fullbacks come into the league and make an impact immediately but this guy ain't scared.


Ask A Chiefs Fan

Hey, what's up folks. Things haven't been to good for Chiefs fans but uh, whatever. Anyways, how are you? Have a nice Thanksgiving? Go into a food coma? I know I did. Haha. Let's talk football. T...

Why Dontari Poe is a mistake, Bleacher Report


Perhaps the worst Bleacher Report article I've ever read. So ill-advised and misinformed. And the worst part is that aside from my comments (Levi Smith) the author seemed generally well respected in the community.


Ask a Chiefs Fan

Hey, guys. What's up? Things going well at home? Good, we have football to discuss. Chiefs are sorta suck this year which is sad because they are way, way, WAY better than 1-8 (Or as I like to...


Thanks for a game, observations on the Steelers from an outside perspective

Well guys, you won. Fair and square is debatable but that's neither here nor there and you guys get the W in the end, Putting the Steelers to 6-3 and the Chiefs drop to 1-8 (Ouch!). Last night was...

Ask a Chiefs fan on BTSC


Head on down, folks. Join in the conversation.


Ask a Chiefs Fan

Yeah... Ouch. Life for a Chiefs fan is brutal and heartrending. The losses are swift and sting all week until the next game, at which point the Kool-Aid begins to flow, we lose in typical Chiefs...


I'm kinda sad, but whatever

Another tough loss, another tough week. i want to give a big "fuck you" to Pioli, or Hunt, or Crennell or by boycotting the games and not buying Chiefs gear but I'm not gonna do that and we all...


A Storm's Coming

These aren't the best of times for Chiefs fans. We're at an embarrassing 1-4 right now entering Week 6 (already?). We just got over a brutally close and controversial loss to Baltimore that...

Ask a Chiefs fan on Bucs Nation


Probably wasn't my job, but I took it upon myself. Come join in the discussion. Warning, Bucs fans think we're classless now. Who wants to guess why?


Ask A Chiefs Fan

Hey, all. It's tough to be a football fan. Here we are, fans of two very young, very talented teams that currently only have one win. It sorta sucks, doesn't it? KC just came off a tough loss...

Chiefs beat Ravens 30-20 according to WhatIfSports


Notice the amount of rushing yards we have. That's the only way we'll be able to win this one. But you know it's all bullshit because Glenn Dorsey has a sack.

Shaun O'Hara ranks Kansas City as the 4th best offensive line in the league. "The Chiefs like to...


Shaun O'Hara ranks Kansas City as the 4th best offensive line in the league. "The Chiefs like to run the ball and no one can stop them." 1. Houston 2. Buffalo 3. Minnesota 4. Kansas City 5. Jacksonville

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