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The picture is me on the first day of the 2004 season.

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Northwestern athletes ruled to be employees

Tons of implications to this decision, the obvious one being that players could bargain for a salary. Right now it seems like NW players are saying they want things like safer conditions, but...


Major scandal developing at Oklahoma State

Sports Illustrated is reporting on major violations at OSU that started under Les Miles and continued under Mike Gundy. It is worth noting that at this point, the allegations seems to be based...

Big Ten would drop Div-1 sports?


I for one think Delany is blowing smoke out of his ass, but IF the Big Ten actually followed through on this, I think I would be for it. What say you? PS - Sorry if this was already posted somewhere. I'm on a self-imposed BSD hiatus, but I wanted to share this.

Revised rules to make recruiting like "Wild West"?


The libertarian in me wants to find an upside to this, but these are kids we're talking about, and I do believe this is going to get out of hand pretty quickly. I also find amusing that a board of presidents made the changes apparently w/out talking to coaches and only talking to a lacrosse player and basketball player from UMD Baltimore County. No wonder these people never make a bad decision!

Let this be our final battle


The ball's in your court Team Lively.


Should we be careful what we wish for?

I found this article on the Commonwealth's suit against the NCAA on CNN. The legal merits of the suit have been discussed by multiple people already. I'm not a lawyer but from what I can tell no...

Does this mean ACC > SEC?


After Bielema went to Arkansas people immediately used it as an excuse to bash the Big Ten in favor of the SEC. So I wonder if the same thing will happen with Strong turning down Tennessee in favor of Lousiville

"They're a tough bunch of fuckers"


"They're a tough bunch of fuckers"

Bill Obrien

From the Mauti Facebook fan page.


From the Mauti Facebook fan page.

NCAA approves tougher sanctions for rule-breakers


Take a closer look at UNC, and then maybe I'll take this seriously.


*BLRG*...*GULP*...Excuse me. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Douche Canoe Andy Staples lays out the future of the Big Ten for all of us. I guess we should thank him for letting us know just how awful the next few years will be for everyone who isn't...


A forum for HELPFUL suggestions for the new BSD

There is already a threat for people to discuss their feelings on the new SB United layout, but many of the posts seem to be general feedback or comments on the suckitude of Internet Explorer. I'm...

Penn State World Campus student among casualties in Libya


Haven't seen this reported here yet. It is a sad reminder of the dangerous world we live in.


Things to do in Charlottesville this weekend

I've mentioned on here before that after I graduated from Penn State, I spent 5 years in grad school at the University of Virginia. During that time my wife and I thoroughly fell in love with...

I've had enough of this BS


I should be excited about the start of football season and about the chance that these young men have to prove the world wrong when it comes to what they think Penn State football is about. Instead I find myself wanting Penn State to just leave the NCAA entirely, consequences be damned. I guess my football culture problem has been cured, and all it took was injustice and mind-blowing hypocrisy. Fuck you NCAA.

Alright, fess up. Which one of you is this?


Alright, fess up. Which one of you is this?


I swear this was written for us

I was the gym last night and Muse popped up on my mp3 player. The song "Invincible" from Black Holes and Revelations came on, and I swear it was written for us right now. Listen to the song and...

Food for thought.


Food for thought.


Vicky Triponey gets some love from CNN

I read this story specifically to challenge my pre-conceived notions of Vicky Triponey. It didn't, mainly because it was one quote from her boss at Wichita State and some obvious ass-kissing by...


I ate horse meat for dinner tonight

I like to try different types of meat, and tonight I accomplished a long standing goal of eating horse meat. I seared and roasted it, and served it with a blue cheese sauce. Here is the recipe I...


A message to the BSD staff and community

Yesterday, you (the BSD staff) posted a message clarifying your posting and commenting policy. I'll go out on a limb and guess that reaction to that post by the BSD community has been mixed. ...


Favorite Wrestling Matches?

There was a subthread in Wednesday's SwH on favorite wrestling matches. Enough people asked for a Fan Post, so here we go. What's your favorite match of all time? Post, discuss, and debate...


BSD Donations to THON in Joe's and Sue's Names

PSU_Lions_84, Paige2PSU, and myself are working on a way to consolidate BSD donations to THON in Joe's and Sue's names. We are trying to work out the exact details and will keep everyone updated...


Light a candle for Joe at 8:00 pm tonight

My wife saw onFor The Glory of Old State that a candle light vigil will be held at 8:00 pm at The Statue. I can't be there for it, but I will be lighting a candle for Joe and his family in my...


How did we get here?

Well, here we are--Penn State has its new coach, and I think it is a pretty safe bet that no one saw this coming two months ago; hell, I don't think anyone saw this coming even two weeks ago. I...

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