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Fangraphs: Four Giants in the top 50 most valuable players in a trade.

Fangraphs did their annual Trade Value series again. Last year, two Giants made the list: Buster @ 27 and Timmy @ 33.

Fangraphs: Top 50 prospects


Everyone's favorite ex-Giants prospect Zack Wheeler is ranked #4 prospect in the nation.

ESPN: Cabrera's 'Melkmen' are alive in San Fran


They saw a "Got Melk?" sign in the stands (a remnant from Cabrera’s days as a Yankee when he was dubbed "The Melkman") and it sparked an idea. They started talking, and soon they’d decided to dress up like "Melkmen" and go to a Giants game. "It snowballed all the way into an outfit," says Huffman. "It was really organic between all of us." ... They came up with an outfit idea, ordering the bow ties online and making their hats. Their shirts and pants (except for being white) don’t actually match. "Really, it was like an arts-and-crafts project," says Huffman, a journalism major at San Jose State. ... When Cabrera gets a hit, the crew does "the Melkshake" -- a dance patterned after "The Bernie." "It has a shaking movement, so naturally the Melkshake just became the name of it," Tyler says.

AT&T Park among the cheapest in baseball


They rank as the 7th cheapest park to buy tickets for a family of 4.

FanGraphs Prospect Stock Watch on Gary Brown

Gary Brown, OF, San Francisco Current Level: AA 2012 Top 15 Prospects Ranking: 1st Current Value: Leveled Off The former first round draft pick is not having the best year. Brown’s breakout 2011 season (140 wRC+) appears to have been aided by the potent California League. He’s been below average in double-A in 2012 with a wRC+ of just 91 and his power output (ISO rate) has dropped from .182 to .078. Brown has 21 steals – his speed is his best asset – but he’s been nabbed 12 times already. On the plus side his strikeout rate remains solid at 13.8% and he’s been getting better offensive results with each new month. Brown, 23, appears to have the ceiling of a second-division starter – not exactly what Giants fans would be expecting from the 24th overall selection of the 2010 draft.

Minor League Standouts and Players of Note

PCL Leaderboards Yusmeiro Petit (3.25 ERA, 2.69 FIP) He has not been in the majors since 2009, but Yusmeiro Petit has seemingly changed his game way for the better. He dominated the Venezuelan League this winter, and now he is leading the PCL in FIP — the PCL, my friends! One has to think Petit is on the shortlist for an injury callup if and when the Giants need some starting pitching or swing man relief. If not, I feel Petit might reach the majors with another team. At age 27 — and in a hitter’s league — he has to be raising some brows. Justin Christian (.432 OBP, .540 SLG, .427 wOBA, 155 wRC+) He’s already in the majors, but we’ll talk about him anyway. The 32-year-old Christian, like the Eaton/Elmore duo, is a speed demon. Even at the age of 32, Christian still has wheels. He put up 36 steals in 2011, despite getting only 281 PA. The last time he got 500+ PA (2006 with the Yankees Double-A affiliate), he stole 68 bases while getting caught only 13 times. He’s likely slowed down since then, but nonetheless can add a special dimension to the Giants lineup and bench.

McCoveyChronicles failing for anyone else? [Click on FanShot tab to read this]


I get the following when I go to the GameThread (Beat LA!): Oops, 500 Uh oh, something went wrong. We've been notified about this problem and will investigate shortly. Thank you for your patience. It also gives the same message on any fanpost or fanshot. Only the front page tabs at the top, work. We can talk by spamming individual fanshots, though. So, if anyone finds a solution, please post a fanshot or fanpost. k, thanks! Beat LA!

Tim Lincecum: Bad Luck or Bad Pitches?


And this is where DIPS theory really breaks down for a lot of people. If we tell someone that Lincecum has just been unlucky, and then they watch him throw those pitches, they’re not going to agree with you, and they probably shouldn’t. The word luck undermines the actual point of DIPS, which is not that the pitcher has no control over the outcome of a ball in play, but that variations in outcomes on balls in play don’t tell us much about what to expect from a pitcher’s future outcomes on balls in play. It’s not so much about being lucky as it is about doing something that isn’t likely to repeat in future. It’s more about repeatability or sustainability than what most people consider to be luck. Saying that Tim Lincecum has been unlucky is probably not true. He’s struggling with his command, falling behind in counts more often, and throwing pitches that are rightfully getting crushed based on movement and location. If Wells had fouled off that fastball on Saturday, that would have been luck, so maybe you could argue that Lincecum is suffering from a lack of good luck (in that it’s quite possible that hitters aren’t missing his mistakes as often as they used to), but that’s not the same thing as suffering from bad luck.

John Barr: Anatomy of a Draft


This was posted in some of the draft-heavy threads, but I felt like it needed its own fan post so that those who don't read all the fanpost draft details would see it. Choice quotes: We had begun seven days ago with 823 names on magnetized nameplates. From a database compiled and distilled by Adam and Eric, Yeshayah punched up video clips, projecting them onto the front screen. Simultaneously on a side screen he projected a spreadsheet showing the player’s statistics, the scouts’ "grades’’ and evaluations plus notes about intangibles like character, competitiveness and maturity. ... Then we ranked the players one by one. Medical or "signability’’ concerns were noted on the nameplates with different-color stickers. --------------------- The 13th, 14th, 15th picks – and still Stratton was on the board. So were a few other players we liked a lot. "Can you get up Stratton’s last outing?’ I asked Yeshayah. Ed: Hmm... This lends credence to the idea that Panik was a semi-panic pick last year because the pitchers they wanted got taken in the slots right before they picked. If they were targetting and double-checking those 2-3 prep pitchers right before last year's pick, and did a similar process, then they might've been thrown for a last minute loop.

Scouting the Sally: ceiling vs. floor, or Walker vs. Bundy


Interesting take on Walker vs. Bundy, comparing ceiling and floor. This was a great graph: Speaking from experience as somebody who sold out for ceiling my first couple of years writing about prospects, my personal scouting beliefs have shifted from "crunchy" progressive occupying Wall Street to Tea Party conservative at a town hall meeting bickering over an extra $20 in property taxes. This shift in thought process comes after seeing a number of high ceiling prospects crash and burn, while other players I’ve shrugged off have gone on to become big leaguers, if not quality ones at that.

BCB: 2012 Top 15 Prospect List Review: Risers and fallers


I was gonna do a fanpost of the top20 McCoven prospects, but I haven't had the time to get around to it yet. Chris Quick has done the same for the BCB top15 prospect list.

The 2012 draft: Drafting patterns for SR's and preps


A great article from earlier this week about the drafting patterns for seniors and prep players.

Fangraphs: Clayton highlights the Prospect Stock Watch


Clayton Blackburn, RHP, San Francisco Giants Current Level: A 2012 Top 15 Prospects Ranking: 12th Current Value: Skyrocketing Blackburn, 19, is having a breakout season in his first full year in the minors. The right-hander has struck out 62 batters in 53.1 while issuing just 10 walks. He’s also induced a high number of ground-ball outs while allowing just one home run. Blackburn has allowed one run in his last three starts (22.1 IP) with 11 hits and two walks allowed. He’s struck out 21.The Texas native has now made 22 appearances over the past two seasons and has yet to truly struggle. Signed to an over-slot contract as a 16th round draft pick in 2011, Blackburn has the ceiling of a No. 2 or 3 starter. The Giants organization just continues to find a way to identify and develop top-shelf pitching prospects.

Fangraphs: Second Freak Injury Recharges Affeldt’s Season


Wendy dissects Jeremy's 2012 season, and mentions his tendency to get into weird freaky injuries.

Crick working out kinks


article from MiLB. Tidbits: "My junior year, the coach at my high school didn't think I was a pitcher," Crick said. "I'm not really sure what that was all about. As a result, until my senior year, I thought I probably was going to school to play football. I had some offers, but in the end it turned out to be baseball." "I started out a little rocky, but I think I've found my rhythm," Crick said. "Even in my last start -- even though the numbers didn't look good -- I threw my offspeed pitches for strikes. That's what I need to keep doing." "Consistency and not walking batters -- that's the main things for me right now," Crick said. "The key for any pitcher is to throw quality strikes and to stay ahead in the count. That's what I need to do every time I go out there on the mound."

Cool interview with Brendan Ryan re: defense


Excerpt: DL: Metrics show that you have great range to your right. Why? BR: A lot of it is positioning and a lot of it is trust. One thing I do out there is trust my instincts — I trust where I feel that the ball is going to be hit. For instance, when [Jason] Vargas is on the mound, I know the way he typically commands the ball, so I have a really good feel for where the ball is going to be hit. I have a decent feel for a lot of players who have been in the league for more than a couple of years. I know their tendencies. If you know where the pitch is going to be, and what it‘s going to do, you kind of know what the hitter’s bat path is going to be. You’re really just playing percentages and tendencies. Most of the time, I’m moving one way or the other on the pitch. Say that Vargas is pitching and it’s a cutter in to a righty. I can kind of shuffle to the right and get a head start. It’s almost like cheating. You can’t move so early that you’re giving something away, but even so, there are times where I’m almost running, because I know where that ball is going to be hit. Say it’s Brandon League. He’s got that super-turbo, two-seam sinker. If it’s a righty hitting, maybe once a season somebody stays inside it and goes up the middle. If that happens, you get burned on it, but 99% of the time you’re moving the right way. The idea is to make everything look simple. The idea is to not have to make a back-hand, or dive for a ball.

OMGz: a BCB Link: O-dog is released


I don’t think you can downplay Hudson’s horrific start to the year — his current wRC+ of 60 is truly ugly. He’s striking out more than ever before (20.6%; career 15.2%) while walking less (6.1%; career 9.0%) than ever before. ... All those negative things said, Hudson looks like the best option at second base for the Giants right now.


What's the news? The Giants have above average position players.

The Giants have played 38 games. If you take the current roster, and project WAR to 162 games, you get the following: Name WAR/162 PA/162 Melky Cabrera 5.12 699 G...

CSNBAYAREA: Vogelsong receives injection for sore back


A source told Henry Schulman that the Giants sent Vogelsong to Arizona before the team left for a series with the Diamondbacks on Friday in order to give their right-handed starter a break from a late-night flight and to set up the injection. According to Schulman’s report, the shot was for "maintenance" purposes and not because of a setback.

Pablo Sandoval's Homerun Choreography


Cistulli breaks down Pablo's Epic Home Run Greatness. "The above footage depicts the conclusion of Pablo Sandoval‘s home-run trot from his first-inning cuadrangular against right-hander and fellow Venezuelan Jhoulys Chacin during this Monday afternoon’s game against the Rockies (in progress, as of press time)."


So when do we get real and admit Belt might not be it?

I realize he's still the second youngest hitter on the team but he does now have a fair amount of major league experience. It appears as if he's really plateued and in my very humble and very...

Wendy Thurm loves Buster


She compares Buster's recovery with other catchers who sustained major leg injuries.

Field F/X and Control F/X: Moneyball 2.0 and the Giants' lead


Hat tip to Tangotiger who posted this on his blog. Is this Bowtie's legacy? Part of the reason he got fired? If so, I sure hope the ownership group is at least putting in the money to hire analysts and take advantage of the bounty of info offered by this system. "In stealth mode, the Giants are now able to track the ball in the opposite direction. Fieldf/x, which the Giants are fully deploying for the first time this year, tracks the hit ball and the defensive players as they react to it. For the first time since baseball statistics have been kept — we are talking 150 years — baseball statisticians will soon have objective data on how quickly fielders react to balls in play, how fast they get to the ball, and the accuracy and location of their throws. On deck for the Giants: Controlf/x, which shows precisely where a pitch goes in relation to the spot where the catcher sets the target. Some catchers are better at framing a pitch for the umpires, Adams said, resulting in more strike calls, which in turn leads to as many as 20 extra outs a season. It does not sound like much, but it equates to two extra wins a season and potentially millions of dollars in extra revenue."

BtBS: Handling the Young Studs: Belt and Brown


One of the toughest things to do for a Major League Baseball team is transitioning a player from the Minors to the Majors. Most prospects go through growing pains and may not produce as much as they thought which could lead to the player pressing and the club asking questions. This is especially true about teams that are trying to win because they can only give the players so much slack before taking them out of the lineup. It can really hinder their development.

Are the Giants too lefty heavy?


In the search for a right-handed bat to face those lefties, Bochy had to turn to Cain (.147 career wOBA) and Sanchez (.277 career wOBA, .282 rest-of-season projected ZiPs wOBA) in important moments. The Giants have the second-worst wRC+ against left-handers in the National League (56, the Pirates have a 55). The titular question seems fair: are the Giants too lefty-heavy?

#freeBelt: Baggs unloads on Huff


NEW YORK – Don’t blame Aubrey Huff for failing to cover second base in the fateful ninth inning Saturday afternoon. Blame him for going 0-for-4 with two weak pop-ups, a double-play grounder and a squibber to the pitcher. Blame him for his error at first base that led to a damaging, unearned run for the Mets in the eighth inning. Blame him for being a .182-hitting veteran who is blocking Brandon Belt from regular playing time, if that is your prerogative. (And for a large segment of the faithful, it is.) ... If not for a fortunately timed zephyr in the top of the inning, the Giants would’ve lost 4-2 instead of 5-4. And Huff would have contributed an error and a very weak 0-for-4. The "Free Belt" movement would have pinned the loss on Huff, the first baseman, anyway. And their argument would’ve had merit.

WWWTL article #7654: nothing. He'll have a career year


Lincecum could end up on the DL with a serious health problem that explains his early season struggles. Or he could start throwing 95 again in his next start and win the 2012 NL Cy Young award. There’s precedent for both outcomes, and it’s not even easy to say which is more likely.

Fangraphs: Brandon Belt singles past straw men


Eno Sarris makes the case to start Belt and that naysayers are full of it.

How the SF Giants’ TV deal works


From Hank: The Giants signed a 25-year deal with Comcast Sports Net before the 2008 season. It’s actually a partnership agreement. Rather than accept a set payment for broadcast rights every year, the Giants actually get a big chunk of the total revenue each year. I’ve heard that figure at 30 percent and 33 percent. How much is that in cold cash? I honestly can’t say. Those numbers are proprietary. ... The first thing I can tell you is, there is no way that Comcast Sports Net Bay Area can collect the same revenue as the Dodgers will for their TV deal for the simple fact that Los Angeles is the No. 2 television market in the country and the San Francisco Bay Area is No. 5. Revenue in these deals is based on how many eyeballs are glued to TV sets. Los Angeles has a lot more eyeballs, millions more. By the same token, Denver, Phoenix and San Diego are much smaller TV markets, so Comcast and the Giants are able to command more dollars than the teams in those NL West cities. The bigger question is how the Giants will be able to keep up with the Dodgers, Cubs, Diamondbacks, etc… who sign ever-richer deals every four, five or six years when the Giants are stuck with a 25-year arrangement. The answer lies in how Comcast Sports Net makes its money. Advertising is a part of it, but the big money comes from Comcast Sports Net selling its product, the Giants broadcasts, to DirecTV, Dish Network and all the cable-television firms that deliver the games to your TV set. The amount that Comcast charges them will go up many times over the course of the 25-year deal.

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