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HIgh school coach severely beaten in ambush by opposing team


I know this has nothing to do with FSU, but it's still worth sharing. This is as ugly as a rivalry can get. If this isn't worthy of shutting down a program for a couple years, nothing is. The local Sheriff is even stalling in the investigation.

ACC power rankings: Week 7


FSU sits at 7. Too low? Too high? On a side note, I think there are some on here who owe Heather Dinich an apology.

Section 30 Row 70. Are those pretty good seats?


Section 30 Row 70. Are those pretty good seats?

Oh, the irony...... I went to pick up my new FSU gear last week and saw this little gem. My...


Oh, the irony...... I went to pick up my new FSU gear last week and saw this little gem. My wife even said, "That's just wrong." This is a child's shirt to boot.


From a Miami fan: Where to go from here, literally......

I'm really sickened by the scandal at Miami.  Even though we were mediocre at best, I at least felt that we were running a clean program.  Nevin Shapiro has made it to where I feel a sick punch to...


What should Golden do THIS YEAR?????

I've been wondering what will this season be like.  We saw UNC put together a season that was alot better than we predicted last year.  We all know that as of next year the program will be damn...



Yes, I believe Nevin Shapiro is an absolute tool. I’m sure I met him at some point, but my assessment is based on reading the Yahoo! report today. Still, my anger is directed at all the people who had a hand in this thing and aren’t here anymore. Kirby Hocutt bolted. Frank Haith bolted. Aubrey Hill bolted. Clint Hurtt was told to find a new place to get on probation. Jeff Stoutland? Gone. Equipment guys? Gone. ................... One thing’s for sure – I care a lot less about Jacory Harris versus Stephen Morris as this point. Honestly, Jacory had over ninety calls / texts to or from Shapiro. This quarterback competition may soon become a one-man race.

FAU's Howard Schnellenberger retiring


Howard Schnellenberger played for Bear Bryant, led the Miami Hurricanes to their first national championship, was the offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins' perfect season and built a football program from scratch at Florida Atlantic. That's enough to make him feel satisfied. That's enough to make anyone feel satisfied.

Nobody wants to be on the "soft tape"


I'm trying to just post articles that y'all can appreciate. I don't know how many are already doing it, but it would be great in every locker room. The "Soft Tape" will be shown to everyone in the locker room. It is like a highlight reel of players shying away from contact.

"I'm so tired of talking about swagger,"


For Golden, the job is to eliminate a popular word from the Miami football lexicon. "I'm so tired of talking about swagger," he said. "Swagger was the byproduct, it wasn't the product. It came from demonstrated performance and having a chip on your shoulder and being the hardest-working team out there. "I think [fans] want to see us play with passion, I'll concede that. Last year, they did not. We're working on that. But I think fans want to see results. … I'm just tired of everyone thinking [lack of swagger] is the only problem we have."

Golden having to undo what Shannon did in South FLorida


I've been saying it. I'm glad there's finally an article about it. Shannon was horrible in South Florida. I know you'll all poo poo the recruits, but the first part of the article is a good read for anyone who doesn't know what Golden is up against.

Stepdad Golden inherits Miami's problems and triumphs


I've been asked about Coach Golden. This is what I like about him, so far.

Chris Weinke: Where Are They Now?


"We took a chance, because the question was, well, has he lost his stuff? When you bring him in, you’re knocking out a lot of other quarterbacks," Bowden said. "There was one top quarterback in the country -- I won’t call his name -- that had already committed to Florida State, even though he was only a junior. Well after you got Weinke, that was out. We took a chance and won." Who was the unnamed commit?


NFL Network's Top 100 Players of 2011 (by NCAA Conference)

The NFL network has compiled a list of the 100 greatest players in the game right now.  The list came from a survey by the players, themselves.  Surprising for most, but not for me, the ACC leads...

Things getting ugly between Storm Johnson and Al Golden


I actually felt good readin gthis article. It means things are getting tougher at the U.

Playmaker Brings Spring To A Close


Playmaker Brings Spring To A Close

First day in pads for Miami.


First day in pads for Miami.

Another poor, mistreated football player.....


When will we all come together to help these poor souls?

Golden brings new plan to return 'Canes to Miami of old.


Despite the fact that the other in-state programs have made significant inroads in the area, Golden wants to focus more on getting the right players for his program and not worry about building a hypothetical fence around Miami. "I think the fence thing is kind of a misconception," he said. "It's easy to characterize it as that but I always look at it like this: if there's 119 players that signed from down here, you just need 20 a year. It's really important you get the right 20. "It's easy to say let's build a fence. They've been saying it forever at every school in America but the reality is, don't worry about the ones that get away, worry about the ones that can play."

People ask why I believe Al Golden is the right guy without seeing the product on the field. This...


People ask why I believe Al Golden is the right guy without seeing the product on the field. This is why.


I'm here for my crow, and my belly's empty.

THAT is why I never talk alot of trash before a Miami/FSU game.  I fully expected to get the win Saturday night, but I also knew to expect the unexpected.    Great game by the Seminoles, matched...


My niece is an FSU fan now. Could be worse, I guess.

My niece has fell in love with FSU.  Honestly, she plays fast pitch softball, and I've actually tried to steer her towards FSU.  She was talking about wanting to go to UF.  So, lesser of the evils...


If Boise State played an ACC Schedule...

All the talk of Boise State "crashing" the BCS is getting really old.  Actually, it was old three years ago.  The only way Boise State could get to the BCS is to crash it.  There is a reason they...


It's finally time for the ACC to take center stage.

After the most active off season I can remember, (conference realignment talk, Pete Caroll's departure, the reason for Pete Carroll's departure coming to light, agents gone wild) it's finally time...


What is Corey Lemonier and James Coley planning for NSD?

I'm hearing that Miami fans will want to punch Coley in the mouth is they do what they're planning on signing day.  Anyone know what that is?  I'm really good at getting pieces of rumors, but not...

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