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Elam-Urban connection revisited.


I was unaware of the Elam-Urban connection even though I’ve heard that Matt Elam met Urban Meyer when he was 8 years old, due to his older brother Abram playing for ND when Urban was a wide-receivers coach there. I aksed my self why Elam would ever hint of going anywhere but UF if the connection is really that strong. I looked up Abram Elam’s profile on the Cleveland Browns website. Says he played for Kent State. Urban didn’t coach at Kent. Looked up Urban’s profile. He was a wide receivers coach for ND until 2000. Abram Elam plays safety as he did at ND. So he wasn’t directly coached by Meyer. Did some more researching to try to figure out when Abram was at ND and when did he switch to Kent State and why would he switch if he was so in love with Urban. Obviously he had the skills because he is playing on the next level. I found the news report below. As best I can tell, Urban and Abram Elam were only in ND one year together, with Abram playing a backup safety and Urband being an offensive position coach. Urban left for Bowling Green and well… Abram became a convict and received a large monetary contribution from the "community" so that he could go to Kent State. The following article can be a bit explicit, but it describes what happened to Abram, how he found his way from ND to Kent State, and what happened to the other Elam siblings. Putting the timeframes together, it doesn’t seem like Urban was around when this stuff happened and I don’t know how close they would have been even when they were at ND together—given their respective roles and the brief time. Seems big brother’s love was for the golden dome. I know Elam has been holding fast to UF publicly, but I don’t know that it is due to a love of Meyer. Please forgive me for digging a little deeper. The article doesn’t mention Urban, it just explains Abram’s college career, what happened to him and the other siblings, and that Abram’s love was for the golden dome. Here’s the article about brother Abram. There is a fanshot about Elam’s TV appearance Sunday night where he said he is still locked into FU. However, I don’t see that as changing anything because he did this public commitment thing with Urban and brother Abram back in October and yet the rumors about the possibility of Elam to FSU (from Genron and even Elam himself) still followed. I don’t think he’s coming to FSU. I’ll be surprised if he does come to FSU. But I don’t know that it’s over until the 18th. Article on Elam's brother:


Formula for a 14-0 miracle.

Realistically, I think we get 8 or 9 wins during the regular season next year.  It is extrodinarily difficult to run the table in college football, particularly when you load up your non-conference...

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