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Pay to play, and multiyear deals for schollies

linky The latest set of NCAA rule changes came out, and they are now going to allow $2000 in payments to athletes above and beyond room and board and books.  They're calling it "aid" but it sure...


Cheaters never win...

The heat in the kitchen has apparently gotten too much for Jim Tressel to handle.  I'm assuming this is going to lead to a season with an interim coach, I would be surprised if tOSU is able to...


Dave Duerson dead, had teh CTE

I'm really starting to rethink football as we know it.  We watch young people cripple their mental abilities for our entertainment for about 35 days year, and they wind up barely functional.  I...


Other shoe drops at tOSU

So, in the words of the Yahoo writer the "other shoe is a bomb".  Looks like they got hit with everything but lack of institutional control, apparently Tressell really never thought it was...

The Day Missouri Became a Better Job Than Michigan

Was some time last week apparently. Pinkel declined to even go to the interview. Ouch.


#34 on your team....

I'll watch the rest of your games this year, hoping to see that little bitch carried off the field. Taking knee shots at somebody on the back side of a play that's probably going to get at least...

MWC Expansionpalooza

Added Fresno State and Nevada, on top of picking up BSU earlier this year. I don't see how the BCS doesn't make them an automatic qualifier, the ACC and the Big East are.


Iowa/Big 10 fan that moved to KY recently...

So are you guys going to be any good this year? I'm guessing I'll be stuck watching a lot of KY/L'Ville/TN ball this year. Should I turn the channel to a different game? I don't really know much...

Seantrel to the U

He should fit right in with the 'canes. Also, lol again at Brewster for violations on a recruit he still failed to get.

Possibly 9 conference games a year for the B10

If they went to 9 games, wouldn't they be able to rotate 2 off the schedule per year like they do now, and just skip all the division stuff? Or am I missing something really simple that I should have under no conditions overlooked, and am to be ashamed of?


Which road game would you go to?

To hijack the idea of SMA, which road trip are you making?  Which one would you rather make, if different?   Personally, I'm going to Indiana, but would thoroughly enjoy watching the Hawks break...

At least our PR department isn't this incompetent

Patrick Patterson finds out he's going pro from Kentucky's PR department. Hilarity ensues.

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