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"I shall vanish and be no more,
But the land over which I now roam
Shall remain
And change not."
-Omaha Warrior's Song

I'm trying to be a good troll, much closer to the original mythological creatures in Scandinavia and Iceland and not what is typically associated with Internet trolls. I rarely have insider information and most posts are pure speculation. But unicorns approve of my comments.

"The playoffs now are my grind. My grind for a championship,'' Roy said. "Whatever needs to be done to get there I'm gonna do it.''

Text on a 1979 RC Cola can (series with 35 players): "Bill Walton, 6'11'' 225 C, 11-5-52 UCLA, Best center in NBA in '77-'78. Deft passer as well as high percentage shooter. In a class of himself when healthy." Love that last sentence.

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Labor Day Junk: Dirty Jobs

To stay within Dave's "working man" labor day theme, I present a nice video of Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" (and other shows as a narrator) at a 2008 conference where he...

Nicolas Batum today broke the rim mechanism after hanging from it following a two-handed slam in a...


Nicolas Batum today broke the rim mechanism after hanging from it following a two-handed slam in a 86 - 59 win against Lebanon. Hilarity ensued as an army of technicians worked on the basket to replace the damaged rim.

WSJ: Blazers Owner Paul Allen Suing The Entire Internet Over Patents


The Wall Street Journal writes... ---------- "Patent litigation in general is on the rise and Mr. Allen's lawsuit comes amid high-profile successes of firms such as NTP Inc. and Acacia Research Corp., which enforce patents without making products. Courts have tried to rein in patent litigation with mixed results, and Congress has yet to act on legislation that would do the same." "Named in Mr. Allen's suit, along with Apple and Google, are AOL Inc., eBay Inc., Facebook Inc., Netflix Inc., Office Depot Inc., OfficeMax Inc., Staples Inc., Yahoo Inc. and Google's YouTube subsidiary. Notably missing from the defendants' list are Microsoft, in which Mr. Allen remains a major investor, and Inc., which is based in Mr. Allen's hometown of Seattle. Mr. Postman declined to comment on the selection of defendants." ---------- Here's more from Thanks to Norsktroll for posting. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter

Mark Cuban on Entourage. Also funny because he's 6'3" and bulky, and all those actors are tiny. He...


Mark Cuban on Entourage. Also funny because he's 6'3" and bulky, and all those actors are tiny. He just looks small when standing between Dirk, Dampier, Marion & Co.

World Cup Preview over on BE


My all-you-can-eat world cup preview, if someone is interested. With Dirk not playing and Roddy as well as Mahinmi getting dinged up, I understand it's not that interesting to most people here. But maybe someone cares for international ball to fill the remaining offseason.


FIBA World Championships 2010 Preview All-You-Can-Read

The 2010 world championships are beginning in a week (Saturday). Here is a preview of all the groups, all the teams, some important players and key games. Have at it after the jump. 


Late-Night JD 08/15: Confusing Game Shows

This is the late night junk drawer for August 15 and possibly beyond. And that's Numberwang! Episode 1   That's Numberwang! Episode 2 Same principle, more confusing, more fun   And the even...

How the mighty fall: Signs of decline applied to the NBA


ESPN TrueHoop Network blog "48 Minutes of Hell" with an interesting take on the latest book by bestselling author and business professor Jim Collins, applying the "5 stages of decline" to the NBA and various teams. And what you can do against it to prevent or slow your demise (case in point: The San Antonio Spurs). Why is this interesting? Because the mighty powers that be have to move aside for the new dynasties of the up-and-comers to begin, e.g. the Trail Blazers.

Nate on Rudy: "He's a good fit for us. My focus is that he will be back, and how to use him when...


Nate on Rudy: "He's a good fit for us. My focus is that he will be back, and how to use him when he comes back," McMillan, an assistant coach on Team USA, told on Wednesday. "If that doesn't work out, we'll see what happens. He's still a Blazer right now." "The thing about it, anybody in the league can use him," McMillan said. "He's a good player. He's a rotational player. For some teams, he's going to be able to start. For some teams, he's going to have to come off the bench. If he goes to Boston, he's probably coming off the bench behind one of those guys, Ray Allen or Paul Pierce. So it just depends on where he goes as far as his role and how he would play. But his talent, there are a lot of teams that can use him and take advantage of what he does. But we'll see what happens.", Boston

Mark Cuban on 'Chasing the Rangers'


With some interesting remarks about his plans to have both teams in order to get more leverage with FSN for a new TV deal in a couple of years, threatening to start his own Texas sports network if they don't come over with an "ungodly" amount of money. In the end, it didn't come to be.

Dan Le Batard on sports media: "Being real just isn't worth the trouble now"


A very interesting story on the current state of sports reporting, with candid statements by Mark Cuban, Stan Van Gundy, Charles Barkley and Isiah Thomas. Includes a brief mention of Greg Oden.

Artland Dragons (Germany) sign Blazers SL surprise Ekene Ibekwe


The power forward (25) signed a one-year contract, and joins former Trail Blazer Ruben Boumtje Boumtje there who has played in the first German pro league for a while now. His new head coach is quoted stating that the team was looking for a defensive presence on the boards which Ibekwe would fit very well as "an exceptional athlete, good rebounder and shot blocker". Team press release as cited on German basketball blog Schoenen-Dunk (here is a Google automatic translation) via The Hoops Market.

Video from Rudy's trip to Egypt for the charity Plan that supports underprivileged children and...


Video from Rudy's trip to Egypt for the charity Plan that supports underprivileged children and women.

Petteri on the mend after stress fracture, according to national TV station


A little rough translation follows: Finland's national basketball team will start in August with the European Championships qualifier. The key player on the national team Petteri Koponen is recovering from a leg stress fracture. Koponen has been on re-convalescence for three months. After the foot stress fracture recovering his health has taken a while, but now the situation appears to be to a good start. "The recovery has advanced well. Next week we will once again take new images (x-ray or MRI), then the situation is known in more detail. Leg feels very good", Koponen said. Finland plays for the forthcoming European Championship qualifiers in a tough group. The Finnish opponents are Italy, Israel, Latvia and Montenegro. "It's a really hard group. We have to manage our home games and get a couple of wins away. But I believe that we have a chance at victory in every match", Koponen said. "The Finnish team's strength is playing together on defense rather than attack away. We do not necessarily have the same individual quality as the other teams." Koponen own future team situation will be resolved in July. Koponen will probably play again in Italy next season. Koponen last season played for Serie A team Virtus Bologna.


Vuvuzela Junk - June 28

Image via (adapted from The Far Side)   The vuvuzela (English pronunciation: /vuːvuːˈzeɪlə/), also known as lepatata (its Tswana name) is a typical 65 cm (2.13 ft) plastic blowing...

If Spanish fans had their way, Rudy would play next season in... From a poll by the daily...


If Spanish fans had their way, Rudy would play next season in... From a poll by the daily sports newspaper "El Mundo Deportivo"

Kidd wants Mavs to develop Beaubois; wouldn't mind coming off the bench sometimes


"I would hope that's what we're shooting for, to develop Roddy this summer and to play him more next season," Kidd said. "I wouldn't be opposed to coming off the bench some next season."

Joel Freeland: Malaga is the best place to progress and improve my game


[...] Nor does the player, who believes he is in the best place to grow: "I am focused on Malaga, I have a long contract with Unicaja. Last summer I know that Maccabi made an offer for me, but I have not had any contact with them, or anyone else. I'm happy here. The leap from Gran Canaria has been great. Here I am right, two hours from England ... I also think that Malaga is the best place to progress and improve my game both with my teammates and Aíto and his coaches out here. They believe in young talent. I learned so much this year ... And I think I'll only continue to do so next year. " Playoffs vs. Barcelona next. I didn't expect him to come over next season now that he starts to really produce, win and find a role for himself in the ACB, but I was hoping a bit for 2011 or latest 2012 once the big man roster thins out a bit. Maybe there still is a good chance, and he'll be "NBA ready" then. Maybe there is not.

Stevenson exercises contract options to stay with Mavs


Apparently he figured nobody else would pay him more than $4 million on the open market, at least no top team.

Nicolas Batum at a youth tournament in Charente, where he visited an old friend who is now a coach...


Nicolas Batum at a youth tournament in Charente, where he visited an old friend who is now a coach there, following a day with the French national media. "A totally unexpected visit that sparked a mini-riot in the gymnasium of St. Yrieix, with improvised autograph signings and photo memories." "But the good guy doesn't have a big head. Fun and friendly, Batum played a game with the kids. "Four years ago, when I was still a Junior (in high school)," says the man who was trained in Le Mans, "it would have also made my dreams when an NBA player had come to visit me. Coming here makes me happy. I was not going to be the guy who hides in a corner with his dark glasses and wants to talk to nobody. It's good to participate in an event like this. It's fresh. It's a nice change for me from the NBA, a totally overrated and hyper-mediatized universe where it's all about sponsors and big money." According to the article he will continue his holidays in Thailand before coming back to Portland (for training or re-evaluation of his shoulder?) and then joining the French national team in preparation for the world championships. Article. Photo credit Romain Perrocheau.

Preliminary nominations for French national team, Tony Parker declined invitation today


GUARDS: (Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs), Rodrigue Beaubois (Dallas Mavericks), Yannick Bokolo (BCM Gravelines), Nando DeColo (Power Electronics Valencia), Fabien Causeur (Cholet), Aldo Curti (Entente Orleanaise), Antoine Diot (Le Mans), Joseph Gomis (Unicaja Malaga), Edwin Jackson (SPO Rouen), Aymeric Jeanneau (Asvel Villerbaunne), Abdoulaye M’Baye (JDA Dijon), Marc Antoine Pellin (Chorale Roanne). FORWARDS: Nicolas Batum (Portland Trail Blazers), Boris Diaw (Charlotte Bobcats), Alexis Ajinca (Charlotte Bobcats), Mickael Pietrus (Orlando Magic), Mamoutou Diarra (Chorale Roanne), Mickael Gelabale (Cholet), Dounia Issa (JA Vichy), Thomas Larrouquis (Cholet), Florent Pietrus (Power Electronics Valencia). CENTERS: Joakim Noah (Chicago Bulls), Johan Petro (Denver Nuggets), Ronny Turiaf (Golden State Warriors), Alain Koffi (DKV Joventut), Ian Mahinmi (San Antonio Spurs), Claude Marquis (Juve Caserta), Adrien Moerman (Entente Orleanaise), Kevin Seraphin (Cholet), Ali Traore (Asvel Villerbaunne), Ludovic Vaty (Entente Orleanaise). This will be reduced down to I think 15 or 12 players once the tournament starts end of August.

Beaubois getting courted to play for French national team


At least by his potential teammates, but according to other reports also by the national team coach and the French basketball association. Will he play this September alongside players like Parker, Pietrus, Batum, Noah vs. Spain and maybe Team USA? We'll see. Here is a loosely translated part of a blog post from fellow French player Ali Traore (that mostly deals with the Euroleague Final Four last weekend in Paris ft. Rubio, Navarro, Childress, Kleiza, etc.) "Otherwise I saw the beautiful world. Little Rodrigue Beaubois. We talked, I tried to lobby for the L'Equipe de France. Well yeah, must try to bring them back. But it will be tough with the Dallas Mavericks owner (he says president) Cuban, who doesn't love the national teams that much. But if everyone comes, we could have a big big thing. Last year, we had the best defense and the best record and we got rolling before falling against Spain. So we must continue, it could really be something."

Statsbynumbers: Is there a new (boxscore) stats king in town?


Currently with data for the 2009-10 postseason, but promising to add more soon. Interesting spiced-up boxscores and play by plays with a little more information than you generally get. Looks good. They also have leader boards in some unusual categories, like jumpballs, travels and different violations (e.g. LaMarcus currently figures "high" in the dreaded 3-second violation). Though things like that will get more interesting to follow for a whole regular season once there is more data. E.g. here a boxscore for the game 4 in the Blazers-Suns series. Here is the same game on fellow promising newcomer Hoopdata as a comparison. There is finally some movement in the field of putting better data into the boxscores than just a player making a 2 point shot. We just have to learn over time what is useful, what is rather esoteric and what gets accepted by the general public.

TNT: Mavs gone fishin'


TNT: Mavs gone fishin'

TNT: Blazers gone fishin'. Featuring (from left to right) Brandon Roy, Sam Bowie, Kenny Smith,...


TNT: Blazers gone fishin'. Featuring (from left to right) Brandon Roy, Sam Bowie, Kenny Smith, Greg Oden, and Nate McMillan.

Wendell Maxey for ESPN Page 2: "Roy is a technological caveman"


And Martell Webster is his tech support. Nice behind-the-scenes story. Though I don't like the caveman moniker.

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