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"I shall vanish and be no more,
But the land over which I now roam
Shall remain
And change not."
-Omaha Warrior's Song

I'm trying to be a good troll, much closer to the original mythological creatures in Scandinavia and Iceland and not what is typically associated with Internet trolls. I rarely have insider information and most posts are pure speculation. But unicorns approve of my comments.

"The playoffs now are my grind. My grind for a championship,'' Roy said. "Whatever needs to be done to get there I'm gonna do it.''

Text on a 1979 RC Cola can (series with 35 players): "Bill Walton, 6'11'' 225 C, 11-5-52 UCLA, Best center in NBA in '77-'78. Deft passer as well as high percentage shooter. In a class of himself when healthy." Love that last sentence.

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TNT: Blazers gone fishin'. Featuring (from left to right) Brandon Roy, Sam Bowie, Kenny Smith,...


TNT: Blazers gone fishin'. Featuring (from left to right) Brandon Roy, Sam Bowie, Kenny Smith, Greg Oden, and Nate McMillan.

Wendell Maxey for ESPN Page 2: "Roy is a technological caveman"


And Martell Webster is his tech support. Nice behind-the-scenes story. Though I don't like the caveman moniker.

Bad sponsorship deal ;-)


Bad sponsorship deal ;-)

Bill Walton says he thought about committing suicide due to back pain


A sad story. Luckily he seems to have found new treatment options now to deal with his debilitating pain. Via TrueHoop. As Henry remarks, it reads a bit like PR for a new medical procedure. But the story behind it is worth your time. Walton certainly didn't have it easy with his health.

Victor Claver wins Eurocup with Valencia


On Sunday in parallel to the Lakers - Thunder game, Power Electronics Valencia beat Alba Berlin in a low-scoring Eurocup Final (2nd international league in Europe) with 67-44. Blazers 2009 first round pick Victor Claver had a decent final with 4 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals but missed all his 4 threes (very bad three point shooting game in general). His highlights of the game might have been a scene where he stole the ball and went coast to coast in transition for a layup, as well as another steal close to the end where he toyed with his defender on an around the back dribble. He showed a good ability and effort boxing out, was moving very quick for a 6'10" forward, and in general looked fluid again, but wasn't much of a deciding factor. Australian forward Matt Nielsen was named MVP of the Final Four. He had 7 points and 6 rebounds in the final match. 7'2" center Kosta Perovic, a former second round draft pick of the Golden State Warriors, also had a strong game for Valencia with 17 points and 4 rebounds. 2007 Blazers second round draft pick Derrick Byars (immediately traded to Philadelphia, then going from team to team) was the best player for Berlin in a pretty abysmal team performance with 9 points and 3 rebounds together with German national team PG Steffen Hamann (also 9 points). Trail Blazer Rudy Fernandez won the Eurocup/ULEB Cup with Joventut Badalona in 2008.


Playoooooooffs Motivational Junk

We are on our own, without Brandon and Greg and Joel (and Travis and Steve if you want to honor their contributions to get here), against a seemingly invincible army from Arizona. On the eve of the...

Sixers fire Eddie Jordan - fans approve


Comcast-Spectacor, which owns the Sixers, will fire Jordan, in his first year with the organization, during a press conference scheduled for 11 a.m. at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, according to a source close to the situation. CBS confirms. Yahoo confirms. ESPN has heard from the same sources or just copies the same AP report. You think they could have used some Andre Miller?

Scoreboard watch color chart to see how the standings will turn out. Don't know who created it, I...


Scoreboard watch color chart to see how the standings will turn out. Don't know who created it, I got it from a Moneyball game day thread, but it's nice.

With a win over the Spurs, the Mavs would ensure to play them in the 1st round since the Blazers...


With a win over the Spurs, the Mavs would ensure to play them in the 1st round since the Blazers own the tiebreaker over the Spurs and the Mavs themselves are up at least 1 game over everybody else. With a loss, a matchup with the Blazers could still happen. LA and Oklahoma City are already confirmed as the first matchup. To recap: Dallas has clinched the SW division Dallas can clinch the 2nd seed by: 1) beating San Antonio (and then playing them guaranteed) 2) losing to San Antonio, but Utah losing at least once 3) losing to San Antonio, but having Denver beat Phoenix Otherwise, Dallas will finish 3rd

Former Blazer Rod Strickland charged with DUI - for the 4th time


Strickland played for the Trail Blazers from 1992 to 1996 in over 300 games including playoffs, and again briefly in 2001. He ended his NBA career in 2005, and currently works as an assistant coach for the University of Kentucky in his first season (Wiki). Stopped by police in Lexington, Kentucky, Strickland was charged with "DUI, driving without insurance, driving with no registration tags and disregarding a traffic device".


King Junk

Today's junk is all about Kings. King: A head of state, who may or may not, depending on the style of government of a nation, exercise monarchal powers over a nation, usually called akingdom or...


Joelconomic Junk Sat March 20 Anno Domini 2010

1. Joel is a professional basketball player who coming back from a serious injury plans to play for at least three more years.  During the summer, he has two different contract options with his...

First sign NBA could be out of the recession: There will likely be 4 summer leagues this year, up...


First sign NBA could be out of the recession: There will likely be 4 summer leagues this year, up from 2. Vegas (July 9-18), Orlando (July 5-9), Utah (July 24-30), Chicago (July 11-15). Utah was canceled last year due to a lack of interest from teams, and a few teams put up no summer league team at all. Chicago is new in the calendar, and is reportedly closed to the general public (last year the pre-draft camp was in Chicago, but no summer league). Vegas 20-22 teams, Orlando 6-8 teams, Utah 6 teams & Chicago 5 teams. No announcements which teams will play where yet (Portland typically plays in Vegas).

Art Garcia,

Jeremy Tyler washed out in Israel, but won't come to D-League


His agents/representatives claim that Tyler who dropped out of high school to turn pro in Europe "grew a lot as the season moved on" and that last year he "had a Euroleague offer" (then maybe he should have taken that, though I think he signed with a "too good" team already where he didn't get much playing time, a la Jennings). Tyler reportedly plans to stay in Europe for the 2010-11 season rather than jump to the NBA D-League because his agent "prefer[s] the European development model over the D-League in terms of practice time, support system, nutrition, etc."

Experiences of Sergio and Rudy in the NBA serve as a warning example


From an interview with Spanish PG/SG Sergio Llull, drafted by the Nuggets and then traded to the Rockets for cash in 2009. Question: The experiences of Sergio Rodriguez and Rudy (Fernandez) have made you rethink your options in the NBA? Llull: Yes, it's true that I've taken notice of what has happened to Sergio. A lot. I know that in order to be a big player in the NBA, several things have to happen. That's why I don't want to rush going there. If I ever play in the NBA, I'll do it when I'm ready. ... I don't want to rush going there and spending the time on the bench. I want to make a name for myself in Europe first, win titles and keep improving my game. The Portland Trail Blazers, reducing NBA hopes for strong foreign players league-wide ;-) Adelman and Morey won't be amused. And if Llull takes notice, so probably do Victor Claver and other unsigned draft picks.

NBA Fanhouse: Durant wants to sign extension in OKC this summer


Saying all the right things: "Yeah, that's what I want to do,'' Durant said about signing an extension when he first is eligible, which would be after negotiations can start July 1 and until Oct. 31. "I want to be here. I want to be part of this organization.'' Durant can sign for up to five seasons and approximately $80 million. "If they did offer that, that would be something that nobody could turn down,'' Durant said. "I would be blessed and privileged and honored. But, at the same time, I've got to keep working. ... It would be good (to sign this summer). To know that I can be with a team for a couple (more) years will be cool.'' "I didn't get in the game for just the money,'' Durant said. "I want to be somewhere where I'm comfortable, where I have a chance to win a championship, and I think that will be here.''

Forbes: Bobcats owner lost at least $125 million on the team


Johnson bought the expansion team for $300 million, now sold it for what Forbes reports as $175 million to an investment group around team president Michael Jordan, after more or less actively looking for a buyer for over a year. Likely he lost more in operating expenses during some of the 7 years he owned the team. Forbes' editor claims "the NBA is embarrassed" about this situation. Ladies and gentlemen, your state of the NBA and another indicator how the next Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations for 2011 will go.

Tim Thomas likely will not return this season to care for ailing wife


The nature of her illness is unknown, but it seems to have been an ongoing problem for about a year now and serious enough for him to put this situation ahead of his sport and profession. Good luck to Tricia, Tim, and the rest of their family. (Dallas Morning News via RealGM)

LaMarcus on "Alone With Rome"


"In case you missed it yesterday, LaMarcus Aldridge went "Alone With Rome" yesterday for a segment on ESPN's "Jim Rome Is Burning." All of the topics you would expect to hear are coverered, with LaMarcus doing a real nice job fielding questions about injuries, the Western Conference race and his Texas Longhorns. Some nice and much deserved national love for LMA."


Checking in with Petteri Koponen: "Finally I feel at home"

From a recent interview with Elisa Fiocchi of the Corriere Di Bologna, a local newspaper. A bit crudely translated since my Italian is on an intermediate level, and who knows in which language they...

Flowcharts illustrating the current rosters of ALL NBA teams


Wyn from Canis Hoopus one-upping the player transactions flowchart "business" on his own site, showing how the rosters of all teams developed. To keep it simple, he "only" shows the transactions related to how the players currently on the team ended up there. Amazing work.


Trade Drawer Feb 1 - Realistic Centers

Another month, another attempt to shore up the roster. KP has stated to no one's surprise that "big man" is the biggest need on this team right now if one should get addressed. A need for the rest...

No Blazer in the Rookie-Sophomore game


Rookie Team roster Player (Team) Position Height/Weight School/Country Omri Casspi (Kings) F 6-9/225 Israel DeJuan Blair (Spurs) F-C 6-7/265 Pittsburgh Stephen Curry (Warriors) G 6-3/185 Davidson Tyreke Evans (Kings) G 6-6/220 Memphis Jonny Flynn (Timberwolves) G 6-0/186 Syracuse Taj Gibson (Bulls) F 6-9/225 USC James Harden (Thunder) G 6-5/220 Arizona State Brandon Jennings (Bucks) G 6-1/169 Lottomatica Virtus Roma (Italy) Jonas Jerebko (Pistons) F 6-10/231 Sweden Sophomore Team roster Player (Team) Position Height/Weight School/Country Michael Beasley (Heat) F 6-9/245 Kansas State Marc Gasol (Grizzlies) C 7-1/265 Spain Danilo Gallinari (Knicks) G-F 6-10/225 Italy Eric Gordon (Clippers) G 6-3/222 Indiana Brook Lopez (Nets) C 7-0/260 Stanford Kevin Love (Timberwolves) F-C 6-10/260 UCLA O.J. Mayo (Grizzlies) G 6-4/210 USC Derrick Rose (Bulls) G 6-3/190 Memphis Russell Westbrook (Thunder) G 6-3/187 UCLA

FreeDarko analyzes Phil Jackson's real book picks for his players. Hilarious stuff.


"One of Phil Jackson's most notable tactics as Zen Master is his yearly tradition of selecting books for each of his players to read. He considers the player's personality and needs, and makes a decision based on all available factors. It's one of the clearest reminders that he's a coach who respects and values his players as people, not just basketball players. Most years, we hear a few of the selections through the grapevine. But last night, Phil's girlfriend and Lakers Executive VP of Business Operations Jeanie Buss put all of this year's picks on Twitter. Let us analyze some of the most notable choices and figure out what Phil sees in his team."


Belated Mavs - Celtics recap (photos, videos)

Hey guys, as briefly mentioned in the recap on the main page I was at the Mavs - Celtics game and took quite a lot of photos. Unfortunately I got stuck in a lot of work immediately afterwards, so a...

Erik Spoelstra more decisive than Nate McMillan to install a new starting PG: "We all knew which...


Erik Spoelstra more decisive than Nate McMillan to install a new starting PG: "We all knew which way we were going to go with it, and I didn't want it to be a limbo game, where everybody's just kind of waiting for it to happen," Spoelstra said. "So we went with it right away. Just so everybody could have a clear mind and we could be decisive with it, and everybody could have a clear understanding of which direction we're going." The Heat had just acquired Rafer Alston (in a kind of two-part deal, after trading away Chris Quinn to NJ and NJ buying out Alston so he could sign with the Heat). And immediately Spoelstra made him the starter over Aroyo and Chalmers.

NBA FanHouse

OT Harvard vs. Dartmouth: Scouting Jeremy Lin (pics, videos)

Since I'm in Boston at the moment, I decided to go watch an Ivy League game today. The Blazers don't play again until Sunday, so I hope people don't mind this post taking up a little space in the...


Arenas and Crittenton allegedly drew guns on each other in Wizards locker room on Christmas Eve

This happened during an alleged standoff between Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton over gambling debts, according to information from the NY Post's Peter Vecsey (citing a friend of Crittenton...

Tom Ziller on 'Jerryd Bayless and the liberation of combo guards'


Some interesting observations on traditional coaches (mis-)handling a new breed of in-between point and scoring guards. "McMillan, I'd argue, doesn't believe in Bayless, but believes in what Bayless just did, and knows that right now, with the bench suffering from the losses of Oden (bumping Joel Przybilla to the starting unit), Travis Outlaw, Nicolas Batum and Rudy Fernandez, he as a coach and manager of playing time needs to keep believing in Bayless's work until twilight falls on the guard."

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