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OT: Music II Electic Boogaloo (Opps all links edition)

This is the return of the music thread I promised ages ago but never got around to actually making. Here is the place to discuss what kinds of music you love and hate, both old and new. By now most...

Riddell loses $11.5M in concussion lawsuit

Wonder how this will shape things with the NFL lawsuit.

Jim McMahon speak out about concussions

"Being injured, if you don't play, you don't get paid. If I was able to walk out on that field, I was gonna play," he said in an interview with Chicago's WFLD-TV at his Arizona home. "Had I known about that stuff early on in my career, I probably would have chosen a different career. I always wanted to be a baseball player anyway."


DBNRAFL Live Draft tonight!

Just a friendly reminder to be there or suffer the consequences(auto-pick, yuck).

Chad Johnson arrested

I would make a joke about him being a former Bengal, but assaulting a woman is no joking matter.


The Rebellion Lives On!

Did you not make it into one of the other leagues? Were you not around long enough to be in the DBNFL? Do you have what it takes to join the...

Yet another Bengal in trouble with the law

Looks like it's not just the players anymore.

Manning not ready to retire yet.

"When asked directly if he was retiring due to a neck injury that has already cost him the entire 2011 season, Peyton Manning offered a brief laugh and a smile. "I have no plans on doing that," he said Tuesday afternoon."

Fisher headed to St. Louis

There's one vacancy filled by not Chilly.

That's Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl. Linkage. That game is like a gift that keeps on giving and...


That's Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl. Linkage. That game is like a gift that keeps on giving and giving.

An Oldie but a Goodie

Can't wait til we can write a new one and replace the devil's name with Mike Holmgren's.

NCAA comes down hard on tOSU

"The NCAA hit Ohio State with a one-year bowl ban and other penalties on Tuesday for a scandal that involved eight players taking a total of $14,000 in cash and tattoos in exchange for jerseys, rings and other Buckeyes memorabilia." Personally I think they went a bit overboard on what amounts to less than $2000 per player.

Joe Pa fired, Penn State students keep it classy

But then again I don't expect much better from those that reveled in Tressel's firing.


DBN Rebel Alliance Week One Results

There were a couple really close games and two teams were completely blown out of the water. Find out who after the jump.


DBN Rebel Alliance League is Offically Set

The teams are set and the draft is in. This is not only my first time as league Commissioner, but it was also my first live draft. Only two managers weren't there for the start of the draft,...


The Rebel Alliance wants YOU!

A couple people volunteered for the job of the rebel league commish but nothing ever seemed to materialize, so I decided to make one on Yahoo.  The settings will be the default Yahoo settings, and...

And the Brett Favre soap opera starts again.

Side note: Howard Eskin doesn't know how to spell Brett Favre, and uses arbitrary capitalization.

Mike Vrabel is hanging up his cleats

"Under most circumstances, an old player beginning his second career as a position coach at his alma mater doesn't make for much of a headline. Then again, under most circumstances, the fledgling assistant in question doesn't happen to be an active NFL player with three Super Bowl rings. Citing "sources close to the program," the Columbus Dispatch has confirmed rumors that ex-Ohio State All-American and 14-year NFL vet Mike Vrabel is returning to OSU as linebackers coach. The official announcement is expected on Monday." About time there was some good news for tOSU.


Off Topic: Music

I decided to do the music thread because I have a very broad taste in music. I like a little bit of just about any genre, though I don't classify certain musical acts the same way some do. The E...


Round 2 is here, who does our big board suggest?

It seems we did a decent job of predicting who would go in the first round, only three players we didn't rate were drafted in C Ponder, A Castonzo, and J Carpenter. We obviously blew it in Bowers...


I can't believe he toppled the Super Bowl MVP. It's down to Hillis and Vick. Make sure to do your part to keep Vick from getting the nod a second time.

Goodell speaks again

Seems like every thing this guy or the owners say is a PR move. No replacement players huh? If what I gather on DBN is correct there can be no replacement players because the work stoppage is on the owners here, not because of a player strike. Anybody here that's savvy in the NFL rulebook that cares to rule in on this? The other thing in this article that made me laugh was when he said that he didn't know how long the last offer would stay on the table. That same deal that the players already rejected. That same deal that took the owners four years to come up with and couldn't produce until thirty minutes before the negotiation deadline. The more Goodell talks, the less I like him.

Peterson and Green's Wonderlic scores

If this helps either fall to us it would be awesome. If they both fall to us, which would you choose?

Harrison fine reduced by the NFL

Here's why this upsets me: According to the statement, "Cottrell said he reduced the fines because the players said they understood the rules and have made efforts to adjust their techniques to play with the rules that protect player safety." As I remember Harrison was vividly squawking about how he wouldn't change his style of play to fit the "new rules". When someone has been fined twice for dirty hits after said dirty hit, it would seem they don't deserve to get their fines reduced.


A sign of improvement?

As the season draws to a close, one area of heated discussion lately has been whether or not to fire Mangini and find a new coach. My position is probably already well known around here so I'll...

OT: Great Video on Lebron's newest commercial

I'm glad I'm not the only person who answered the questions he asked in his video, only I was yelling at my TV so it still seems crazy.

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