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Bengals versus Browns - Who (in your heart-of-hearts) do you think will win?

I feel it is essential that the Bengals win the next game or they are on the losing end of any divisional tiebreakers with both the Browns and Ravens, especially after their lame loss to the...


Lovin it but let's not get ahead of ourselves - there's a long way to go to the playoffs...

I have and still maintain that there will be only one team from the AFCN in the playoffs this year - after having the luxury of 2-3 slots over the past several years. That means that we are...


The only time to win is now - there is no second place this year!

The big story behind the loss to Chicago and its possible effect on the Bengals comes in the form of how many slots the AFCN will get in the playoffs. We have been spoiled with 2 or even 3 spots...


Get Johnny Stewart and it's a wonderful life in Cincinnati!

The Bengals should be doing everything they can to get Jonathan Stewart into the fold. We have the picks and the need. Stweart is only 25 years old and is rated #1 on the ranking of elusive backs...


Given how FA is shaping up, how many wins do you expect next season?

2012 OPPONENTS Home Away --> Time to get serious, we know what MB is not going to do in the free agency market, namely pick up impact players, and his draft...


The Ballad of Mediocre Mike Brown

Come and listen to the story ‘bout a boy named Mike, A born disappointment, his Pa disgusted by his sight Then one day he was being a lawyer sh#t, When into his lap fell a team ownership (B...


Why not Nicks, why not the Bengals?

With the Bengals, why do all the analysts want Cincy to draft an unproven guard or go for Ben Grubbs (6'3" - 310lbs.) over Carl Nicks (6'5" - 343lbs.) on the OL to replace Bobbie Williams (6’4" –...


If MB is serious about winning (part 2)

I have been looking at the available free agents and trying to match need and opportunity for the Bengals. The Bengals have a once in a generation opportunity to raise the team to a...


If MB is finally serious about winning...

If Mike Brown is serious about winning and winning now there are some free agent moves he needs to attempt ASAP. For once the Bengals need a sense of urgency from the front office that rejects a...


We're just tired of the "good enough" mentality of Mike Brown

If Cincinnati politicians had a brain in their heads they would have bought the stock instead of letting Mike Brown get his hands on it. We could have been 30% on our way to owning the team like...


It's time to choose, Dalton or Newton?

Arizona Tennessee Indianapolis Jacksonville Houston TOTAL Dalton 1 1 1 1 0 4 passing yards 154 217 264 179 189 1003 rushing yards 48 4 -1 0 2 53 Passing TD 2 3 1 2 1 9 Rushing...


The Myth of the Bengals easy schedule (preseasonus mentalitatis)

It is way past time to put to rest the preseason myth that Dalton has had a much easier schedule to work with than Newton! Total wins by Carolina's opponents through week 11 = 53. Total wins by...

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