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Not Marv Cook - just from the same hometown.

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Bowl Eligibility Report: There May Not Be Enough Teams

  Bowl Eligibility Report   Currently there are 35 Bowl Games, meaning that to fill the spots, 70 teams need to get to six wins apiece.  There is a good chance that this may not happen this...


Nov. 6 Viewing Guide

I do this every week, and I realized that other people might find this useful.  I present my viewing guide for tomorrow.  I have ordered games by start time and how much I want to see each game. ...

Spreadsheet of bowl games with affiliations ranked by prestige.


I made a spreadsheet of Collee Bowl Games sorted roughly by order of prestige. I did this so that I would have a resource 1) To project bowl games with. 2) To determine how regular season games may/may not affect the bowl picture. 3) To determine how bowl games relate to one another. The tiered hierarchy of bowls is pure invention, although that is how the games seem to me in my head. They are sorted so that the selections from each conference flow from top to bottom. There are also two blank columns to fill in matching teams with games. This is probably not useful or interesting to many other people, but someone may find it useful.

Confessions of Former NFL Agent Josh Luchs


This Sports Illustrated piece is an instant must-read for the college football fan. Which, if you're on this website, I presume you are.


Todd Lickliter reminds us that war is peace, slavery is freedom, and failure is improvement.

Todd Lickliter had this to say in this morning's Gazette: "“Our team is actually in almost every category improved over last year, except for obviously wins and losses.” Oh really? Is that so? C...


Interceptions and victories.

via I saw it mentioned somewhere, but it isn't getting nearly enough play.  After the third quarter last week against Indiana, Rick Stanzi leads the nation in interceptions....


Personal Top 25 - Sept. 1

1) USC 2) Oklahoma 3) Florida 4) Ohio State 5) Georgia 6) LSU 7) Texas 8) Wisconsin 9) Alabama 10) Auburn 11) Missouri 12) West Virginia 13) Penn State 14) South Florida 15) Texas...


Top 5 Iowa State Football Demises.

I know, I know, there are so many football demises to choose from, it's impossible to narrow it down to five - well - I'll keep the list recent -  so as to impart my personal feeling on the...

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