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My Parting Gift to Chris Cohan

Before we get started I want to say that this is not about the people that run fan sites.  AT ALL.   Long before the "Flunkster Dude" incident happened I had wondered about the pervasiveness of...

Warriors' Unfair Job Practices Lead to Settlement

After wading through a few hundred pages of Alameda County court documents I put together this piece on a recent civil suit filed against the Warriors by 5 employees.


Best Broadcasting Team for the Warriors is ________?

After listening to the Kings game I felt that there was some really good chemistry between Roye, who announces games on radio,  and Jim Barnett, one of the two TV broadcasters.  For those who...

Randolph in Fight

Let me Preface this by saying that the original post was taken down (presumably by GSOM). I have heard through the grapevine that Randolph really DID get into a fight last Tuesday at Club Spin in Walnut Creek. Apparently Randolph was being antagonized by some haters saying that he "wasn't black." Anyways, blows were thrown. Personally I don't understand why discourse of this subject would not be allowed. So plant-rumors about Wright bulking up are acceptable, but we can't discuss the off-court conduct of one of our young stars? This isn't entirely a bad thing if he can learn to give himself a buffer and avoid those situations. I don't really think that it will be a big deal for Randolph, but I don't see why discussion wouldn't be allowed. Heads Up: The link leads you to WW.net discussion (which was allowed) and then back to the original post, which was nuked.

BASG (Bill Simmons) on Maggette

Apparently the W's have been trying to cover up the fact that Maggette has a bad case of Post-Concussive syndrome.

Inspired by mopete15. This is the prologue of the showdown between Nellie and Rowell.

Inspired by mopete15. This is the prologue of the showdown between Nellie and Rowell.


All your bases are belong to us.

This post is dedicated to the possible free agents and restricted free agents that the Warriors could potentially sign this off season.  Specifically I've restricted my choices to fit a team...

My take on Baron

Some thoughts from a specific 3-day period in the 2008 season that concern Baron Davis and the Warriors. Remember Sundance?


This is what happened to Baron.

via www.shockya.com     Some of you may not know that the Warriors missed the playoffs by a mere 1 or 2 games in the 07/08 season.   Since the Warriors missed the playoffs by such a tiny...


Dear Bob Fitzgerald

Dear Bob Fitzgerald, I am not angry that you post anonymously on blogs and forums.  It does disappoint me that you have publicly badmouthed the online media only to embrace it privately.  Yet I...

The Puppet Master and his Puppet. Courtesy of our buddy dsigns at WarriorsWorld.


The Puppet Master and his Puppet. Courtesy of our buddy dsigns at WarriorsWorld.

Astrologer predicts the downfall of the Cohan era

Astrology isn't really my cup of tea (to me it registers with the Mickey Mouse Club or the Psychic Friends Network), but some people take it very seriously. The astrology references are not clear to me, but the way in which they are tied together relative to Cohan's history is pretty creative. I'll cross my toes just in case it comes true. Here's to celestial intervention I suppose. Where would the suit most likely come from? A minority owner? An employee? The City of Oakland or the County of Alameda? The IRS (has he paid his taxes)? The league? A messy divorce forces Cohan to sell the team or try to split ownership with his wife? I need to stop before I get my hopes up.

Rowell is bad for your health.

Cohn and Mully interview from way back. Looks like it was put on the backburner until Mullin was closer to being in the clear.

Warriors, Rowell, and the New Media

Here's a writeup i did of the Warriors that discusses the way in which they've dealt with the media and fans this season. There's a TK interview in there, and some other goodies. Criticisms are welcome. Thanks for checking it out. Special thanks to TK and BritWarriorGSW.

Pulling a Harrington

Perhaps this definition should now include losing games via pull-up technical foul. Let us know over on GSOM if he does this to you guys too.

The plot thickens (Baron's ugly departure)

We're expecting a response from Baron soon. It'll be ugly the next time he visits Oracle.

Calathes to enter draft without an agent

Sounds like Nelson fodder to me. Even though he is projected to be a late first or early second round pick the Warriors should seriously consider any 6'6" PG in the draft. Won't lie I don't know much about thim.


Ref's no calls will continue to hurt the W's... Literally

I've watched almost every game this year, and regarding the officiating this is the conclusion I've come too.   Ginobili, Parker, Kobe and anyone else you want to be named get a lot of calls...

Things to come

Observations from my trip to the 76er's game, and a second hand conversation from Robert Rowell.

It's Official

After all was said and done I simply couldn't help myself. I hope you enjoy, and hopefully another one of our players never has this type of injury ever again.

One of many interesting rants.

First of all I am not trying to advertise another blog. I actually think that this site is kind of a fresh slap in the face from time to time, and we don't get that enough. So please don't delete this post (though I wouldn't be surprised since his content is pretty negative). I've been reading this guys blog on and off all season, but have never once seen him cited or mentioned here. This guy is pretty nuts. If you can filter out all the insults there is some really substantive material with a lot of truth behind it. You need to read between the lines to see where he is coming from. I think he is a season ticket holder. His writing is creative, but purposefully aggravating. So don't get your panties in a twist when you read his stuff. You may have seen him on Steinmetz, Lepper and Kawakami blogs under the name Chris Cohan. He either doesn't post here or he uses a different name, although if you read his work you can tell he is pretty disgusted with the fan blogs. Kinda funny since he basically created a blog designed to trash the franchise into respectability. Sometimes its hard for me to digest what he says (not that I don't comprehend it), but it's usually a hard pill to swallow. Despite his "In your face" approach I have to say I sympathize with the guy. Cohan and Rowell are garbage. That is all.


Sessions please.

First of all.  Every Milwaukeean should sue "Miwaukee's Best" brewing company for selling the crappiest beer, and giving you all a bad name.  I tasted that beer, and the first thing that came to...


The Amaretards Come Flocking

What is the point of getting Amare?  More than likely we would have to give up Biedrins and a major chunk of our future (Randolph, Wright, or Turiaf).  All for what?  One year of basketball in...

No Morrow in 3 Point Contest

Too bad, would have been really cool to have him in the 3's contest. I think he deserved to go.

In a "Baddle of the Bads" the worst writers in ESPN Baddle for the West.

Bucher and Broussard compare the Clips and the Warriors to debate which team is worse. I wasn't going to do a fanshot, but then I read the article and saw how BAD it was, and couldn't help myself. They don't compare schedules, injuries or coaches farther than skin deep. Seems like a convo they texted each other while sitting on the can this morning if you ask me. Clips are worse. There I said it.

Apparently the Warriors have no marketable goods.

Either this guy is blind or he doesn't think that the Warriors have a logjam at the guard position. Not only that, but its been pretty much understood that the Warriors are entertaining ALL their options. Maybe ESPN was so upset about their ratings last Wednesday that they have omitted the Warriors from their coverage. That or we simply don't belong in the trade playoffs either.......... makes me a sad panda. What does this bode for the Warriors' pre-trade deadline future?

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