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nice intro to franklin's offense


Some of our Ohio State "friends" at Eleven Warriors have taken it upon themselves to take a look at what Franklin's offense might look like in Happy Valley based on his background and what he did at his previous institution. It's a pretty nice breakdown, very fair and balanced, heavily lacking in opinion. Read the comments at your own risk (skid21, for instance, isn't a big believer in hackenberg. you can quote him on that).

Antoine Logan-El, 7 years later


Pretty interesting article about what Antoine Logan-El (former 5-star OL recruit that ended up busting HARD at PSU) has done with his life since leaving Penn State. Gives some insight into his commitment ceremony controversy (apparently the MD fans were fairly outraged when he picked us over them). It turns out that Logan-El is actually gay, and that maybe some of his mental issues may have been due to the fact that he wasn't comfortable coming out with it at the time. I wonder how his career would have been different if he had come out while at Penn State, sort of like the Michael Sam situation. Anyway, pretty interesting discussion possibilities for "what if?"

Jonesy's latest input


So I think this is very interesting. Jones is not a fan of Franklin potentially getting the PSU job because, in his opinion, penn state needs the stability that munchak or golden would bring. Discusses the vandy rape case, the whole assistant coaches' wives comment, and how he thinks franklin's a salesman who would bail to work his way up. I think it's weird that jones would put himself out like this...supposing franklin did end up with the job, it's not exactly the best way for a beat reporter to start out on at least neutral terms with the new coach.

O'Brien on Rich Eisen podcast


In which our esteemed coach: 1. Discusses his relationship with Tom Brady and the life of an NFL assistant coach 2. Talks about the genesis of his aggressive 4th down mentality 3. Etc.

scranton slinger keeps moving up


Look who's now the NO 2 QB on the Raiders. That's pure moxie. On a side note, I wonder how weird it is for Wiz to have Pryor's hands on his ballsack.


No Friends Among Our Peers So this is a story that goes behind the scenes of the NCAA negotiations. ...

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