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NCAA Football Video Game Series is dead


EA says they aren't making an NCAA Football game in 2014 and it doesn't look good beyond that

NFL to Have Sliding Scale of Suck when it comes to assigning replacement referees to games


Hadn't seen this discussed anywhere on here yet. Also, gotta give it up for a Farnsworth reference.

Selig And Weiner Get Panties in a Knot Over Cano


This is my favorite line 'It struck me that it moved a little bit past traditional good-natured booing" Does Weiner really think that when people are booing, they're doing it all in jest?

There may never be a written explanation of the Braun mediation ruling


Management is apparently ok with this. I wish I didn't love the game of baseball so much, because it sure seems like the actual league wants me to hate it.

Herp De Derp Bobby, Herp de Derp


So apparently, Bobby Valentine claimed that Kevin Youkilis isn't as dedicated to the game as he used to be. Redsox players aren't too happy about this, with Dustin Pedroia basically saying that Bobby isn't managing in Japan anymore. Yowza!



I'm bored. Therefore I thought I'd post this. Boredom .

Looks Like The Marlins Are Running Out of Cash


Apparently the Marlins have dropped out of the race for Albert Pujols. If this article is right and they aren't going after Albert because Buehrle basically capped off their spending then they won't be going after Fielder either.


Why the hell is Moneyball a movie?

Am I the only one who isn't all that impressed about a story where a team goes from bad, to mediocre, to a couple of seasons of pretty good and then back to mediocre to bad?

Cubs are still trying to figure out what's going on with Zambrano


Retirement papers haven't been filed as of yet and I doubt they will be.


Who's your least favorite baseball announcer?

I'm at the office this morning, but finding it incredibly hard to get motivate to do actual work.  I was listening to Sirius XM on the commute in and they were playing the highlights from last...

How do you sum up how bad this franchise is in one sentence? The team is coming off a 4-12 season...


How do you sum up how bad this franchise is in one sentence? The team is coming off a 4-12 season and it's head coach, sporting a losing career record was given an extension.

A Call for the Return of the Death Penalty in College Sports


NCAA football is at a crossroads. While the sport is seeing record revenues thanks to giant television contracts and merchandise sales, there is also a cancer that is permeating what is rapidly becoming America's pastime.

Ryan Theriot already proving his worth


"The Padres managed just two hits the first seven innings but scored two runs, and finally capitalized on shortstop Ryan Theriot's (FSY) fielding error."

NCAA Football Player Ratings


It appears that this year the guys who were in charge of Teambuilder were a bit more on their game as the rosters (at least as far as the players on them) are WAY more accurate.

It's time to take the All-Star vote away from the fans


Apparently the Florida Marlins are handing out free tickets to any fans who fill out 200 All-Star ballots. The catch is that the fans must vote for every single Marlin on the ballot. The only solace is that all four fans who go to their games probably don't know who is actually on the team anyway,

Cake honoring Bobby Cox has hilarious misspelling


How is there someone living in Georgia who doesn't know how to spell Bobby's name?

Turner Gill: The Invisible Man?


I'm a Husker fan, who has just become a Jayhawk fan for any game where we don't play you. I saw this article a couple of days ago, highlighting Gill. Ironically, it was apparently written just hours before the news hit that he was KU bound

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