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Start with : "Fall of The Republic" it's free on youtube, no it's not some 5 min home made video, it's a quality 2.5 HR documentary, cost about $100,000.00 to make, that the creator has put on the internet for FREE to get the word out featuring expert historians, economists, climatologists etc... Then check out Educate-yourself.org ; infowars.com ; breakingthroughthematrix.com ; the internet is one of the LAST free (as in freedom), unregulated sources of information (and that will change too if we don't fight to keep it that way). USE IT. TALK ABOUT THE ISSUES! QUIT BEING LAZY, QUIT BEING SCARED, RISE UP. Quit going to facebook and posting stupid shit like "I hope today will be a good day!" or "Movie night with my family!" or "Can't wait for this concert!" or other similiar stupid, irrelevant, bullshit. Take the blinders off, WAKE UP! Google "Television Flicker Rate" see what you come up with.

Then turn off the TV and get yourself a copy of the constitution, some history books like "A people's history of the united states" by Howard Zinn and some geopolitical/social engineering data written by the con artists themselves such as "Propaganda" by Edward Bernays or "Between Two Ages" by Zbigniew Brzezinski. Look up "Club of Rome" and read about who they are and what they do and how they say "humanity is the true enemy". If I'm wrong, PROVE IT, logically defeat or discredit the information.

BTW, I love MMA, but I love FREEDOM more, every profile on every site I frequent has this info, why? CAUSE I DONT CARE HOW IT GETS OUT, IT JUST NEEDS TO GET OUT TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE. If you read a real history book that's not nationalistic you'd realize you were a slave. Born into a system based on debt, you don't even own what you produce. That paycheck you get has taxes taken out before it gets to you, the govt tells you "here you go you can keep this %". You don't pay taxes, they TAKE taxes, keep being a slave and watching that TV if that's how you wanna live.

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User Blog

Want to support a police state? Love Nazi Germany? Hate the 1st amendment? CLICK HERE

I ran across this guy (Mark Dice) a couple weeks ago and some of the videos he does, while funny, are pretty damn sad. He acts like he's collecting signatures for a petition, all of which are...


Maniac Memories

So I just got done bitching at Joben in another thread and thought about why I responded to him the way that I did. Mainly because I really don't know him, not sure how long he's been around or if...



I wanted to see what kinda books everyone's into. I recently decided to go back to school since I wasn't happy with where I'd landed in the work place. I'm a history major now and I've really been...


News Headlines for Discussion/Debate

I ran across a couple interesting articles this morning that I thought would be good for debate/discussion. Just something to pass the time here on mania. Hopefully I can get a little perspective...


Let's put the "MAN" back in mmaMANia

Alright men, the first plan for this thread was to just reverse that last disaster and talk about which female mma fighters we would like to impregnate with our seed but what would be the...


Pain relief for muscle soreness

Alright, here's the story. I just recently got myself a personal trainer, trying to get back into that shape I was in years ago. I haven't seriously worked out in a loooooonnnng time. Now I am...


Domestic Terrorism

I know this isn't MMA related but I read a very disturbing article this morning and wanted to share it with everyone. This type of thing has been in the works by this government for years. They...



via upload.wikimedia.org Yes that's right, here it is. Newfie you challenged me, I rose up and crushed it. Mot, you've inspired me, I now know after seeing your Blackfly series that...


The New BrackFry Comic: The Moron Conspiracies

A plague has befallen Mania... We the residents, have been made to suffer this garbage for far too long and as one man heroicly stood up and said: "It's time to move on." - Cl4aim3r. Simple,...



Ok I posted this in a thread but I think it needs it's own fan post to get as much attention as possible from the PAGE FANS!  The only thing we as fans can do is show our support, and the liklihood...


The Colossus.....

 It has been determined by the scientific community that it is the biggest of it's kind on our planet today ...  Many have used words such as Mammoth, Gigantic, Gargantuan, Dinosauric and even...


'The Voice' vs Wanderlei Silva full video from HDNet

'The Voice' vs Wanderlei Silva full video from HDNet


Charlie Sheens brave heroic stand against the tyrannical therapy police

THE SHEEN is being bashed left and right and I need to scour all corners of the internet to gain some support for the man since he's being unjustly attacked by this recent media frenzy.  If that...



A battle to the death for the hand of -Sarah....  looks like Holland was sporting a lab coat and bringing a knife into the fight; shame on you Jesse...  ANS has probably the most fashionable hair...


Got in a fight this weekend...and got owned

I figured I'd share this real life story with everyone....



I can't live in this cruel, forsaken, country backward shit land anymore!


The best translation of true mma fighting put into a film

Donnie Yen is the fucking man; there's so many lame, shitty put together fight scenes in the American made attempts to adapt MMA to film that it really makes me appreciate seeing a fight scene of...



Alright fellow Maniacs, I'm sure most of you notice that I've been doing a lot of photoshop lately, mostly amatuer quality but some of them are decent and on the other side of the spectrum... not...


Victory or Fight of the Night?

I just had an interesting debate concerning Anderson Silva's most recent performance and what I'd like to do as a result is generalize this question and poll the Maniacs on the subject. Is it a...


Are you ready for the apocalypse?

    It has recently come to my attention that perhaps in our day to day lives as we enjoy our hobbies, work hard to get ahead in our society and spend time with friends and family we may...

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