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He is the life of parties... that he has never attended.
If he were to punch you in the face... you would have to fight off the urge to thank him.
Sharks have a week... dedicated to him.
He wouldn't be afraid to show his feminine side... if he had one.
His Mother has a tattoo that reads... "Son".
At Museums... He's allowed to touch the art.
He once challenged his reflection to a staring contest... on the 4th day he won.
His reputation is expanding ... faster than the universe.
He once had an awkward moment ... just to see how it felt.
He lives vicariously...through himself.
His personality is so magnetic... he can't carry credit cards.
Even his enemies list him as their emergency contact number.
He never says anything tastes like chicken... not even chicken.
People hang on his every word... even the prepositions.
He could disarm you with his looks... or his hands... either way.
He can speak French... in Russian.
He once punched a magician... that's right, you heard me!

He is... The OBNUG Intern.

Stay thirsty my friends!

Follow me on twitter... if you dare.

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  • NCAAF Boise St. Broncos
User Blog

Oregon State - Boise State tickets: You want some? Good luck!


Where to look for tickets to the Oregon State - Boise State game.


Thank you Virginia Tech! From a Boise State fan.

Your team and your fans are a class act! Tear up the ACC and the rest of your schedule!

McShay has good things to say about Boise State defense.


McShay has good things to say about Boise State defense.

Video from the uniform unveiling. HT @KTVBKelsy


Video from the uniform unveiling. HT @KTVBKelsy

Fear The Moore


AA sees Kellen make improvements. He's smarter and more accurate. Opposing teams will cry.


OBNUGers Assemble!

For those of you who are interested. Lets coordinate this. If you would like to meet some other OBNUGers and possibly meet Kevan (just don't try to talk to him about Whole Foods, he hates that...

Remember Marcus Henry? Well now he's a Bronco!


Remember Marcus Henry? Well now he's a Bronco!

Boise State's Formula For History


More attention from ESPN! I LOVE IT!

Boise State on the cover of USA Today!


Boise State on the cover of USA Today!

Heisman Pundit Q&A w/ Kellen Moore

Q. This league is known for some very good quarterbacks, including another possible Heisman contender in Colin Kaepernick. What are your thoughts on him? Heisman contender?! HAHAHAHA

Not a big Phil Steele fan anymore...


"In the Miami game last year, (Virginia Tech) played like (its) hair was on fire," Steele said. "I expect to see Virginia Tech's A-plus-plus game. Can Boise beat that? I don't think so."

What rivalry?!


From BSU prez Bob Kustra: "...why would I want to encourage a game where people don’t know how to act like grownups?" Thata boy Kustra! Although, it would be nice to get on top of the streak win column!

A guide to online Bronco fandom (Building A Better Fan Week)


Where are the best and worst places for Bronco fans to go online? Find out how BSU fans can make the most of their Internet experience.

This is freakin hilarious! Thanks J Bates!


This is freakin hilarious! Thanks J Bates!


Did you guys hear the News....


J Rob pleads guilty to a misdemeanor charge of battery.


"The judge gave Robinson 180 days in jail, suspended 160 days and gave him credit for one day already served. Prosecuting attorney Tanner Stellmon says Robinson will likely serve the remaining 19 days in a sheriff's inmate labor detail. Additionally, Robinson will have to pay at least $29,000 for his victim's medical bills. That total could eventually go higher. The judge suspended a $1,000 fine and ordered two years of probation, with the first year supervised. He will also have to perform an additional 200 hours of public service and take any classes ordered by his probation officer."

SportingNews ranks Boise State No. 3, picks Moore as top-five player in 2010


SN's preview magazine also names eight Broncos first-team All-WAC and Bryan Harsin one of the nation's top five assistant coaches. Sheesh. Get a room, Sporting News.

BCS Revenue Discrimination? Dr. Kustra Thinks So.



Phil Steele's All WAC Team


Kellen Moore, 1st Team QB of BOSIE State (I wonder where that is?) Other than that it looks pretty good to me, but does this make up for the Kellen Moore AA Team snub?

Is Boise State Really THAT Much Better Than.... UTEP?


Huh?! "Yes, Boise State football has been BCS caliber of late. Can that last? Boise, Idaho, is growing rapidly; its metropolitan area is about 400,000. It has an airport. But sustaining a winning football program is much more difficult than maintaining power in basketball, a la Gonzaga. Fresno State couldn't do it. Some schools are one-year flashes, such as Hawaii a few years ago." Uh.... Isn't Boise State the winningest Football program of the past decade?

Boise State Recruit Izzy Marshall Gets An Offer


"I've got my heart set on Boise State," said Marshall, who sounded like he was ready to commit to t he Broncos. "They're the No.3 team in the country." Marshall, 6-foot-2, 205 pounds, can play strong safety and outside linebacker. Sounds like another good one!

Kevan Answers Green Gang Nation's Tough Questions


Kevan chats with his Green Gang Nation counterpart about Kyle Wilson.

We are half way there!


"How was your Cinco de Mayo? It was indeed a very special day on the calendar. Ah yes, it marked the halfway point between the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl and Boise State’s Labor Day date with Virginia Tech. So the Broncos are comin’ down the other side toward their most prominent regular season game yet. And the heat can’t get here soon enough. Only 50 degrees yesterday? BSU needs to acclimate itself to the oppressive air it’ll experience at FedEx Field—the sooner the better. There’s not way to duplicate that humidity here, though. Not unless the coaching staff shuts the doors of the Caven-Williams indoor facility, cranks the heat up to 90, and turns on giant vaporizers during fall camp." From the Scott Slant.

Suspended Boise State player agrees to plead guilty to misdemeanor battery for bar fight.


"Suspended Boise State senior safety Jason Robinson has agreed to spend 19 days in jail and begin making restitution to a man whose jaw was broken in a bar brawl in February." Lets all give JRob some support. Hopefully we'll see him back on the field!

NY Jets 1st Rd CB Kyle Wilson throws out first pitch (Mets game behind the scenes)


NY Jets 1st Rd CB Kyle Wilson throws out first pitch (Mets game behind the scenes)

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