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I'm a native Oregonian that currently lives in Oregon City. I am a dad, husband, public school teacher (Yes, a man Kindergarten teacher), Blazer fan, and a free lance jazz bass player. My avitar is from my favorite TV show "Mystery Science Theater 3000" because I'm a nerd. :-)

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Seattle Mariners
  • NBA Portland Trail Blazers
  • NFL Seattle Seahawks
  • NCAAF Oregon St. Beavers
  • NCAAB Portland St. Vikings
  • Golf Happy Gilmore
  • NASCAR Ricky Bobby
  • MMA Chuck Norris
  • Boxing Apollo Creed
  • Soccer Portland Timbers
  • Cycling Lance Armstrong
User Blog

Lopez around Portland.


Man this guy fits here well. Almost like he was born here. This is way better than any of the other "NBA Cares" videos. Lopez is an actual reader!

Sad A. Iverson article.


Unreal how fast he crashed. Long article, but worth the read.

Carmelo out for tonights game.


Felton will have a nice green light to shoot now.

8 People shot in OKC after win.


Such a black eye on a great series,and win. I was thinking Thunder Alley looked like a really cool idea. The world just keeps getting scarier.

Coach Cheeks' favorite play.


I saw this one way too many times! Courtesy "The Onion", all in fun.

The Onion: Strong Side/Weak Side (Lin)


Love the strong side comment about D'Antoni point guards.

Shaq: A Retrospective (The Onion)


An entertaining slide show of Shaq with an Onion Sports Network twist!

Obama 3-3


I know that this is something that would/should be posted in August. But it's pretty cool. I don't remember this being posted before. It's a game of three on three that Obama played before he was the President. He actually has some good skills. Post up, dribble drive, dimes, and a jump shot. Pretty fun view.

Ron Artest Suspended For Game 3


Not a shocker. But man, what an idiot. Go through your own man to clothesline a sub six footer. What the heck was he thinking? Don't know if this hurts them too much(I hope it does however). They seem to play better when Odom starts IMO.

Funny Ending to The Cleveland Show


I still am irritated by LeBron but this is a pretty funny ending on the show that featured a lot of NBA All-Stars. Hulu it. It's a pretty good episode!

Wallace hopes to be in the starting lineup soon (w/video).


He thinks he is adjusting well to the team, and hopes to be in the first unit soon. I hope he is too. He still sounds like Scottie Pippen!

Cavs trying to trade for Dre.


Haven't seen this posted anywhere else. Looks like the Cavs may have offered Mo Williams for Dre. Hope this got shot down rather quickly (one poster even said they don't see how Dre would benefit them!! Ha!!).

Press Hop 2


I know that Press Hop was very popular here. Here is the follow up by DJ Porter, Press Hop 2. Mr. Iverson has a nice little cameo in it! (Sorry to post two times today)

Blazers Best and Worst.


I didn't see anyone else link this from O-Live. The Blazers are telling the best part of being an NBA player and the worst part. Check out Dantae "CTC" Cunningham's "best"! :^)

NBA All Overrated Team


There is also an all underrated team on the sidebar. Pretty harsh on some of them. Sorry if it's a re-post, I'll delete it if it is.

You Tube fun.


I was just surfing You Tube and came across this video of Sabas when he was 18. I thought it would be fun to link some of your favorite You Tube clips. Any former or current Blazer allowed! Sabas, Mo Lucas, JR Rider, Brandon, Sheed, Duck, Buck, Clyde. Anyone! Take us away from the "drama", and CP3 trades for a while. ;-) Let's see 'em!

Will Miami be the F.T. attempted leader of all time?


Just looking around at stat stuff and came across this. LBJ, Wade and Bosh are top six in freebies attempted per game. How long will their games take? Will it be a constant parade to the foul line next year?

A haters guide for the L@kers.


From the Celtics blog. Pretty good stuff!

Amar'e witnesses his mom's arrest.


Probably one of the last things he needs on his mind right now.

LeBron's Elbow Speaks!


A funny video (By The Basketball Jones) about the most famous elbow on ESPN. Some PG-13 language.

NBA Over-Accessorizers


Our own Jerryd Bayless makes the list. (But not too bad)

PTI: 5 good minutes-Greg Oden


This is a pretty good interview of Greg from this summer. I had not seen it, if it has already been posted, please tell me and I'll delete it. Oden is so honest and cool. Enjoy!

Nate on Nye.


I put this link in the Nate photo as well. I thought it would be wort its own shot. Nate was on Bill Nye the Science Guy many years ago. His spot is at about 2:55 in the clip. I show this every year in my class as part of the human body (the whole show). Nate does a fine job as an actor!

Cavs reach for Frye


Cavs want a four that can shoot from the outside to clear space for Shaq. Sounds like the perfect home for the Buffet.

Interpreting the pre-draft measurements.


I found this on "Blog A Bull". It is VERY nicely put together with spread sheets of current NBA starters measurements, and Pre-Draft measurements. The author even made a nice summary of the first round guys.

Blazers Invade Hollywood (Bust A Bucket)


Bust A Bucket does a great job with these movie posters. The Rudy one is a little disturbing however. The KP one is GOLD.

Dirk's fiance arrested & pregnant.


Saw this on Mavs Money Ball. It goes without saying, this is one of the last things Dirk needs to be thinking about in the playoffs! What was he thinking?

10 Reasons to despise the Lakers.


This is from "The Dream Shake". Very funny, has some PG-13ish language. They do a great job over there.

Remember when we used to check this site daily?


ESPN has their new mock draft site up and running. I love these new Blazer days. I don't even know when the draft is, and it feels so good!

Top Ten Most Hated Players


This is a great link from Bust A Bucket. VERY clever photoshopping.

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