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I'm a native Oregonian that currently lives in Oregon City. I am a dad, husband, public school teacher (Yes, a man Kindergarten teacher), Blazer fan, and a free lance jazz bass player. My avitar is from my favorite TV show "Mystery Science Theater 3000" because I'm a nerd. :-)

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Seattle Mariners
  • NBA Portland Trail Blazers
  • NFL Seattle Seahawks
  • NCAAF Oregon St. Beavers
  • NCAAB Portland St. Vikings
  • Golf Happy Gilmore
  • NASCAR Ricky Bobby
  • MMA Chuck Norris
  • Boxing Apollo Creed
  • Soccer Portland Timbers
  • Cycling Lance Armstrong
User Blog

Hindsight is 20/20

You can always look back, and think about what could have been. I was perusing the web site http://www.nbahoopsonline.com/History/Leagues/NBA/drafts/index.html and looking at our draft picks since...


Junk Drawer 2/18 Junky Links.

  I thought I’d give this whole junk drawer thing a try. So I decided to find some links for your junky pleasure. Some Blazer related, and others are just for fun. Enjoy! Go Blazers! Have a Junky...


Luftman replacement?

The Tony Luftman fanshot got me to thinking. Who would you like to see replace him? Yes there is MUCH worse than Tony. But this is Portland! We can upgrade! Here are some guys that I would like to...


12/23 Stuck in the snow Trade drawer.

16+" of snow here in the hills of Oregon City. Wow! Maybe the Blazers were thinking about the snow yesterday? Let's go get em' tonight! Cruzing hoopsworld I came across this trade proposal....

Oden article that starts out bad, but ends okay.


I was a little peved when I first started reading this. But they gave Oden some credit by the end. I can't wait for a few years down the road. Then we'll see how great Perkins is vs. Oden.



Kind of a fun link. I would like some more Brandon Roy dunks. He has 5. It seems like a lot of his lay ups could be dunks. I know they are all worth two, and the most important thing is to win. But they pump the crowd up! I would also like to see Blake throw one down. No reason why. I just think it would be cool.

Oden upset with J. Quick


Quick tells Oden tha he in underwhelmed from his performances in preseason. I'm not saying our reporters should use kid gloves. But Greg has enough pressure on him without our own guys bringing him down. Mind you, Quick did try to explain what he meant. I hope Oden doesn't crack under all this pressure he puts on himself. Being under the National microscope doesn't help either.

Miles can make them pay


Article from Boston. It's been talked about already here. Now they are talking about it there. One exec. admits it may be good to play Miles 10 games to keep Portland down in the future. Doesn't matter Ainge. In the end, you still gave us Roy.

More Miles News.


Out of Bean Town. They sound very high on him. KG likes him, and so does Pierce. So I guess that's good for him. I don't see him filling the Posey role. Not near the fire, energy, or three point range.

Sergio wants out?


13 paragraph down has a link. Anyone speak Spanish? I think I got the gist. He wants out.

Beasley Fined 50k


Glad we didn't get him. Blazing it up on the rookie weekend. Can't you handle NOT lighting up for ONE weekend? Guess he wasn't taking noted in class. You'd think this would diminish his chances at the Rookie Of The Year running.

ESPN Blazer Projections '08-'09


Some more fun stuff from the web. I'd be happy with the G.O. projection.

Spain is right!


It's been talked about. But this youtube is very nicely put together. It's traveling in the NBA too our Spanish friends! It drives us crazy too.


Mac 10 talks about Oden, Roy, Rudy, Luke, etc.

Another cool article from the O-Live and Mr. Freeman. A lot of stuff to talk about. He seemed to be hinting that Oden is working on his Point Guard skills. Maybe joking? Roy and Oden doing well. We...


Mac 10 Loves Rudy!

This is from O-Live. Great article about how much coach likes The Smooth Criminal. He was having a hard time not cheering on the dunk on howard, and keeping a straight, serious face whenever Rudy...


Travis on the block?

I don't know how credible this web site is. But they stated that the Blazers have offered Travis to the Memphis Griz. for a point guard. I don't see it happening, but you never know. This is a link...


Dang it! Darius signed!!!

Celtics are my new enemy. How long will he last there before he's cut, or do you think that he'll actually contribute? There goes our big cap space. Can't believe...


What was your favorite game you attended?

I have never been able to afford to see many games, and I never attended a playoff game. I have a lot of favorite games on T.V. I have seen a few in the Memorial C., and the Rose Garden (Is that...


Where are they now? i.e. google fun

I thought it would be fun to see where some of our past Blazers are now. I'll get the ball rolling. (I'm NOT trying to be Canzono here) Here is an old friend J.R. Rider. Thank you Wikipedia!     ...


Playoffs '09-future (I think we'll be O.K.)

I was thinking about the future of our team and the playoffs. I think we will do okay. We did much better vs. up and coming teams then we did vs. the decliners. Here is the data. DECLINERS S...


OT: More Karl Malone

Old news, but new article (via Mr. Abbot @ Trruehoop). Hre's the money quote.   It would be one thing if Malone was unable to financially provide for his son, but he made more than $100 million...


D'Antoni Gone.

I can't believe this. I guess that his team wasn't really going anywhere soon, but to bail on them? With the announcement so soon after being eliminated, it makes me wonder if this was on his mind...


N.Y. disaster story

I can't remember if I read this link from someone in here, or another site. If it was h ere, my apologies. It is an eye opening article about the train wreck that N.Y. is. They make the Blazers...

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