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I like the Cardinals.

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October Baseball!


October Baseball!

For Dee Dee or Spring Training 2011


I'll try to post more as I go along, but here are a few photos of Cards/Mets in Port St. Lucie.


Cardinals Christmas Carol

So I just made up a Christmas Carol in my head and thought I'd share. Feel free to make one up as well. To the tune of Jingle Bells. Card-i-nals, Card-i-nals, Cardinals all the way. Oh what fun...

Favorite Logo? Thought this would be a good way to collect them!


Favorite Logo? Thought this would be a good way to collect them!


Cardinals Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope Santa was good to you this year. I have many things to be thankful for this year! The first is not the Cardinals winning the World Series though. (It is second) I was...



There has been much debate over pitching that I had to figure out some things for me that I would like to share. Here is a list of rotations with 06 ERA and the average ERA. I added Batista to ours...


Mark McGwire and Baseball Writers came across this article in the USA Today recently. I really made me angry. It made me angry for two reasons....


Gut-Check Time

Hellooooo Cards Fans! Still basking in the glow of a World Series win? I sure am! Want to repeat badly? I sure do! I sure as heck don't want to wait 24 years for the next one! (Here comes the BUT.)...


Mr. Walter (Call me Bocephus) Jocketty

Okay I'm playing Walter for a second so bear with me. This is going to sound hair-brained and as a matter of fact it is. But I hate waiting for trades and stuff so I try to come up with crazy...


Need Rookie Help

I have been wanting to post this for a while and I never got around to it. I think this is a good idea for us that know computers, but don't know the "tricks" to it. Also I wanted to know some...


Silly thing I heard

I was listening to the local (OK) radio sports show today and I heard an interesting thing and wanted your take on it. They said that A-Rod was probably going to be on the trade-block but who could...



     How long can a team be streaky for? The reason I ask this is that I feel this team is scary good when it is on. The other reason I ask this is because if the stars line up in our favor, this...


Starting Rotation Debate

 I want to debate two things. What has to be done this year. Looking at who we got and what they have done, what is the perfect senario for us to succeed this year. (This is where I hope the stat...

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