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Proud '97 PSU Grad who was recently told by his 16 year old cousin, "you're old, like an uncle". OUCH. Hence, the moniker. Proud to be an OLDLION, hey I'm old school anyway. Also work as an attorney in big bad NYC...and that's all that's fit to print!

- finito maestro

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4 Star HS Center Georgios Papagiannis won't be signing with PSU, but.....


He won't be signing with any other college either. Hey, at least PSU didn't really lose this recruiting battle!



Let's go Allen! Looks like he improved his numbers greatly and was much better today at his Pro-Day. If this report is true, it does help his draft stock a bit. I really hope he does well in the NFL. Lot of people hating on him for no reason at all on many of the message boards. God Speed, AROB! Hope you are successful in life and have a successful NFL career.

Penn State Quietly Wins Another Fencing National Title This Past Weekend


Didn't see anything except the repost of the Tweet here, so I'd thought I'd do a fanshot since there was a lot of discussion regarding the Kaidanov firing. Seems like his termination may have actually been a good thing for the team as PSU captured it's 13th National Title in Fencing, more than any other school in the nation. Regardless of whether Kaidanov's termination was justified (I don't believe it was), maybe the program became to comfortable and careless under his leadership so it needed a new face to energize the program. Thoughts? Anyway, it's clear that PSU won the weekend. CONGRATS TO BOTH THE FENCING AND WRESTLING TEAMS. WE ARE!!


Lady Lions Once Again Booted Early from B1G Tourney

Coquese Washington is fast becoming the Norv Turner of Women's College basketball. This time, the OSU women got a bit of revenge for their male counterparts against PSU. OSU had a losing record on...


Another take on LJSr's departure: From his son Tony Johnson

The article linked below is from the Cleveland Plain Dealer. LJSr comes off as a guy who wanted a second chance to coach somewhere and just saw his time ending at PSU. It seems pretty clear from...

Jermaine Marshall to transfer to Arizona State


Well, it looks like he made one smart move in this whole process. But I have to say, I'm rooting against this guy and ASU.

Corbett's Lawsuit hurting PSU?


Bauer's article is somewhat persuasive, but regardless I think the lawsuit had to be filed. I just think it's too bad the University dropped the ball by signing the Consent Agreement. Thoughts?

Probable first recruiting loss


Pay site, so no details..however, I've heard elsewhere that South Carolina has already given him an offer. I would venture a guess that since South Carolina needs LBs and they are the highest ranked school to show interest, as well as being closer to home and in SEC country; it looks like we will see our first "verbal back out" under BO'B. Hate to see it, but it's not surprising. Hoping that if Walton backs out, he is the only one (wishful thinking I know).

Questionable reasoning by Jason Kirk in an SB Nation article comparing OSU to PSU


Mike Mauti is right and I have no idea what Jason Kirk is trying to say in this article. BTW..I commented to it as well..wating for a response.


Bye week ambivalence. How do you feel?

Am I the only one who thinks that the bye week comes at a bad time for PSU? Now, I actually like bye weeks and think they are necessary to give every team a "break" during the season, and also a...

Bulletin Board Material!!


See the "Upset Special" in the link. I know BO'B and the PSU team don't need any extra motivation, but I'd like to point out how everything I've seen lately, from almost every sports outlet, is Ohio beating PSU on Saturday. Frankly, I'm getting tired of this, B'OB, his staff & players are getting no respect!! So, I just wanted to post this and hopefully someone can forward it to anyone on the team. Then after PSU beats Ohio this weekend, someone on the team can tweet..."Stewart Mandel (and everyone else), WRONG AGAIN!" WE ARE...!!!

Another T-shirt winner!


Though it wasn't a BSD winner, this is still a great one and I will proudly also wear this one to the Navy game on September 15th. Oh yeah, and I am really tired about stories regarding a certain T-shirt being sold below (link from the mothership). BSD editors it would be nice if you tell your bosses at SB Nation to calm down. I have no problem with it and I have no idea why all the commentators do. Shut up and allow people to express their opinons.


Rumors are already circulating...

A PSU grad with connections to the program and a friend of mine told me he is "already hearing rumors of a mass exodus of players." So many that the football team "may not even be able to compete...

What to do about PSU grad sellouts?


David Jones pens his two cents with a decent response to the misguided, angry '84 PSU grad Jennifer Miller Carney. Her words: ""The only way Penn State will ever ‘recover’ is to get rid of the football program and shine the light on select colleges. Oh, and change their name, colors, and logo. I’m not joking. The Penn State we all thought we knew is gone — actually, it really didn’t exist! I’ve put away my Penn State T-shirts and sweats, and have crossed them off the list of potential colleges for my kids." My question for you guys is what to do about "sellouts" like this?? Any point in trying to change their minds with logic and argument? Her comments made me want to boycott her business as a PSU grad and encourage others to boycott her business as well. I can't stand people like this. Thoughts?

Sheldon Jeter chooses Vanderbilt over PSU


Oh well, I think many on BSD knew this was coming. At least it wasn't Wisconsin.

A great article defending JoePa's actions from The Bleacher Report


I forgot to post this yesterday, so my apologies. Gary Li does an excellent job disecting and tearing down the argument that JoePa didn't do enough with regard to now infamous "shower incident". It is worth the read and makes excellent points.


Why haven't we heard more about this guy as a coaching candidate? I am intrigued by Tom Clements especially since he has done a great job as an assistant coach with Green Bay since...

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