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Follow the Money: NBA over/under numbers

I'm actually somewhat surprised this talking point hasn't been brought up on Hoopus yet. Preseason rankings are interesting but when you stir prognostication with money, well, then it gets...


Reading Rick Adelman's 2-guard desirous mind

Now with more pictures! And even a video! On the periphery of the early draft talk here on Hoopus has been the pretty secure assumption that Our Wolves need a wing in the form of a knockdown...


Morey & McHale...Adelman & Kahn...and how they tie into Pek

I found this nugget of explanation/interaction within an NBA.com article about the Rockets trade interesting and how it applies to the Wolves in a tangential manner. Sayeth Morey of small-ball...


We gotta stay positive

Okay, despite my depressing Wolves thoughts after Kevin's latest injury I just can't give up on this season just yet. Dammit! I don't want to scour draft opportunities! So, what can POBO/RA do? ...


Looking Ahead to Month #2

The Wolves survived November with a 7-8 mark, not awesome, but not terrible as well. At this point, it's only prickly math that doesn't have the Wolves in the final WC playoff spot. Prior to the...


Prescience thy name is OR-7

Okay, for me in Oregon, Sunday mornings involves a bacon-bagel-coffee-Oregonian run. I cherish it. Out and about before the world has truly awoke and here in Oregon it means driving about at 8 in...

Follow the Leader


From Ray-Rich's article: "I'm coming in expecting him to be a leader," Roy said. "We need him to be a leader. It's important that your best players are your leaders.""


What do you want to see in the preseason?

With only six days left till the first preseason game in beautiful Fargo, what do you as a Wolves fan want to see out of these preseason games? Of course, we all want the players to remain healthy...


The Hollinger profiles are available

here. Insider stuff. I know Hollinger is loathed by many but I enjoy his candid and humorous take on players. Here's a few smatterings of insight: On Pek: "...his road-grader-in-reverse...

Wolves "lack size" in frontcourt


An utterly mystifying and confusing assessment of the Wolves from Steve Kerr (and Vince Cellini). Spend first half talking about Roy and his return, then jabber on about the lack of size in the Wolves frontcourt. Really? REALLY? I hope Pek destroys this season. Just kills it and these yahoos say "Where'd he come from? Who's this guy?" Then they add that the Wolves will have problems with the likes of "Howard and Bynum." Um, I believe there are 27 OTHER NBA teams that have the center matchup lost from the opening tip. I think there are 28 teams wondering each and every night how they're going to deal with Pek.



Hope I got enough Ks in there.


I'm amped! You?

The time is growing nearer, isn't it Wolves fans? Less than a month now till training camp opens along the banks of the Minnesota. Z reports that Brandon Roy is already in town, Air Bud is about...


Realigning the NBA

With a burst from nowhere, Virginia Beach-Norfolk got the NBA chattering over what-ifs and the like. Out of leftfield came this story. Now, regardless of whether the Tidewater is deserving of an...


Blue and Gray Colored Glasses?

Well, we've all been ranting and raving today over Chad Ford (WWL idiot) and Sam Amico (Pek taunter) and seem to be groupthinking our way into a "we at CH know best about team" mentality. And...

Ricky stands! He shoots!


Recovery coming along, it appears. Just another ray of sunshine from the Unicorn.


Canis Hoopus' Best Duos

Okay, thought this list would be a fun, lighter FanPost to make. Lots of unique handles here on CH and combining them makes for great CH tag-teams. Feel free to add other pairings in the...


Olympics & FIBA World Cup: One Man's Solution

Other than concurring that NBA owners have a legitimate beef regarding their players being involved in major tournaments every other offseason and the resultant increased risk of injury, I will...


I feel like belaboring my Derrick vs Nic argument

here on a slow morning. I start from the premise that Nic is a 3. What's more, in the corner-flex offense the 2 and 3 are virtually interchangeable on offense. Second starting premise: until...


How will Roy fit in the offense?

I didn't want to take up space in the weekend posts and thought this discussion could be more focused in its own thread. Basically, how do you see Brandon operating in the Wolves' offense?In...


Clarifying restricted free agency, maybe?

Okay, since the news broke on our interest in Nic Batum I've been 100% on-board. This interest dates back to a February FanShot I posted regarding Monsiuer Batum. Over the past few days I've...

Zgoda does his job


Z has a trade/draft rundown in anticipation of Thursday. Strongest comment: a Rubio/Love/Pau core could win 50 games next season. Although, Z did forget that Miller's expiring is a quality chip as well. Oh well, can't expect Z to know everything about the team he's paid to cover.


You say "groupthink" and I say "consensus"

As we near Draft Day, I've rationalized my way into five players that won't send me running to CH immediately in order to flog POBO. As I suspect many other CH'ers operate in the same fashion as...



I'll take "perhaps" at this point. From the Professor: A few teams have a chance on the superstar front. Whoever gets Dwight Howard is certainly in the discussion; the Clippers might also match the front-line talent of the Heat and Thunder but, alas, are the Clippers. Chicago might have a chance as well, depending on how Derrick Rose recovers. Minnesota? Perhaps.

Doug Gottlieb hates Will Barton


Well, this should anger Madison Dan.

Sooner than You think


A Grantland piece notes how advanced the NBA is in placing ads on jerseys. I figured it was coming, just not this soon. Quoting Adam Silver: "We told our owners that it was not something we were considering doing for next season," league deputy commissioner Adam Silver said a few weeks ago, "but that it was something we should at least discuss doing for the season after next." Thoughts? Concerns? Third-rate company to sponsor Wolves?

Leadership & Love's Nemesis


A very candid interview that Blazer beat guy Jason Quick had with LA regarding locker room leadership. This is one aspect of the Wolves that worries me- leadership. Coach believes teams follow their star player. Is Kevin up to the task to get in his teammates' faces and call them out?

And there's the rub


Coach Thorpe says Lion needs to model his game after....Kevin Love. If this doesn't get it through POBO's thick brain that Lion needs to be dealt I don't know what will. fwiw, he also says Ricky needs to model CP3. I concur. Who wouldn't?


Wolves win to move to 40-14; Your April Fool's Report Card

Welcome to tonight’s report card. This is my first report card, and while I’ve made some FanPosts here at CH, I feel like this is my first true intro to my fellow Wolves fans. My name is Mark and...


Bring back KG!

Oddly, I see no call amongst the plethora of FanShots to bring our beloved KG back to 'Sota. Now granted, I'm sure KG is more interested in joining one of the elite teams (Bulls, anybody?) but...

Ford puts a Dookie on Wolves


This is the first Mock I've seen from Chad Ford that projects us keeping the Jazz pick and selecting....Austin Rivers. Thoughts?

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