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Mock Draft Based on Position

All the mock drafts I try to predict the player who will be drafted, which is nearly impossible. Probably as equally impossible is to do a mock draft predicting the position the team will draft,...


More Browns overhauling

So over this past weekend I was thinking that as much overhauling the Browns have done so far they need to do a little more. Much has been made on how the Browns' receivers were last year, and I...

Rob Rang- OT Schwartz could be Cleveland's safest pick


"Schwartz stands tall among Cleveland's 2012 draft class in his pro-readiness, making him arguably the Browns' safest pick this year."

Vontaze Bufict misunderstood


Probably some parts exagerated but also probably not completely fabricated.

OT- Aaron Ross to miss some training camp to watch wife compete in Olympics


Off topic, but is a pretty cool story that the Jaguars are going to let him attend.

Browns get more serious about USC OT Kalil


Perhaps the Browns are more serious about USC OT Matt Kalil than many had believed. Citing league sources, the Plain Dealer is claiming they will travel to hold a private workout with Kalil after he had already visited the team.


Draft Profile: Vontaze Burfict

Prior to the start of the 2011 college football season, Vontaze Burfict was considered a top 10 prospect by Mel Kiper. Now he will probably be lucky to go in the 3rd round. If he does in deed...

School schedule could complicate start of Luck's pro career


Has no impact to the Browns but I found it interesting that (a) the NFL requires that early entrants complete their finals, and (b) that Andrew Luck, even though he is graduating, the NFL considers him an early entrant.


Draft Day Trade Scenarios

I honestly don't think anyone besides the Browns' front office has any idea what the Browns' ideas for the draft are. Since Heckert seems to re-iterate that he wants to build through the draft, I'm...

"1. #Colts Luck 2. #Redskins RG3 3. #Vikings Kalil 4. #Rams (Trade Up) Blackmon 5. #Buccaneers...


"1. #Colts Luck 2. #Redskins RG3 3. #Vikings Kalil 4. #Rams (Trade Up) Blackmon 5. #Buccaneers Claiborne 6. #Browns Richardson....Book it" Maybe we'll get the second round pick the Rams got from the Redskins

Browns might hesitate on RG3?


The mention of the Browns "hesitating" is in point 3. Not sure what to make of it, could just be the Browns not wanting the price to get driven up before free agency determines who is in play. But also could have some validity. Only time will tell I guess.

Seneca Wallace has high ankle sprain - Ratliff signed


At the end of the article Walker mentions that sources say that the Browns signed Ratliff to back up Colt McCoy.

Cleveland Browns' Peyton Hillis hurts thigh during practice


Ahhhhhhhhhhh...Somebody find that kid who takes the powers away from the mutants. He is obviously hiding somewhere in Berea.

Browns already in must-win situation


I was thinking the same thing earlier this week. I'm just hoping that the Browns are holding off on using the Cribbs/Wallace package more until the Baltimore game. Much like the Dolphins hid the Wildcat until they played the Pats.

Browns QB Jake Delhomme in walking boot


Is the worst case scenario for Colt McCoy becoming more likely?

Cleveland Browns 2010 Preview - ESPN


Even Clayton's prediction makes it seem as if things are on the up.

ESPN Insider- 5 Days with Eric Mangini


If you have ESPN insider this is an excellent article.

The Business Of Football -


If you are interested in the the business side of football this is very intereting. The Browns are the 15th most valued team in the NFL, 2 spots ahead of the Steelers.

Browns make roster move


Danso looks to be in the same boat as Haggerty


What position should the Browns draft?

I know it is very early, but I am interested in which position people think the Browns should draft next year, at this point in the year. If this receives well with everybody, I will try to post a...

Cleveland Browns training camp: Rookie quarterback Colt McCoy


At one point he talks about working with the rookies at night to do their own walk throughs, and he refers to them as "my rookies". That "my rookies" part really stuck out to me.

Dr. Anthony Galea treated 23 athletes in U.S. - ESPN


No names are given but it looks like 11 athletes that are linked to Galea have some sort of connection to Cleveland. I wouldn't be suprised if it was a couple of Browns.

Rapper Eminem mentions Roethlisberger in new song - ESPN


First South Park, then this...hopefully Penn and Teller do an episode of "Bullsh*t" on him next.

Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen thinks Cleveland Browns would be a great fit |


By Clausen saying this, is he smokesceening the smokescreen to get picked higher?

Don't count out Holmgren to make a push for No. 1 -


I'm not sure how I would feel if Holgrem actually pulled it off. Update: ESPN is reporting that the Browns HAVE talked to the Rams

Sport Science: Ndamukong Suh - ESPN Video - ESPN


Pretty Amazing. I would love for him to hit Big Ben like that..


Draft Day Polls

I am curious as to what other Browns fans prefer, so here are a few polls (I can't attach multiple polls, so I will leave the first question as the attached poll, and just ask the other questions,...

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