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Comparing Wheeler, Harvey, Strasburg

Per CBS: A closer look at Harvey, Wheeler and Strasburg from our Scouts Corner panel: Matt Harvey, Mets: "He's the real deal, no doubt. We all got excited about Strasburg, but you come to realize that the other guy's just better. Harvey seems possessed. You watch him and you can tell he wants to be the best, not just on his team, not just in the National League but in all of baseball. ... Even Strasburg at his best wasn't like the stuff Harvey showed [Tuesday]. High 90s and even 100 [mph], kept it into the late innings, a slider at 91-92 that's unhittable, and then a changeup at 85 where you just say, 'Good luck.' And it has late finish to it." Zack Wheeler, Mets: "He's a good-looking kid with a good arm, but he looked to me like he should still be in Triple-A. It's not all about lighting up the gun. The boxscore line looks better than how he pitched. ... Even when he gets where he's going to be, he's not as good as Harvey. My guy feeling is that he's always going to have to throw a lot of pitches. And everything's hard. It's fastball-slider, and the curve is a hard curve. And the fastball is fairly straight. He's a nice, good piece of a rotation, but he's not Harvey." Stephen Strasburg, Nationals: "We all rushed to judgment so early on him. We're always looking for the next big thing, but sometimes you have to wait. His stuff has regressed a little, but there's still nothing wrong with it. There's not a club in the game that wouldn't want him, but you could argue that there's 8-10 guys out there who throw better than he does. ... He has too many starts where he doesn't look comfortable, whereas Harvey always looks like he's trying to find a way to beat you, even when he's at the plate. I hope he outgrows it, because he's good for the game."

Red Sox offer Chapman $15.5M

Link from ESPN Sorry if either of these were discussed in the 500 or so comments in the Halladay thread. I didn't have time to sift through all of it.

Pudge signs with Astros

Apparently Brian and the Hippo are safe, for now.

A-Rod admits to using steroids

I'm sure most of us weren't shocked when the initial report came out that he juiced. However, it's kind of surprising to see that he actually came out and admitted it. That at least puts him above Clemens and Bonds in my eyes, who continually deny allegations despite the mounting evidence. Good for A-Rod for showing some balls (although they are probably shrunken).


Hall of Fame Balloting

I know I'm about a week late on the Hall of Fame conversation, but my question has nothing to do with the guys that got elected in.  My question has to do with who was actually on the ballot.  Is...

Does Baseball Need a Salary Cap?

I found this courtesy of Buster Olney. This is Bruce Jenkins' (of the San Francisco Chronicle) thoughts about a salary cap in baseball. I thought he made some interesting points. With all the spending the Yanks did this winter and the chatter around the game about a salary cap, what do you guys and gals think?


Thoughts about NLDS/NLCS

First off, congratulations to all my fellow Mets fans, it's been a while since we've been back in the NLCS and it feels good.  I thought Willie did a whale of a job managing during this series. I...


Diary: El Duque Left Off NLDS Roster

(moved from diaries --eric)EL Duque has a partial tear of his calf muscle and has been left off the NLDS roster.  Oliver Perez will take his place in the rotation.  Also, Mike DiFelice has been...


Lastings Milledge Facts

Ya know those sites about Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris that have all these crazy "facts" about them? Like..."Jack Bauer's tears can cure cancer, too bad Jack Bauer never cries."  Well now there's...


Alternatives to Lima Time!

I just read over at MetsBlog that Joe Mays is a free agent and I saw yesterday that Kyle Lohse was sent down to AAA by the Twins.  I would think either of them would be a better option that Jose...


Piazza to Phillies?

There is an article on today saying that the Phillies are interesting in signing Mikey and have had preliminary discussions with his agents.      h...


Beltran for Ramirez?

Did anyone else read Bob Klapisch's article on today talking about the Mets' offseason moves and how they should have a clearer path to the playoffs than the Yankees? Well, there was a...


Why trade Benson?

Why are the Mets so ready to trade Benson (other than to get rid of Anna)? I know he makes a decent amount of money, but only about a 1 mil more than we are going to pay LoDuca now. But still about...

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