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Texas Bowl Open Thread: Syracuse vs. Minnesota

Not sure if there is going to be an official thread for the bowl game tonight, so feel free to use this. As of now, it is scoreless, with both teams getting a turnover off of a fumble. Also of...


What's a Successful Bowl Season for the B1G?

What Should be Considered a Successful Bowl Season for the B1G?

Yahoo Sports: Video Shows Hyde Didn't Hit Alleged Victim


Even though there are other legal issues that emerged for other players on Monday (including CB Bradley Roby), if Yahoo is indeed correct, this is welcome news for both Hyde and Ohio State.

Mike Leach Just Won the Internet


This is the type of stuff that makes me think of how awesome it would have been if Mike Leach filled the Illinois vacancy. Except for the fact he actually might have made Illinois dangerous.

B1G Considering National Four Team Playoff with Home Semifinals


Remember when the B1G was absolutely against a playoff? Now they are tossing around the idea of having a system where the top four teams in the BCS go to semifinal games, with the higher seed teams hosting the matchups on campus. Like the Super Bowl, cities could bid for the title game. It is amazing how the Big Ten's attitude has changed so quickly on this topic. Still, after lower bowl ratings and the SEC title game mess, it probably isn't entirely unexpected.

Montee Ball Reportedly Returning to Wisconsin Next Season


247 Sports is reporting that Montee Ball will return next season for Wisconsin. This will make Wisconsin even more of a favorite in the Leaders Legends East I still can't memorize the name Rotel division, with Ohio State's bowl ban and Penn State's issues.

B1G and PAC-12 Agree to Have an Inter-conference Game for all Teams Starting in 2017


Other parts of the agreement include cross-promotion of each others' conference networks. This is a brilliant move for both sides, as a B1G/PAC-12 Challenge would bring much national attention during a time when teams typically play cupcakes. There are a lot of possibilities: the best game of the 12 being at the Rose Bowl or Soldier Field? What about a double-header at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy? Maybe put one of Wisconsin's games in Green Bay? I don't see how the B1G can go wrong here.

RGIII Wins Heisman, Ball 4th

  1. Robert Griffin III (1687)
  2. Andrew Luck (1407)
  3. Trent Richardson (978)
  4. Montee Ball (348!!!!!) (Side Note: Is there a legit reason for Richardson to be ahead of Ball by over 600 points?)
  5. Tyrann Mathieu (327)

Montee Ball going to NYC


Wisconsin RB Montee Ball will be the lone B1G player at the Heisman ceremony this Saturday. Baylor's Robert Griffin III is considered the frontrunner.

5000 Seats Left for B1G Title Game; Rumors of Search for Seat-Fillers


Well, this isn't encouraging. StubHub is saying they have 5000 tickets still available for the B1G Title Game this Saturday. Wisconsin has not yet sold all of it's ticket alignment, and there are rumors the B1G or ICC is paying for seat-fillers due to a Craigslist ad. To make matters worse, the ACC title game is selling a lot better on the secondary market: the B1G title game has been selling as low as under $10. This is why going with the "safe" choice in Indy may not have been a good idea. This hardly would have been a problem in Chicago, despite weather concerns.

Wisconsin Sixth in Initial BCS Standings


Wisconsin was sixth in the first BCS Standings of the season. The clear reason for the Badgers' missing the top five was the computers, which ranked Wisconsin 11th. The weak non-conference schedule and rather average B1G are surely the problem. LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Boise State are in the top five.

Ohio State will have Co-Starters at QB vs. Akron


Joe Bauserman and Braxton Miller are listed as co-starters at quarterback on the depth chart against Akron. Hopefully this only lasts through the Toledo game, as I don't think a two-quarterback system is beneficial longterm, so hopefully a clear starter appears soon.

USA Today Coaches' Poll Has Five Big Ten Teams


The first coaches's poll was released today, and unlike many of the other polls, this one sort of matters as it will count in the BCS standings. Five Big Ten teams got in, with Wisconsin just getting into the top ten, and Nebraska coming up just short in 11th. Wisconsin: 10th Nebraska: 11th Ohio State: 16th Michigan State: 17th Penn State: 25th Iowa (30th), Northwestern (31st), and Michigan (34th) also received votes.

Indy to Hold Big Ten Football Championship Game Through 2015

Edit: No point posting this twice. Thanks to OSUreds for putting this up. --Ted Lucas Oil Stadium will hold the Big Ten Championship Game through 2015. Basketball title games will rotate between Indy and Chicago. I have no general issue with Indy holding the Football Championship Game, although I would have preferred a rotation between Indy and Chicago at Soldier Field. "Big Ten", "Football", and "Soldier Field" just sound right together.

SEC Passes New Rules That Fight Oversigning...Slightly


The SEC Preesidents passed legislation that would lower the annual scholarship limit from 28 to 25. This cap is at least advertised to help stop oversigning. While the legislation is a step in the right direction, it completely misses the actual issue: the 85 scholarship player roster limit. This would still allow coaches to sign a full 25 players (instead of 28), regardless of how much room is available for the full roster. An example is when a team has 68 players, and therefore has room for a class of 17. Teams in the SEC would still be allowed to sign 25, and end up having to cut 8 afterwards as a result. The SEC is asking the NCAA to consider their legislation as the national standard, which would probably help the situation, but comes nowhere close to the B1G's policies against oversigning. Unfortunately, what we can now expect is for many national news outlets (COUGHESPNCOUGH) to throw much praise to the SEC for legislation that really does the equivalent to putting a small bandage on a Third Degree Burn.

Pryor Has Suspended Driver's License


Pryor has a suspended license for not having proof of insurance. The suspension started on May 20th, which obviously means he shouldn't legally have been driving that Nissan, either.

Former Player Ray Small Says He Sold Rings


Former WR Ray Small told OSU's student newspaper that he sold rings to get money for costs of living. He also said that he got special car deals and that the rest of the team was also selling memorabilia. Needless to say, OSU was already in deep trouble, and this just makes it worse. It is possible that the sanctions they get from the NCAA will make USC's look like nothing.

Michigan May Have Interest in Miles


Michigan may be starting to express interest in Miles, although there hasn't been any official meeting between the school and the coach. Off the field, the only red flag for Miles' is probably his oversigning history at LSU. However, with the strict Big Ten rules against the practice, it likely wouldn't be an issue if he were to be hired by Michigan.

Rob Bolden Likely to Seek Transfer from Penn State


According to his father, Rob Bolden has told coaches that he intends to transfer from Penn State.


An Apology

A commenter noted on a post I put up criticizing the Big Ten's performance on New Year's Day that I shouldn't have criticized the conference considering my team had not yet (if they even will) won...

Tressel Says Suspended Players Will Return Next Season


Tressel announced that Pryor and the other Suspended Players will be returning next season. He said that if they did not, they would not be allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl. If the players are truthfully telling Tressel they will return, I don't have as much of a problem with them playing in the bowl game. However, I could still see them changing their minds and leaving after the bowl anyway, as Tressel wouldn't be able to stop them. Of course, if they did, their reputation within the OSU community will be even worse. This might be an ingenious move by Tressel.

Illinois 38, Baylor 14


Illinois dominated in almost every phase of the game to get a win that was only in doubt at one point late in the third quarter. The Big Ten advanced to 2-0 in bowl games, with six games remaining. Five are on New Years Day.


Big Ten Bowl Predictions that Will Probably End Up Being Wrong

Now that we have gotten through a great first week of bowl games (wasn't the R & L Carriers New Orleans Bowl exciting?!), we finally enter the second week of the bowl season...also known as the...

Possible Compliance Issues at OSU


Some media outlets are reporting the chance that multiple players got tattoos at the same parlor for autographs in return. If it is indeed true, then suspensions are possible. Players that may be involved include Pryor, Boom Herron, and Posey. The good news is that the story hasn't blown up yet. If it was more legit, ESPN and other major news outlets would probably be completely covering it by now. Note: Here is another link to a blog post by Ken Gordon and Tim May of the Columbus Dispatch. According to that post, there is an investigation, but no names are given in the post.

More Bad News for Iowa: Robinson Suspended


Adam Robinson was suspended for the Insight Bowl for a violation of team rules. If Iowa ends up getting a win against the Tigers, this team will deserve praise, considering two of its best players are now gone.

Big Ten Announces End of Expansion


The Big Ten will no longer actively pursue expansion.

Bill Lynch Fired from Indiana


After a 5-7 season, Bill Lynch is out as Indiana football coach.

Fox Sports to air Big Ten Title Game though 2016


Fox Sports will air the Big Ten title game from 2011-2016.


A Diabolical Plan for OSU to Make the Title Game

Before anything else, I need to emphasize this right now: I don't think the Buckeyes will sniff the title game, for one main reason: Ohio State would need to beat the Hawkeyes, and I don't see it...

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