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AN celebrates Zigfan's birthday at the West Side Club, 9-5-10


AN celebrates Zigfan's birthday at the West Side Club, 9-5-10

Last coliseum fireworks of the 2010 season


Last coliseum fireworks of the 2010 season

On the field after the A's blast the reeling Angels 8-0


On the field after the A's blast the reeling Angels 8-0

AN "Ladies Night" at the Westside Club, pregame 9/3/10


AN "Ladies Night" at the Westside Club, pregame 9/3/10

Chez Nico 8-28-10 iphone video


Chez Nico 8-28-10 iphone video

Conor Jackson to DL --again -- update: surgery possible


apparently he's been feeling abdominal pain since spring training...and the A's knew nothing of this!


and the A's hit parade ("hit" as in "injured") goes on

Jane Lee is reporting via Twitter that the A's highly touted - and highly expensive - young pitching prospect Michel Ynoa will be undergoing Tommy John surgery later this month. Damn, he's barely...

Daric Barton put on waiver wire today?


According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, FWIW

Stockton Ports on MLBN TV right now (6/29 11am-2pm PT)


for those of you who are interested and free to watch TV, the Ports are currently playing Bakersfield, and are on MLB network


A perfect homestand: specials from May17-23 to honor Braden's perfect game UPDATED with new ticket offer for 5/22

Ken Korach just finished running down the special promotions that the A's will be offering during this next homestand. You can also find this information on the A's website, Below is a summary as...

all of the A's catchers will start 5/12 game


Slusser just tweeted the starting lineup for today's game. All of the catchers (including Barton, the emergency catcher) are starting the game. Also, Rosales moves up to bat 2nd, Barton hits 3rd and Sweeney 5th. lineup: Pennington SS, Rosales 2B, Barton 1B, Kouz. 3B, Sweeney RF, Fox LF, Powell C, Donaldson DH, Davis CF

(updated 5/11) Chavez: I know the hourglass is running out


"I'm not swinging the bat well, and they've got a guy in Triple-A who hit 25-plus home runs three straight years," Chavez said. "I know I've got to get it going. Ever since I've been here, I always felt the need and pressure for me to be productive. Only difference this year, this is the last year of my contract." "I know the hourglass is running out. The team is playing well and needs a productive DH. Trust me, I want to be the guy. I want to be productive. I don't want to hit .200 the last two years of my career and be absolutely terrible." and from the Mercury News article of 5/11: "The main thing is consistency with his timing and his tempo, that's what it is," A's hitting coach Jim Skaalen said. "That affects pitch selection, the effort in his swing, and the (swing) path itself. ... I honestly love what I'm seeing with him. He looks loose, he looks quick. It's just about the consistency of the approach, and then getting a good pitch to hit." Beane also weighs in: Citing the team's many injuries so far, A's general manager Billy Beane indicated Chavez will remain in the lineup to get a chance to shake his struggles. "The best thing is, he has been healthy, and that's more than what you can say for about 40 percent of the club," Beane said. "We're trying to patch together a team. There are no rules when you try to field a team on a daily basis when you have 10 guys on the disabled list."

Buan interviewing Tim Hudson now on Country Fastball


Robert Buan's program Country Fastball is on KTRB right now (currently 8:32 am Saturday May 1). He's interviewing Tim Hudson on today's program! You can also listen on the Country Fastball website that's listed above, and presumably also streaming on KTRB's website.

Marty Lurie's brief interview with author of The Baseball Codes


as you might imagine they do discuss ARod's trip over the mound on Thursday...and that "unwritten rule" does appear in the book

The One that Got Away (in 2005): Smoak called up to Rangers


Looks like we'll be seeing hotshot first base prospect Justin Smoak when the Rangers come to Oakland at the beginning of May. Historical note; Smoak demanded $1 million to sign out of high school, which the A's did not meet. Four years later they signed high schooler Max Stassi for $1.5 million, even though Stassi had already committed to going to college. I'm glad they changed their stance on spending the $$ to land the top prospects.

Good news! Barton, Pennington, Ellis all in starting lineup 4/20


Davis CF, Barton 1B, Sweeney RF, Kouz. 3B, Suzuki C, Chavez DH, Ellis 2B, Buck LF, Penn. SS, Gonzalez P


What about Raj?

There is some difference of opinion about whether Rajai Davis should be considered a good leadoff hitter for the A's. (There is also some difference of opinion as to whether his 2009 performance...

interesting interview and comments about the DH, the "loneliest player"


This article, just published today. is the product of an interview with Cust before the A's left Phoenix.

Slusser: Cust cleared waivers


Susan Slusser just tweeted that it was confirmed to her by an "A's source" that Cust cleared waivers. and will go to AAA Sacramento.

Chris Townsend now doing A's pregame show as well


Link is to his blog since I don't have a link about the pregame show. Towbsend will do a pregame show a half an hour before Korach/Fosse/Vince begin their A's pregame show. Hey, the more A's talk on the radio the better!

Braden's Foot: Medical Malpractice?


I noticed this additional piece of information about Braden's foot troubles last season: "Braden has battled nerve problems in that foot since treatment for a rash went wrong last season and a nerve was accidentally severed during a biopsy. He was told by a neurologist this week that he will not regain the feeling in two toes and the left side of his foot."

Oakland Athletics Preview hour on MLB network - Link added for your viewing pleasure


MLB Network's "30 Teams in 30 Days" show profiles the A's tonight (Monday 3/22/10). On the network yesterday they said the program would begin at 7 pm ET; however, on this link it says 8 pm. I've enjoyed the shows I've watched of other teams, so this should be much more interesting for A's fans. For those who missed it, I've added the link above - enjoy!

sobering interview with Eric Chavez


Lowell Cohn interviewed Chavvy after his two HR day. Just so we don't keep expecting him to be an every day player even in the best of circumstances.

Robert Buan no longer to do A's postgame show?


according to Joe Stiglich, Chris Townsend will be doing the A's postgame shows on KTRB this season.


an unexpected source for A's talk on the radio?

Yesterday evening, as I was finishing dinner and preparing for the next day's work, I turned on KNBR 680.  It was 7 pm and time for Sports PHone 680. The host for the past five years, Damon Bruce,...

A's 1st spring game will be on KTRB


Joe Stiglich tweeted yesterday (2/28) that this is the first time in ten years that the A's exhibition game opener will be carried on the radio...about time!

Duke has back stiffness, will be "re-evaluated" tomorrow


uh-oh (hope it's just incidental soreness, but that's not good news from someone with chronic back issues). By the way, Jane Lee is tweeting pretty regularly from Phoenix. Mychael Urban and Suscan Slusser do as well, but so far not as much as Jane.

Urban's home videos of the A's - the day before pitchers/catchers


featured are interviews with Dallas Braden in the clubhouse and Eric Chavez in the weight room. Also, Herry Blevins shows how skinny he looks from the side.

Marty Lurie: KTRB thought there was too much A's programming


The article linked above and here give Marty's version of the story. Apparently "Extra Sports" thought there was too much A's talk on their station...and this is the A's flagship station? The A's here are depicted as wanting Marty but helpless to influence the great and powerful station known as KRTB.

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