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Packer's OC Philbin's son missing - this is bad news gentlemen


Missing since 2:00a Sunday - believed to have possibly fallen into an icy river in Wisconsin. Any way you cut it this is terrible news. Wholly unfortunate... I'm praying for the best but honestly expecting the worst.

Holy RG3 FTW! I completely missed the Baylor/OU game on Saturday so I didn't see this gem to close...


Holy RG3 FTW! I completely missed the Baylor/OU game on Saturday so I didn't see this gem to close it out. One helluva throw by Mr. Griffin the third, across the field and out of reach of the defenders. The way he's playing and getting hyped, I'm afraid that he's going to soon be out of our grasp in terms of draft position. If he keeps on this trajectory I could see him going ahead of Barkley and others, and not far behind Luck. Athletic, good arm, very smart... I'm sure there are negatives somewhere but they're sure getting pushed to the rear in light of his positives. Time to "lay a turd for Robert Griffin the Third"?

Pats Safety Brandon Merriweather Allegedly Guns Down Two Men in Altercation


Quick Brandon - get on the phone with Ray Lewis and Marvin Harrison and get the secret for getting away with murder! It will be a sad story if it's true - useless and senseless. Can anyone get in a fight anymore without the fear that some idiot is going to pull out a gun?

Brad Childress Fired in Minnesota


Looks like the Childress era is over in MN. Leslie Frazier as interim coach.

Leinart Signs with Houston


ESPN Radio's Adam Schefter just reported that Matt Leinart has signed with the Houston Texans. It is on Schefter's Twitter page but not on any of the major sites yet (,, etc). So ends any discussion that he's coming to KC. Thank God.


Eerie correlations between injuries to Ronnie Brown and Larry Johnson (2007)

The injury hasn't been disclosed yet, but we know that whatever it is has ended Ronnie Brown's season.  I had a thought when I first saw the highlight on TV - "wow, that reminds me of the tackle...


Steve McNair is dead at 36

First report I found - here Steve McNair was apparently shot in the head.  I've heard things ranging from it was Steve and his girlfriend that were killed... supposedly by another mistress. ...

Rumor Alert - Steve McNair dead


Well this could be crazy talk, but the word around here is Steve McNair has died. It is apparently on the news down here, but I have no access to it. I've heard that it was the woman he was having an affair with. Terrible loss if this is true. We will miss you Steve.


I can't believe I'm about to do this...

I'm about to defend Al Davis.  Maybe in a strange roundabout way I feel like I'm defending KC's pick of Jackson at 3... or maybe I just believe that nobody really has a right to criticize a draft...

Bengals Draft


Sweet bloody hell. Is it me or are the Bengals having a great draft? There is a lot of "boom or bust" potential there, but if these guys "boom", this could be their best draft since '01 (Justin Smith, Chad Johnson, Rudi Johnson, TJ Houshmandzadeh).


Jared Allen fined $50k for hits on Schaub

Our long lost sack machine seems to have developed a nasty streak this season.  Or perhaps now that he is the league's highest paid defensive player, more attention is paid to his actions.  Jared...


The Cut to 75

The roster cuts are coming soon... who do you think will be at the top of the list?? If it were up to me, the roster cuts would include two loads of B.S.BJ Sams and Bobby SippioI thought Sams was...


Shawne Merriman's torn PCL

UCrawford mentioned this in the comments of the Position Review: Linebackers post, but it was buried pretty deep so I wanted to start a new thread to get your opinions. So Shawne Merriman has...

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